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For deleted scenes from the Original Series, see: List of Deleted Scenes (TOS).

This page lists deleted scenes that never made the final cuts of the Re-imagined Series installments for any number of reasons. They may be found on a myriad of digital video releases, notably DVDs and Blu-rays, across multiple regions.

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This page lists deleted scenes that never made the final cut for any number of reasons. They may be found on a myriad of digital video releases, notably DVDs and Blu-rays, across multiple regions.


They are available on the Region 1 version of the Miniseries DVD. Below is a list, as they appear on that DVD.

  • Billy Keikeya meets Laura Roslin aboard Colonial Heavy 798; Roslin has just heard that she has terminal breast cancer.
  • As Apollo's Viper is about to dock with Galactica, Aaron Doral poses questions to the film crew as to why Vipers and their landings are not automated.
  • Boomer and Helo make a difficult landing on Galactica, replete with incomplete CGI. This scene was to separate two of the prominent sex scenes, the first with Gaius Baltar and Number Six, and the second with Boomer and Chief Tyrol. According to David Eick, his "biggest regret" is cutting the scene, as [w]ithout it, I think we inadvertently created this idea that we were trying to be the show that was going to have lots of sex in it."[1]
  • Cally, Socinus and Prosna talk about Valerii's and Tyrol's forbidden relationship.
  • (Extended Scene) Billy and Dualla walk out of the unisex head to rejoin Commander Adama and Roslin.
  • Adama remotely detonates Galactica's remaining munitions, as a part of the pre-decommissioning ceremonies. (Adama implies that his father was a military man in this scene, though we later learn that his father was a civil liberties lawyer).
  • (Alternate Scene) Apollo has the Cylon missile chase him through the Colonial Fleet training range on the Trevor Moon, subsequently destroying the missile.
  • Roslin and 798's crew find Apollo's Viper adrift and recover the ship.
  • Starbuck and the Mark II Vipers take on three unsuspecting Cylon Raiders.
  • Tyrol brings Boxey to the pilot's bunk to give him a place to sleep, telling the child that Galactica is a very lucky ship.
  • Roslin and Billy discuss the current situation; Roslin questions Billy's support of her.
  • Cally confronts Chief Tyrol regarding his relationship with Valerii prior to boarding Ragnar Station.

Other scenes removed from the Miniseries's final cut, include:

  • An alternate opening scene where the Armistice Officer continually visits the station year after year, progressively getting older between title cards, was shot. While Michael Rymer believed the scenes worked, they were too long for the Miniseries, which ran over an hour longer than originally intended.[2]
  • The Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion makes mention of another scene featuring the death of Socinus, who would later become a recurring character. However, details regarding this scene are not provided.


  1. Bassom, David (2005). Adam "Adama" Newell Battlestar Galactica: The Official Companion. Titan Books. ISBN 1-84576-097-2, p. 31.
  2. From the Miniseries commentary track.

Most of these deleted scenes are available on both the Region 1 and Region 2 DVD sets.



  • Thrace asks Apollo if they've passed jump 200 yet, saying it's a nice, round number.
  • Starbuck tells Apollo she wants a transfer.
  • Roslin receives a gift from the people of Aerilon, the photo of the soldier on his knees in front of the burning Aerilon capital titled "Lest We Forget".
  • Roslin tells Adama that the captain of the Tauranian Traveller wants to break away from the Fleet, and Adama takes steps to prevent it.
  • Apollo tells his pilots how proud he is of them.


  • An entire subplot was cut involving Boxey spread out over several scenes. First, the opening scene where Boomer is confused about where she is and what she is doing is extended with Boomer finding a towel in her bag and using it to wipe her dirty hands. Next, Boomer returns to her room after replacing the detonator and encounters Boxey, who picks the lock on her locker and goes through her duffle bag, taking the aforementioned towel. The next deleted scene is another extension during Tyrol's investigation of the sabotaged water tank in which he touches a piece of metal and gets dirt on his gloves of the same type Boomer wipes off at the beginning of the episode. In the next scene, Boxey accompanies Tyrol to see Boomer after she discovers water and waits outside while they talk, attempting to sell Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo some ambrosia he swiped from the engine room. Finally, after Boomer and Tyrol finish talking Tyrol notices Boxey is holding the towel he swiped from Boomer earlier, makes the connection between the stains on the towel and the dirt from the water tank, and realizes that Boomer may actually be responsible.
  • Tigh has problems with his uniform; Adama tells Apollo and Tigh that the pomp and circumstance was his idea.
  • Adama welcomes Roslin aboard Galactica with military honors.
  • Baltar talks about fluid dynamics and the fact is established that no human could have survived the interal pressures of the tank.
  • Roslin talks to Adama finding Earth as well as finding the resources the Fleet needs.
  • Number Six tells Baltar that Starbuck is not his type, to which he counters "they're all my type."

Bastille Day

There are no deleted scenes for this episode on the DVDs.

Act of Contrition

  • In an extended scene, Apollo confronts Starbuck as to her feelings regarding the accident that killed their friends.
  • Sergeant Hadrian questions Tyrol on why he checked on Boomer's ejection pyros.

You Can't Go Home Again

  • Number Six questions Baltar as to his thoughts about having sex with Laura Roslin, when Cylon Raiders can rain death upon them at any moment.
  • Adama talks to Dr. Cottle regarding Starbuck's smashed knee.


  • Billy Keikeya's first press conference. Discussed are the income tax and the food distribution queue.
  • Roslin congratulates Billy on his first press conference, but warns him that it's only the "honeymoon period."
  • In Galactica's sickbay, Starbuck and Apollo talk about the bombing; Sergeant Hadrian informs Adama and Tigh that the bomber killed a marine and took the detonation device from a small arms locker.
  • An alternate take of Tyrol chastising Cally, Socinus, and Jammer over their distillery.
  • In the hangar bay, Crashdown and Boomer talk about the ramifications of the announcement that Cylons look like humans. (Prior to Boomer being taken away for questioning by Sgt. Hadrian.)

Six Degrees of Separation

  • Apollo asks Tigh to give Starbuck some incentive in helping with testing the Cylon Raider.

Flesh and Bone

  • (Extended Scene) Thrace and the Gemenon Traveller's captain briefly discuss the then-unknown IFF transponder device found on Conoy.
    Note: This scene is somewhat plot relevant, since the crew is in possession of three Cylon transponders in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I," though only two are accounted for on-screen — the one found by Baltar in the CIC (in the Miniseries), and one presumably from Starbuck's raider.
  • (Extended Scene) Baltar lies to Boomer about the results of the Cylon detector's tests; Six praises Baltar for his usage of "God" instead of "Gods".

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

  • Dualla and Gaeta talk about sex lives.
  • Baltar takes a blood sample from Starbuck; laced with sexual innuendos.
  • Tyrol informs Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh that an encrypted data burst was sent to Galactica, presumably to Cylon agents aboard.

The Hand of God

  • President Roslin discusses the effects of the chamalla extract medication with Billy after the press conference.

Colonial Day

  • President Roslin and Billy strategize at the Quorum assembly.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

  • Presumably operating under her Cylon programming, Boomer repeatedly pulls out her gun until she inadvertently takes aim at Boxey, scaring him off.
  • Dr. Cottle urges Roslin to go on diloxin.
  • Apollo and Starbuck go on their morning jog and Apollo's jokes about her sex life hit home. Meanwhile, Ellen Tigh confronts Commander Adama in the hall, asking if he stands a watch in the CIC.
  • Billy worries about the effects of the chamalla on President Roslin. They also both discuss the difficulty and the necessity of now letting go of the past and what was lost.
  • Chief Tyrol gets Socinus out of the brig and back to work. He makes sure to drive the point home that Socinus should never stick up for Tyrol again, but they make up.
    Note: In the aired episode, Socinus is on the mission without explanation, making this scene important to the plot.
  • The Tighs celebrate their seven-year anniversary. Ellen proclaims that she must always come second because Tigh is a powerful man and his job is very important; she wants the best for him.
  • Crashdown and Apollo visit Boomer to cheer her up.
  • Tigh asks Elosha why humans left Kobol and Baltar tries unsuccessfully to apologize to Thrace.
  • Baltar decides that Six should stay behind when he goes to Kobol. He basically puts their relationship on hold.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

  • An alternate scene of Roslin and Apollo learning of Starbuck taking the Raider to use against the basestar
  • (Extended Scene) Billy more strongly objects to Roslin's newfound religious destiny than in the final cut.
  • Roslin defends her course of action to Apollo by citing excerpts from the scriptures that have come true but Apollo swears by his military training.
    Note: Both of these deleted scenes were included in the online version of this episode, which was made available by the Sci-Fi Channel late June 2005.

Noteworthy Dialogue

Adama: We haven't really had a chance to talk since the funeral.
Thrace: What's there to talk about? 13 good pilots died because of a stupid, senseless accident. Shouldn't have happened, but it did. End of story.
Adama: They weren't just pilots. They were friends.
Thrace: You know what Lee...I think that it is great that you are able to get the other pilots to talk about their feelings, and express their grief and analyze their dreams, or whatever it is you get them to do, but I don't do that. Ok? I put it behind me and I move on. (leaves)
Adama: You don't look like you moved on.
Kimmit: Given Adar's position on government services, what is President Roslin's position on the income tax?
(the other reporters snicker)
Kimmit: It's a legitimate question.
Keikeya: I don't believe the President has articulated a position on the income tax, but I'm sure she will, once she finds the tax forms.
Thrace: (quickly sits down on a box) I'm done, I'm done!
Adama: What? Come one! You've got a reputation to keep up. Come on, two more laps!
Thrace: I can't! I'm done. Ok? Besides, I gotta get read for the jump test, so...
Adama: You're ok? don't seem so good.
Thrace: Rough night.
Adama: So I see. Anyone I know?
Thrace: Frak you. (stands up and leaves)
Adama: You don't look that bad. Not...not really.
  • Chief Tyrol frees Socinus from the brig: (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I)
Socinus: Thanks, Chief. I can't even begin to...
Tyrol: You know what? Stop talking, right now, and listen to me. You screwed up. Big time, and that's why you're in there. And just because you think you're protecting me is no excuse. In fact, it just hammers home how amazingly stupid you were.
Socinus: Right.
Tyrol: Now, I got a lot of work to do on the ship. I need every hand I can get. Even the stupid ones. That's why you're going back to work, but don't ever do that again. You got it?
Socinus: (nods) Got it.
(Tyrol begings to walk away)
Socinus: Hey Chief.
Tyrol: What?
Socinus: Thanks. (stretches out his hand. Tyrol takes it and the two shake hands for a bit.)
Tyrol: Come on.

The following scenes are all available on the Region 1 DVD set. The Region 2 set only includes deleted scenes for the first half of the season, up to the episode "Flight of the Phoenix".



  • A flashback to the first meeting of Saul Tigh and William Adama, shortly after the first Cylon War.
    Note: During this scene, audio from James McManus is used on the Caprica Today television show, but it is the audio during his introduction of The Colonial Gang from "Colonial Day".
  • Roslin wishes to speak to Tigh, but he refuses. Then as an extension of the aired version, he addresses the crew, telling them that the ship is still under Adama's command.
  • Baltar wanders off and finds Number Six. Their intimate encounter ends when he finds the ground littered with human skulls.
  • An extended version of Colonel Tigh's encounter with Boomer is divided by a flashback where he recalls that it was Adama who kept his temper in check.
  • A slightly alternate scene of Gaeta laying out his plan cuts into a flashback of Adama's reinstatement as a captain and Viper pilot in the Colonial Fleet.
  • An extended flashback to the scene where Adama had gotten Tigh back into the Fleet.

Valley of Darkness

  • (Extended Scene) of Starbuck and Helo on Caprica, in search of her apartment.
  • A flashback that reveals the source of Colonel Tigh's knowledge of Cylon boarding tactics.
  • Colonel Tigh receives a call from his wife, who is scared. Tigh tells her about the gun he has loaded in his quarters and orders her to hunker down and shoot anything that "moves without knocking first". She frightfully hunkers down in a corner of their quarters with the gun drawn.
  • (Extended Scene) Colonel Tigh argues with Lee Adama over Adama's powers as a prisoner and an officer.
  • Six warns Baltar to abandon his Raptor crew. Six also tells him that he will be the only one to see Earth.


  • President Roslin has a nightmare in which Billy disagrees with her decision to search for the Arrow of Apollo, and attacks her with a knife.


  • Lee Adama and Dualla discuss the details of President Roslin's future escape from Galactica's brig.
  • Corporal Venner regains consciousness and reports Roslin's escape.

The Farm

  • As William Adama returns to CIC, Baltar gives Six his opinion of him.
  • Apollo, Roslin, and Zarek discuss their position while in the freezer compartment.
  • (Extended Scene) Starbuck and Simon talk about anti-radiation medication.
  • Starbuck has a nightmare while in the Cylon farm.
  • Lee Adama is angry at Roslin that he committed mutiny to support her, but she gave up without a fight.
  • (Extended Scene) Starbuck breaks out of her room with a data disc and catches Simon talking to a Number Six copy.
  • Apollo reassures Roslin that she has his support.
  • Starbuck dodges a pair of Number Six copies while escaping.

Home, Part I

  • At Sarah Porter's request, Roslin leads her followers in a prayer.
  • Elosha thanks President Roslin for restoring her faith.

Home, Part II

  • (Extended Scene) Caprica-Sharon talks with Helo. Zarek jokes with Meier about Roslin's prophet status.
  • Starbuck and Helo discuss Sharon; Commander Adama and his party track Roslin and find Elosha's grave. Roslin asks Apollo if she has made a mistake.
  • Commandar Adama and Roslin talk about their decisions and their costs.
  • (Extended Scene) Baltar tells Cottle that he thinks he might have gotten some shrapnel in his head during the crash on Kobol.
  • Baltar thinks he truly has gone mad, and Six tells him to enjoy his psychosis.
  • Billy tells Roslin that he is an atheist. Apollo apologizes to his father saying his mutiny was not based on their relationship.
    Note: Although put together as a single scene on DVD, both seem to be two different scenes as they are proceeded by the same jumping-off point, suggesting that one was intended to play in place of the other. However, they don't appear to take place concurrently as evident by Tyrol's position in both scenes.
  • With Six at his side, still in her casual attire, Baltar comments on what might be the "deeper meaning" of the Sharon currently being held in the specially built brig were he not insane.
  • Kara Thrace returns to her quarters and takes out her figurines of the Lords Artemis and Aphrodite. "It's good to be home," she says.

Final Cut

  • Roslin reacts to D'Anna Biers' first report.
  • (Extended Scene) Roslin and Adama give Biers's full access, while Roslin tells Adama he'll get to make the final cut.
  • Biers interviews Tyrol who explains certain 'supply shortages' they've been suffering from.
  • (Extended Scene) Helo gives a few more lines in his interview.

Flight of the Phoenix

  • Thrace is at Galactica's memorial wall and seems depressed that she has no one to leave a memorial for herself.
  • (Extended Scene) Starbuck reacts to the Tyrol/Helo fight. While Tyrol and Apollo talk about grounding the Viper, the Cylon logic bomb makes the engines start up on a Viper that Seelix was working on and Tyrol chews her out.
  • Cally tells Tyrol that she is not sorry she killed Boomer, that it had to be done, and Tyrol does not forgive her.
  • (Extended Scene) Slightly longer Adama and Dualla sparring.
  • Number Six reacts to Adama's dismissal of Baltar and says he'll see something truly amazing today.
  • (Extended Scene) When Tigh tries to talk Adama out of using Sharon, Number Six pushes Baltar to convince Adama that he can trust Sharon. As Sharon inserts the fiber-optic com link into her arm, Number Six notes that even after the way she's been treated, Sharon still wants to belong among the crew.
  • Tyrol and Caprica-Sharon's conversation at the end of the episode. Tyrol and Cally go back to work.


There are no deleted scenes for this episode on the official site, nor on any DVD set. This is probably because almost all of these deleted scenes were re-edited into the Director's Cut of "Pegasus" included in the R1 Season 2.5 and the R2 Season 2 DVD sets.

Pegasus Extended Version

There are no deleted scenes from this episode on the Season 2.5 DVD set.

Resurrection Ship, Part I

  • Dualla visits Lee Adama, who is pouring himself a drink. Dualla informs him that Pegasus wants to know about his ETA back to Pegasus. Adama tells her to notify them that he is on his way back and as corrects her on his lower rank of lieutenant. He goes on to tell her that the rank change doesn't really matter to him anymore and that he isn't sure about what does. They discuss how "frakked up things are" at present and talk about the arrival of Pegasus as well as the choices Pegasus made. Adama emotes that the reasons for them going out there and fighting and dying aren't clear to him anymore. He then leaves.

Resurrection Ship, Part II

There are no deleted scenes from this episode on the Season 2.5 DVD set.


There are no deleted scenes from this episode on the Season 2.5 DVD set.

Black Market

The following scenes are from the Season 2.5 DVD.

  • Scene 5: Apollo gives Shevon an extra 100 cubits to buy "something nice for Paya". In return, Shevon gives him a small picture holder, which was her father's. Despite his objections, he takes the picture holder, which is traded for information in a later scene aboard Prometheus. That scene was deleted as well.
  • Scene 9/10: Hoshi discovers the body of Commander Fisk, after the latter has been garroted by Phelan's henchman.
  • Scene 18: On Galactica's flight deck, Apollo exits the Raptor only to be welcomed aboard by Dualla, who is asked to direct Lee to Admiral Adama's quarters. Dualla confronts Lee regarding his avoidance of her, telling him that she overheard what he told Kara Thrace after the destruction of the Resurrection Ship and his near-death experience. He claims that he was "sick, delirious" and that "whatever [he] was feeling, [he] never meant to dump it on [her]. She calls him out on it, claiming that she thought she was the only one who sometimes believed that she was "better off on Caprica" with the dead. He then chastises her voicing this feeling, despite harboring it himself. After climbing up the ladder to the upper deck, he gets a flashback of looking down on Gianne, his former fiancé, with whom he broke up with prior to the Cylon attack.
    Note: Dualla is from Sagittaron, not Caprica.
  • Scene 25: Apollo reports to Pegasus's CIC. He asks to report to Commander Trammel, but Pegasus's new XO, Renner, informs him that Trammel is on his way to Galactica for "meet and greet" with Admiral Adama. When Apollo requests to see all logs, duty rosters and security reports, Renner begins his spiel about running warships for 20 years and is insulted that Pegasus crewmen are not running the investigation. Renner also laments that Pegasus was fine until "Galactica showed up" and that Adama can take his investigation and go "frak himself". Apollo then pins Renner to the table, saying that there was a time where he would have agreed with him. Renner orders the readied Marines to stand down, and Lee warns Renner that if he should "say another word against my father, [that] next time, you won't get up" and leaves the CIC.
    Note: Barry Trammel would later be renamed to Barry Garner due to legal issues resulting from someone actually having that name. Also, Renner is never seen or mentioned again in the series.
  • Scene 39 (extended): Apollo regains consciousness in Shevon's quarters on Cloud 9 after being attack by Phelan's men. When he goes to lay down on the bed after the altercation, the scene transitions to a flashback where Shevon talks to Lee about Gianne, commenting that it's a "pretty name"; Lee reveals that it took him weeks to pronounce it correctly, although Gianne never corrected him, and that Gianne herself hated the name since no one could ever pronounce it correctly. After she comments that he must have truly loved her, he remarks that he wondered whether he really did. The flashback ends, resuming on the corpse of Fisk's killer with a bullet hole in his head and Lee calling for help.
  • Scene 46-46A: Apollo is on Prometheus attempting to find Phelan. When walking the corridors, he is stopped by Linden. Apollo asks Linden where Phelan is, but he doesn't reveal anything until Lee gives him something to trade. After a slight altercation, Lee trades off Shevon's pocket picture holder and gets his information which leads him to Phelan's bar. Apollo opens the hatch and is stopped by a guard, who he disables, as well as a second guard that comes charging down the corridor. As Apollo is viciously punching this second guard, a third henchman surprises him by putting a gun to his head, commenting: "Ever get the feeling that your living the same bad day again?"
    Note: John Mann, who played Linden, also portrayed Galactica's CAG, Jackson Spencer, in the Miniseries.
  • Scene 47 (Extended scene): Apollo attempts to comfort Shevon after killing Phelan at the table. Shevon rebukes Apollo, saying that she can never be Gianne. There is a brief flashback when Lee tells Shevon that Gianne was pregnant; Apollo comments that he didn't think he was ready to be a father.

The following scenes were formerly available online.

  • After his first time with Shevon, Lee Adama says that he always wondered how it would be spending time with a prostitute.
  • When talking and drinking with Shevon, Apollo tells her about his relationship with his father. He reveals that he doubts if he can live up to him.
  • Paya and other kids are on a Raptor en route to an unknown destination. She looks outside the window and enjoys the view.


The following scenes are from the Season 2.5 DVD.

  • Scene 5: (Extended scene). Jo-Jo asks why the Cylon ace is called Scar, to which Kat replies that nuggets are "easy pickings". Clellan comments on Brent Baxton's watch, saying that BB should leave his watch to him so that he doesn't have to bid on it at the auction. Clellan saunters out of the pilots bunk, leaving the two nuggets bewildered about Clellan's comments about an "auction," to which the episode cuts...At the auction, Lee Adama is auctioning off a copy of Nymph, which Brendan Costanza wins. During this, Clellan looks at Baxton while pointing at his watch, which results in a concerned look on Braxton's face, as Braxton looks at his own watch.
  • Scene 8 pt.: Starbuck attempts to jump over the tables in the rec room. In this version, Karl Agathon attempts to pick up Thrace, but eventually sets her down in a corner nook of the lounge. Clark asks Adama whether it's always "like this," to which Adama replies that it is not and "it gets a little rowdy". The scene ends when Thrace begins to tear up.
  • Scene 21: The scripted version. Gaeta announces Roslin's arrival in CIC, to which everyone stands at attention. Once at ease, Roslin goes on to inform them that the mining ship has broken another drill bit, meaning a delay of eight more days. Tigh does not react well to this and goes on to say that it isn't easy sending kids off to a shooting gallery; Tigh advocates that they should just take the metal they have mined and cut their losses. Roslin replies that the mining team has discovered a rich vein of ore, enough to build two entire squadrons of Vipers. The good news is that Pegasus's production team has turned out its first combat ready Viper. Roslin sternly informs Tigh that he must respect this operation, for it is vital to the long term survival of the Fleet. After the discussion ends, a firefight is heard over the wireless, which results in Snake's death. Roslin then asks whether the destruction of the Resurrection Ship resulted in a change of Cylon tactics, which Adama replies that Thrace is working on it. The scene ends in Sharon's brig, where Sharon says that Scar may have died a dozen times.
    Note: Snake doesn't die in the aired version and is later mentioned as a replacement pilot for Starbuck.
  • Scene 36 pt.: (Extended scene). Lee Adama tells Thrace that bright, shiny futures are overrated. Inebriated, Thrace asks whether Adama can picture himself with a wife, to which both hysterically laugh at the prospect. Thrace continues on this line of joking, saying that the Gods would give Adama a porch swing. Adama admits that he "thought about it once" and thought that a "stinky rugrat" (Thrace's words) would be nice.
  • Scene 63-64: Alternate ending. Kat is walking through the memorial hallway, where she hangs a picture of Reilly's girlfriend. Meanwhile, Thrace is praying over her Lords of Kobol figurines, promising to return for Samuel Anders.

The following scenes were formerly available online.

  • (Extended Scene) Because Thrace is late, Louanne "Kat" Katraine has started early with a briefing. When she finally arrives, Thrace berates Kat for starting and continues by recapitulating the Fleet's strategic situation.
  • Starbuck and Helo work out in the gym. The two talk about Kat's attitude, and Helo compares her to behavior to Starbuck's.
  • Joseph "Jo-Jo" Clark receives some pep-talk from Kat before he sorties in his Viper.
  • (Extended Scene) Apollo listens helplessly on the wireless while BB is killed by Scar.
  • (Extended Scene) After learning and reporting that Jo-Jo was killed, Starbuck announced another auction that night.
  • (Extended Scene) When Apollo asks her if she is OK, Starbuck replies "leading forward, hair on fire". After that she goes through a pre-flight check on her Viper and launches.


The following scene is from the Season 2.5 DVD.

  • Scene 1-2: The scripted version of the flashback pertaining to Ray Abinell's death. Here, Abinell is on the phone to his wife, telling her that he is finishing up work on replacing heat sensors on Greenleaf. He then looks out the window and sees dozens of Cylon Raiders. Hurriedly, he says his goodbye to Sesha and hangs up, running down the corridor as a raider begins its strafing run. The windows of the compartment he is in are compromised and Abinell, despite his vain effort to hold on to piping that runs along the corridor, is sucked out into space.

The following scene was formerly available online.

  • Lee Adama and Dualla talk about their upcoming shore leave and Billy Keikeya. She says that she hasn't talked to Keikeya yet, but that she appreciates what she had with him.

The Captain's Hand

The following scenes are from the Season 2.5 DVD.

  • Scene 9: (Extended scene). This scene starts off with Garner berating Kara Thrace for not keeping track of her pilots' whereabouts or situation. In this scene, Louis Hoshi is relieved of his post, and replaced with Abel Thornton, after failing to inform Garner that a Raptor was requesting launch clearance. Garner goes on to state that there is no excuse for the lack of cohesion that is apparent in the Pegasus crew.
  • Scene 35: Thrace and Lee Adama argue over giving Garner respect; Thrace believes that the people should have a leader worthy of their respect. The scene ends when a call for flight deck personnel to report to their stations is made.
  • Scenes 62-68: Alternate scene. The scenes that did not make the final cut for "The Captain's Hand" are the ones pertaining to Rya Kibby's attempted suicide after her abortion. Laura Roslin is looking out a window on Colonial One. Meanwhile, an orderly on Galactica discovers that Rya Kibby has overdosed on pills and lays on the sickbay bed, unconscious and with a rosary in her hand. The orderly presses what appears to be an alarm button on the panel above the bed. In a scene that made the final cut, we jump back to Colonial One, where Tory Foster brings in Sarah Porter, the Gemenese delegate to the Quorum of Twelve. Porter begins attacking Roslin over not prosecuting Kibby for going through with the abortion. Roslin replies that the grant for asylum came before the law was signed and thus no laws have been broken; Roslin also adds that Porter has her "pound of flesh" and suggests that "you take your victory and move on". Back in Galactica's sickbay, Doctor Cottle and nurses attempt to resuscitate Kibby and ultimately succeed in doing so.
  • Scene 69 pt.: Lee Adama jokingly asks Kara Thrace whether she has a brain. As they hug, Dualla walks in; Thrace excuses herself and states that she'll put the boots outside for them. Dualla then states that "you're not going to tell me about promotions, are you?" and discuss Adama's promotion to commander of Pegasus and how their relationship will work now that they are separated from one another physically; they begin to make out after Dualla asks whether or not Thrace was joking about the boots outside the door.

The following scenes were formerly available online.

  • Over dinner Adama and Tigh discuss Commander Garner. Tigh wonders how he managed to lose two Raptors and complains about the general state of the ship. Adama says that he sent Apollo over to keep an eye on Garner and to give him someone he can trust. Tigh asks if Adama still thinks about making Apollo Pegasus's XO.
    Note: This clears up Apollo's somewhat unclear status in the aired episode. He is not officially Garner's XO.
  • Tory Foster tells Roslin that they'll lose the election if they lose the Gemenese and urges her to reconsider her stance on abortion in order to win. Roslin asks her if that is also the right thing to do. Foster replies that she is not there to be Roslin's counsel or conscience, but to help her to win.


The following scenes are from the Season 2.5 DVD.

  • Scene 32: Laura Roslin visits Hera in Galactica's sickbay and tearfully thanks her for saving her life.
  • Scene 34-36: Baltar visits Gina Inviere on Cloud 9 in an attempt to convince her to orchestrate Hera's theft. Gina resists as she views Caprica Sharon as a deserter and her "half-breed child" to be no better. She also scoffs Baltar's attempts to convince her on religious grounds; Baltar's Six appears and reiterates her view that Gina is a "broken machine" who has lost her faith in God. Gina bluntly reminds Baltar that Roslin is leading him by 3 points in the current polls, which is what his energies should be focused upon. Baltar fine tunes his argument, ultimately convincing Gina that the theft of a Cylon child from Galactica would be politically destructive as it would undermine Roslin's credibility as a wartime leader.
  • Scene 34-36 (continued): D'Anna Biers, Tory Foster and Roslin hold a meeeting on Colonial One, where Biers attempts to convince Roslin to grant her exclusive access to Hera as word of the birth has apparently spread throughout the Fleet. After the discussion, Roslin agrees, as it would be beneficial for both parties: people can see the Cylon child as looking the same as a normal human child and Biers gets exclusive pictures.
  • Scene 48: Biers and Gina are on Cloud 9 discussing how they will take the child. In her camera case, Biers has built a life-support system to secret the child off Galactica, which is hidden in the bulky case. When Biers claims that "little Hera will be comfortable" in the contraption, Gina retorts that the child should not be named after a human god. When briefly discussing what they should call her, Gina says "just call her 13," which Biers favorably responds to.
  • Scene 54: Biers is outside of sickbay with a Marine and Layne Ishay. Ishay tells her that Biers can't see the baby. As Biers attempts to gain access, noting that Roslin herself approved the visit, Helo calls Biers a "stupid frakking vulture" when telling her that Hera is dead. Ishay claims that the baby died 20 minutes ago, which shocks Biers.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I

The following scenes are from the Season 2.5 DVD.

  • Scene 63D: Galen Tyrol is walking on the upper level of the maintenance deck. There are flashes of his dream of falling from this upper level. Over it all, Cavil is consoling the Chief, telling him that his fear is that he fears he is a Cylon, like Sharon and he should die.
  • Scene 78: Commander Lee Adama is laying in his bunk on Pegasus. Dualla is also present getting dressed after their sexual encounter; she comments that Adama hasn't signed the papers and she is a courier on official business. Dualla asks him whether or not he believes Roslin will lose to Baltar, Adama replies that while he doesn't know, she is a fighter and tells Dualla that Roslin may be on the wrong side of the colonization issue. He also voices his concern that Kara Thrace has yet to return from her SAR mission to Caprica.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II

The following scenes are from the Season 2.5 DVD.

  • Scene 121: Tyrol talks to Cally about Cavil, who has been revealed as another humanoid Cylon, over the deck gang's homemade liquor. He remarks that Cavil almost got him to believe that he was a Cylon and that the two Cavils were thrown out of an airlock the night before. Cally tries to drink the liquor, but can't handle it, to which they both giggle. Cally then slowly approaches Tyrol and kisses him, much to his surprise, to which Cally replies "What, you didn't know?"
  • Scene 123B: Baltar is on a Raptor where he has flashbacks of meeting Gina Inviere on Pegasus and their subsequent encounters on Cloud 9. This Raptor is headed to Cloud 9, where Baltar enters the ship through a hatch where two Marines are waiting and one follows to close the hatch. He is saluted by a fourth Marine as he enters a more decorative part of Cloud 9.
  • Scene 141 (Extended Scene): Baltar is sitting on Colonial One. Admiral Adama gives the newly elected president a report on Cloud 9's destruction and his belief that they need to strengthen internal security. Baltar rebukes him and instead states that their first priority is to the people, and to see that they are safely established on New Caprica. Once that is done, he believes that the tragedy would be put behind them. Adama bluntly retorts that Baltar is not listening; he replies that "I don't have to listen. I'm the president." Baltar orders that "Settlement begins and begins now". During their whole conversation Baltar has flashbacks to his time with Gina, which are missing from the aired version.

Noteworthy Dialogue

Adama: You served on Brenik?
Tigh: I served on Brenik. [...] 54 souls.
Adama: They hit Brenik...what?...first year of the war?
Tigh: Second. I was a petty officer, gunner's mate. There were 20 of us alive. We were the last line of defense guarding the magazines. It was hand to hand at the end. Man against machine. And I was just a kid. Virgin. Teenager. I'd never seen a dead person before. First one was Duncan Raverti. Deckhand Dunc. I found him in the corridor. His ribs were split open like a pig. His guts were strewn around him on the floor. You know, at first I couldn't figure out why the Cylons would bother doing something like that.
Adama: Spread fear. Panic.
Tigh: No. You had to look into that red eye slit. They hated us. They hated us so much, it wasn't enough to just kill us. You know that Centurions have a stink? It's like machine oil. To this day, I get a whiff if grease or oil...I almost lose my lunch.
Adama: I was on the Galactica. We were boarded the last week of the war. By the end of the war they learned a lot. Gotten smart. Clever. They didn't head to CIC, or the magazines. Two teams. One went to secondary damage control, and the other to aux fire control. See? That's clever. Not to CIC...auxiliary. And not to primary DC, to secondary. [...] Smart. Clever. Almost 2000 guys bought the farm, that day.
Tigh: Frak.
Roslin: And that is why I decided to risk bringing Sharon with us. What about you?
Adama: Mhh...I just had to do it, you know? Family had to be put back together. Whatever the cost.
Roslin: So abstract. "Whatever the cost." When you're confronted with the cost, the real cost, things become less abstract.
Adama: We found Elosha's grave. I'm really sorry. You come to find, nothing really helps. Just tally the bodies and (unintelligible) your tears.
Roslin: (smiles) You've changed.
Adama: Popular opinion is, it's something to do with post-traumatic reaction to the shooting. Personally...I think I'm just a wuss. (both laugh.)
Dualla: Captain, Pegasus is looking for you. They want an ETA on your return.
Adama: Tell 'em, I'm on my way. And it's lieutenant now, actually.
Dualla: Oh.
Adama: Forget it. Doesn't matter. I'm not sure what else does anymore.
Dualla: There's a happy thought.
Adama: can't even begin to tell you how frakked up things are right now.
Dualla: You mean ever since the Pegasus arrived.
Adama:, I don't know. I guess I thought it was them. But now, I'm not so sure we're that different. Just a step away from the choices that they made.
Dualla: Seems like a pretty important step. I don't see us raping our prisoners.
Adama: No, we haven't done that. Not yet.
Dualla: Are you saying...
Adama: Look, I don't know what I'm saying. How is that for clarity? All I know is that...well, the reason we keep going out and fighting and dying, it's just not that clear to me anymore.
  • The extended version of Apollo's and Starbuck's drunken chat in "Scar":
Thrace: Can you actually picture actually...yourself...picture you...with a wife? (both laugh) ...with a wife and a kid and a porch swing, 'cause the Gods know you would have a little porch swing.
Adama: You know, I thought about it once.
Thrace: (laughs) You're kidding.
Adama: Yeah.
Thrace: You wanted some little stinky rugrat?
Adama: I thought it might be nice. Teach the little kid to swim, play pyramid.
Adama: We're sending a force recon to investigate the distress signal.
Thrace: Thought Garner wanted to take the Pegasus, right. Wanted to charge in with guns blazing, right.
Adama: It was the admiral's decision.
Thrace: Bob and weave. Duck and cover. Frak, Lee, you should be a politician.
Adama: Garner's wrong about this, and I know that. That really isn't the point. The point is, that you owed him your respect. You owed him your loyalty. You owed him the chance to make it as commander of this ship.
Thrace: I owed him? What about what he owes us? What about having a leader who is worthy of the people he leads? Do we not deserve that?
Adama: (sighs)
Thrace: You hate it when she argues rationally, don't you? So much easier when she's foulmouthed hothead, howling at the moon, eh?
Adama: I know you didn't mean to shoot me Kara. I know that.
Thrace: Thanks. Big concession there.
Adama: I don't know why I'm angry at you Kara. I really don't. I just am. (both chuckle)

Most of these deleted scenes are available on the Region 1 Season Three DVD set unless noted otherwise. The Region 2 set does not contain any extras. This article also lists some scenes that either aren't included on the DVDs, or were planned but never filmed.



Leoben inspects the wound.
  • Scene 73: Kara Thrace goes into the bathroom, turns the water on so that it will overflow, secures the door, and begins to cut into her wrist with a piece of metal. Leoben breaks the door open and finds Thrace with the bleeding gash in her wrist. He asks her how he can give the life she can have.

Other omitted scenes:

  • Aaron Doral pokes out Saul Tigh's eye with a hot poker. However the footage was abandoned in lieu of allowing the "viewer to simply imagine what the Cylons had done than to actually see it" for it was believed that it would be "far more unsettling".[1] The scene is available online as an exclusive on and YouTube.


  • Scene 107: Baltar talks to Roslin in her detention cell. While Caprica-Six watches him behind a one-way mirror, Baltar tells Roslin that the Cylons are machines that reason where humans feel, and that because of their use of logic they will see the flaw in the occupation and terminate it; however, implying the destruction of mankind.

Exodus, Part I

There are no deleted scenes from this episode available.

Exodus, Part II

Adama and Katraine.
  • Scene 99: Kat watches over the hangar deck and turns to meet Admiral Adama. He reminds her of the difficulty of the rescue mission. Their dialogue turns into more of a personal heart-to-heart exchange. He ends their conversation by telling Kat to "go give 'em hell."
    Note: The scene was filmed following production of "The Passage".[2] Some of Adama's dialogue seems to have been set-up to foreshadow the revelation of Kat's past.
  • Scene 102-104: (Extended Scene) Admiral Adama walks out among Galactica's halls after having shaved off his mustache, watching crew and civilians before entering the CIC where Hoshi, Dualla, Lee, and Helo are talking about repairs, refueling, and refugees. He makes putting a CAP out to protect them a priority. He dismisses his officers except Lee, whom the older Adama talks to about being bumped down a few pay grades and reinstated as the "old new CAG."


  • Scene 24: Samuel Anders finds his wife in the empty pilot ready room, and they talk about her rejoining the military. Sam feels she is trying to continue fighting, even after the Cylons are gone, but she tells him "This is my life now, Sam. You're going to have to find a way to get used to that." She tries to hold his hand, but he pulls away and walks out of the room.

Other omitted scenes:

Taking place before the scene where Lee Adama reports the missing persons to his father, the two walk through crowded corridors. Apollo notes how there is no room for him as commander on the ship and his father mentions that they might have to demote him back to major and CAG. They also talk about the crowding, the state of the air wing and that so many pilots are out of practice. Admiral Adama orders a refresher training.
Note: Both the demotion and the training are shown at the beginning of the next episode.


A promotion photograph of this scene.
  • Scene 34: Baltar walks with Caprica-Six where a Five and Three are with Hera. They talk about projection, and Three says that she prefers to be in a house of God (They stand in a church and Hera's crib from Baltar's vision on Kobol can be seen in the background). Three then tells Boomer that the others have decreed that she be allowed to take care of Hera due to the Eights' bond with the child, as well as her life with the humans. They credit her with the child's creation, but she insists that it was Sharon, not her. Three then thanks Baltar, but he claims only to have been following God's will. Three says that he must be a very important part of God's plan, adding, "It's almost like you're one of us."
Note: Pictures from this scene were released as promotional photos prior to the episode's airing.

A Measure of Salvation

  • Scene 14-19: Caprica-Six and a Three ponder why Baltar would go through the trouble of gaining their trust and then betray them so quickly. As their conversation continues, we see Caprica-Six projecting herself in a forest while Three projects herself again in a church, the settings changing depending on whomever is speaking. Six believes that Baltar is mentally confined as he is not able to project. Three concurs and asks Six if he is guilty. Six doesn't know, but lists his many foibles inherit in his human nature. Three then suggests that Six is jealous of Baltar's growing closeness of her. They then agree that to get him to confess, they have to do what must be done, "by any means necessary," thus setting up his torture.
  • Scene 35: Thrace walks into the prison cell with the ill Cylons and confronts a Leoben. He goes through his usual mind-games, and explains that he held her captive on New Caprica because he loves her and wanted her to love him back at all costs. Thrace taunts him in return, offering to take him in her arms. However, he is in too much physical pain. She then tells the Cylons that they don't have to die, and brings in a healthy Number Five to prove it. Leoben tells her that he's not afraid to die, putting their faith in God and his plans, but she believes that the Gods or God has more important things to worry about, playing on their doubts. That is when a Simon model comes forward.
    Note: Pictures from this scene were released as promotional photos prior to the episode's airing.
  • Scene 60: Admiral Adama tells Galactica's pilots that the President has authorized the use of biological weapons, at which point Helo asks permission to be relieved. His request is granted and Gaeta is tasked with the XO's duties. Adama then lays out their plan to exterminate the Cylon race, at which Racetrack smilies deviously. Apollo then says that due to the importance of the mission everyone grounded for disciplinary actions is reinstated - which means Starbuck. As everyone is dismissed, Athena and Admiral Adama share a tense look before she walks out of the room.

Other omitted scenes:

  • A scene depicted in a promotional photo showing Number Six and Three in a projected forest was apparently cut from the episode.
  • A scene of William Adama surveying the infected baseship in Sharon "Athena" Agathon's Raptor was dropped for time.
  • At the request of Michael Hogan, a scene where Saul Tigh challenges Karl Agathon's work as Galactica's executive officer and his marriage to Sharon was cut. Hogan felt that the scene did not make sense, particularly in light of Tigh's word to Admiral Adama in the previous episode that Adama wouldn't see him again.[4]


  • Bulldog explains how he was able to find the rag-tag fleet. He somehow managed to access its navigational computer and jumped to various stored coordinates, eventually lucking out. After assuring Adama that leaving him was the right thing to do, he goes on to say that the Cylons tried to play with his head by telling him that they were successful in swiftly wiping out the Colonial Fleet and the Twelve Colonies. To his horror, Adama tells him that it's true.
  • (Extended Scene) While Caprica-Six and Three talk, Baltar wanders around the basestar. Initially, he gets cold or blank responses. He then fumbles for conversation by complimenting their control system before he calls himself the first guest on a baseship. A Number Five corrects him and when asked how they're treated, Five simply tells him that they have their uses.

Other omitted scenes:

Bulldog and Tigh share a drink in Tigh's quarters and talk about an old shared girlfriend with fond memories. Bulldog mentions Ellen and learns that she died, although Tigh is naturally evasive about how. Bulldog says that he has to get used to to a lot of changes.

Unfinished Business

There are no deleted scenes for this episode on the Region 1 version of the Season 3 DVD set. Any scenes that were cut have most likely been integrated into the extended version of the episode.

The Passage

  • Scene 32-33: Before leaving Galactica for the first flight through the star cluster, Karl Agathon gives his wife a pack of food he has apparently been saving. He is worried about the medication he had to take, but his wife reassures him that everything will be fine. This leads into the next scene where Kat affectionately touches the hull of a Raptor before her final mission and looks at a reflection of herself on the cockpit canopy. Lee Adama speaks to her and thinks that she merely has the normal anxiety before a mission, seemingly trying to reassure her. But then he suggest to change her callsign to "Friendly Fire," berating her for making vocal objections in public and then trying to excuse that behavior. However, he understands that the military is her life and the she cares for her fellow pilots, who are her family.
  • Scene 65-68: (Extended Scene) After Thrace talks to Enzo, she finds Katraine on the hangar deck. There, Dualla is supervising civilian refugees walking in, telling them repeatedly that "there are no rations anywhere on this ship! If someone told you there was food, they were lying! If you leave this area, force will be used!" Thrace tells Kat to come with her and hey walk into an adjacent hallway, where Thrace mentions the ship Kat lost, at which Kat becomes angry. After goading Kat some more, they push each other around and Thrace shouts that everything about Kat is a lie. When Kat leaves, Thrace calls her "Sasha" to her back, which stops her cold. Kat sags down on a crate and tells her real story as in the aired episode.
    Note: Footage of Dualla and the refugees being ushered into the hangar deck can be seen in the aired version of the episode. Presumably when the above scene was cut, it was integrated into an earlier portion of the episode without the shots of Kat.

The Eye of Jupiter

  • Scene 17B: (Alternate Scene) Roslin confesses that Hera is still alive to Adama. Instead of simply leaving his quarters in the middle of Roslin's explanation, Adama goes to his sink and shaves. Roslin continues her explanation for hiding the child. In order justify keeping the secret from him she says that his closeness to Sharon at that time was uncomfortable for the Fleet. Adama thinks they should give the Agathons her daughter back, citing his own convictions as a parent.
  • The tone and meaning of this scene are markedly different from the aired version. As aired, the part where Adama stands up and goes to the head is cut off and overlaid with a sound effect, so that he angrily walks out on Roslin. In the alternate scene, he instead goes to his sink and both Adama and Roslin present their points of view on the issue.
  • In the aired episode Roslin stays sitting at the desk during the entire scene, suggesting that an alternate take was used for the part where she stands up.

Other omitted scenes:

Before the conference with the Cylons in the wardroom, Baltar meets Gaeta. He is glad to see him and bums a cigarette. Before Adama arrives, he whispers that Gaeta should examine the nearby star, because "it is going to get very hot in here." This sets up the later televised scene in which Gaeta reveals that the star is about to go supernova.


  • Scene 82A (Extended Scene) Thrace and Dualla sit in the downed Raptor and Dualle confronts Starbuck about her affair with Lee. Dualla thinks that because Admiral Adama likes Starbuck so much, she isn't just "some pathetic loser who can't keep her pants on," and that she sleeps with Dualla's husband because she wants to, not because of her messed up childhood or other circumstances beyond her control.
  • Scene 103 (Alternate Scene) Roslin, Adama, Tigh and Gaeta go over a map of the planet surface. Tigh tells them that the Cylons have broken through the Colonial lines. Adama is convinced that his son can win through his resourcefulness, but Roslin cautions that the Cylons might find Earth should they find the Temple of Five. Roslin concedes that it is a military decision, but says that Adama knows the consequences. Adama then authorizes the use of nuclear weapons, walks over to the nuclear launch controls, readies the missiles and orders to fire on his command, with everyone looking astounded at his actions.
    Note: As aired, the launch authorization is the cliffhanger of the previous episode. This suggests a restructuring of the story through editing. It is possible that Tigh refers to the Cylon Raiders heading for the planet, but because he shows ground maps, he might also mean that they broke through the soldiers' lines on the ground.

Other omitted scenes:

In CIC, Adama, Tigh, Gaeta and Roslin plan a possible rescue operation for the people on the ground.
Right before the Centurions attack the Colonial ground positions, Adama and Anders talk about Dualla and Thrace. Anders mentions the soldier's code "leave no man behind" and how in this case there is two of them. He also indicates that he realizes that Adama loves Thrace too and notes that she has something unidentifiable that attracts people to her.

Taking a Break From All Your Worries

  • Scene 33A

A small part of this scene was shown after the episode's airing on the SciFi Channel, with the full scene made available on the website.

See Taking a Break From All Your Worries#Bonus Scene

The Woman King

  • Scene 49: Helo confesses to the sabotage of an aborted Cylon offensive to destroy the Cylons through biological weaponry. Adama asks Helo if he really wants to make this official, given the possibility of a court martial and a death sentence.
Note: Also shown as bonus scene after the episode's airing on the SciFi Channel.

Other omitted scenes:

Tigh gives Adama a report on the damage on the Thera Sita. Geata reports that the passengers on the Thera Sita consist of 84 Scorpions, 166 Picons, and (to both Gaeta's and Dualla's dismay) 51 Sagittarons.

A Day in the Life

  • Scene 5: Again, this bonus scene of Dualla and Gaeta joking on the nature of the relationship between Adama and Roslin was available on the SciFi website.

Dirty Hands

  • Scene 16: Cally and Galen Tyrol lie awake in bed. Cally recalls their time in the resistance on New Caprica, when they sabotaged the power grid after President Baltar cut the colony's rations. Galen says that Baltar was a thug and dictator, which Cally thinks also applies to Adama, citing his treatment of the Fleet's workers. Cally keeps going on and repeats Baltar's rhetoric about a class struggle. Tyrol gives up trying to fall asleep and leaves the bed.
  • Scene 22: The bonus scene released by SciFi is also available on DVD.


  • Scene 1: (Alternate Scene) This version of the opening scene shows more of Thrace and Leoben having sex, and doesn't intercut to her lying in her bunk on Galactica. In addition, he sits up on her, takes off his shirt and tells her to say that she loves him, which she does.
  • Scene 9 Thrace inspects her Viper and Tyrol goes over a checklist with her. During this she remembers various scenes of her life, like talking to Helo about her painting the mandala, the last visit to her mother and her time with Leoben on New Caprica. Then she finds hydraulic fluid, and becomes visibly angry at Chief Tyrol. Major Adama moves in to attempt to calm her down.
    Note: The last part of this was shown as the episode's bonus scene by SciFi.
  • Scene 43: Starbuck and Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza are on the firing range. Starbuck's pistol keeps jamming and she becomes angry, finally unleashing several magazines on rapid fire at a picture of Leoben as target. During this she remembers interrogating him. Lee Adama has been watching her and follows her out of the room when she leaves. While Thrace is defiant about the prospect of being grounded, Adama unexpectedly clears her for flight duty.
  • Scene 49: (Extended Scene) At the end of their talk under the Viper, after Starbuck notes that their relationship has come full circle, Adama wonders if maybe things turned out like this for a reason. The two get up and Starbuck enters the Viper's cockpit.

Other ommited scenes:

  • Luciana Carro returned to shoot a brief appearance in which Kat, or something taking her form, appears in a brand new Viper just before Kara dies, telling her not to worry.[5] This abandoned concept seems to have been recycled for or the basis of the ending to "Crossroads, Part II".

The Son Also Rises

Scene 41: The DVD includes the scene between Cally and Athena previously shown by SciFi after the episode's first airing.

Crossroads, Part I

  • Scene 10: Lee Adama asks Lampkin, "You know he's guilty, right?". Lampkin appeals to Adama's sense of justice, stating that everyone is guilty of something and there is a difference between guilt and criminality.
    Note: Previously shown as a bonus scene.
  • Scene 69: (Extended Scene) During the press conference on Colonial One Karen Fallbrook asks Roslin how long she has to live, who returns the question and asks everyone else if they know how long they have to live, given the dangerous circumstances they live under. She states that she has faced cancer and other dangers before and that she will continue to serve until the day she can't, which is up the gods. She urges the press to focus on Baltar's trial instead of her.

Crossroads, Part II

  • Scene 76: In Joe's bar, Samuel Anders talks to Tory Foster. Tory sums up her current life, saying that she has been chewed out by the president, been unprofessional with the press and that half the Fleet knows that they are sleeping together. Tory doesn't know what she wants out their relationship or why she is even in it, while being aware that Anders wants to get over Kara.
    Note: Foster echoes Lampkin's statement from the previous episode's bonus scene, that "everybody is guilty of something."
  • Scene 80: Roslin and Sharon talk about their shared vision. Sharon tells her about projection, but says that she hasn't done it much lately, because to her it "doesn't seem like something a person does". Both are not sure how they can share a projection, but Sharon thinks that Caprica-Six was affected too.
  • (Alternate Scene) After the trial, when Lee Adama collects his flight suit to sortie out, he sees Starbuck standing in his quarters, who tells her that she has been to Earth and that she will take them there.
    Note: According to the episode's podcast this was the original idea for Starbuck's return, but Moore changed his mind because he felt that it would imply that it was a supernatural event.

Other omitted scenes:

In CIC, as the Fleet nears the Ionian nebula, Helo wonders what they are going to find there. Noticing that Dee is downbeat, he tries to comfort her about her relationship to Adama, saying that sometimes people just need a little distance. Dee, however, doubts it in her case.
  • A promotional image shows Virtual Six appearing to Baltar at some point in the trial.

Noteworthy Dialogue

"I don't know where you come from, but I do know this: you got here on your own power. Every morning, you get up and you tie your hair back tight. And then you go to war. That's all that matters to me."
Anders: I been around a lot of death. A lot more than I ever imagined. And right now, I'm trying to find a way to get out of this war, but it seems to be like you're looking for a way to get back right in it.
Thrace: I just...I just think there's so much to pay for what happened to me.
Anders: And that someone is me?
Thrace: Why would you say that?
Anders: Come on Kara. Let's be honest, you weren't exactly the easiest person to get along with even on a good day. But since we've been back it's out of control. We don't even talk to me. You barely eat.
Thrace: Oh, I'm sorry I haven't been great company.
Anders: I know you, Kara. And I know what happened. But the Cylons are gone. But if are gonna get through this, somehow, you have got to let this one slide.
Thrace: (after a pause) This is my life now, Sam. You will have to find a way to get used to that. (she tries to take his hand in hers, but he refuses and leaves)
Leoben: You know what they say, if you wanna make God smile, tell him your plan. My plan was to find someone to love, and hope she loved me back. Then try anything to get her to stay.
Thrace: Even if that meant using frakking lies and somebody else's child?
  • Thrace taunts the sick Leoben about his prospects for resurrection and his faith (A Measure of Salvation):
Leoben: If we knew what came beyond point in living. We'd put our faith in God and his plans.
Thrace: Mhh...funny thing about gods, and we have more of them, so I like to think I have a little bit more experience in this arena...they don't always come through in the end. Who knows why? They're gods. They have their own priorities. And I'm thinking, that your God has more important things to worry about than worry about whether a bunch of sick toasters reach paradise or not. Just my opinion of course. The only way to find out would be to die, and hope for the best.
Adama: So maybe we should change your callsign to "Friendly Fire".
Katraine: Sir...
Adama: Giving your CAG the business, stepping up, making objections.
Katraine: Sir...I wouldn't be...
Adama: I hate excuses. I hate to make them. I hate to be around people who make them. (looks at her.) I know you care about the pilots. I know this is your life; this is your family. If I had reason to believe otherwise, I wouldn't give you the frakking time of the day. Understand?
Anders: Bad day?
Foster: Well, let's see. So far, I've been unprofessional in front of the press, been reamed out by the President, and discovered that half the Fleet knows I'm sleeping with a certain pilot.
Anders: Guilty as charged.
Foster: We're all guilty of something. Let us not talk falsely now, okay?
"How did you wind up on this old bucket anyway?"


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Lee Adama at the Caprica Transfer Station awaiting his Viper.

The unrated and extended "Razor" DVD contains three deleted scenes.

  • The first scene deals with Lee Adama at the Caprica Transfer Station as he awaits his Viper, so that he can participate in Galactica's decommissioning ceremony prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. As he is drinking his coffee, he tells Frank Bruno about his decision to quit the Colonial Fleet while awaiting his Viper. Despite being accepted into test pilot school and on his way to "command a battlestar someday," Adama tells Bruno that these were his father's dreams, dreams that weren't really his to begin with. After he is notified that his ship is ready, he leaves, revealing that Kendra Shaw is also present, awaiting her ship to Pegasus to begin her assignment as Admiral Helena Cain's aide.
  • The second deleted scene deals with Thrace talking to Shaw after Shaw is shot by a Centurion. Up until that point, Shaw didn't admit to executing the mother on the Scylla. Thrace confesses that "she did [shoot]," which leads into the next deleted scene.
  • The third and last deleted scene takes place 12 hours after "33," with Kara Thrace and Lee Adama replaying gun camera footage from their successful attack on the Olympic Carrier. Adama goes through the gun footage, finding that there's a brief shadow in one of the windows which he shows Thrace. He believes the shadow is from a person aboard the Carrier, although Thrace claims that it could be anything from a trick of light to a bulkhead. Sick of reviewing the footage and discussing the issue, Thrace tells Adama that they'll have to get used to it, as she suspects that they'll have to take lives—or even leave people behind—in order to save others.

Six of One

  • Extended Scene: While Thrace is in the brig again, Lee Adama visits here and tells her of his new Quorum position, and a romantically-charged scene ensues.
  • Natalie, Leoben, and Number Eight are in a room on the Basestar. Boomer comes in, wanting to explain her vote earlier. She says that something has changed and all these questions have started. It terrifies her and Cavil makes her feel safe. Natalie says that it's not for them to judge, because everyone is just feeling their way through life, and embraces her in reconciliation. Boomer leaves. The other Eight is still angry that Boomer would side against her entire model for Cavil's sake. Leoben says that love is a powerful motivator. Natalie says that hate is also a powerful motivator, eyeing the telencephalic inhibitor in her hands.


  • Anders, Athena, and Number Eight are working on the systems of the Raptor that will be synched with the rebel Basestar. Referring to Natalie's recent execution of another Number Six, Eight morosely thinks aloud that until recently it would have been unthinkable for the Cylons to kill one of their own, and now it comes easy. Anders is clearly disturbed, and tells her that war does that. Eight asks Athena how she has managed, living without hope of resurrection for so long. Athena says that when any moment could be your last, it matters more. The three leave to join the others in the Hybrid chamber, but Anders pauses and leans against a wall, overcome by recent events.

The Hub

Cavil in a deleted scene from "The Hub".
  • While being rescued from the Resurrection Hub, D'Anna taunts Helo about how seeing "a room full of flacid Athenas" bothered him. Helo tells her that there's only one Athena. D'Anna asks him how baby Hera is doing. Number Eight angrily tells her not to talk about Hera and that she won't get to see her. D'Anna wonders why this Eight cares, and realizes that she must have accessed Athena's memories. D'Anna taunts Helo, saying that this is a really convenient situation for "Daddy" because he can get a new "Mommy" whenever Hera needs one.
  • Extended Scene: Helo, D'Anna, and Number Eight have made it back to the rebel Basestar. Some Cylon pilots are running through the halls. Eight stops a Number Six, who informs them that they've been boarded and Cavils and Simons have been sighted. Helo insists on taking D'Anna directly to the president to be interrogated, and Eight realizes that she's been double-crossed and just made a fool of herself by talking about trust. She backs away, saying that it's all been a lie, and is shot from behind by a Cavil. Helo shoots the Cavil and looks down at Eight's body. D'Anna dispassionately asks if they can go see the president now.


6 other scenes

This page lists deleted scenes that never made the final cut for any number of reasons. They may be found on a myriad of digital video releases, notably DVDs and Blu-rays, across multiple regions.

C-Bucs Training

This is considered a longer, extended scene as parts of this scene were integrated into quick snap-cuts during the Cylon deployment and subsequent all-out offensive attack against the Colonies.

  • Jean Barolay engages in aided leg stretching with another C-Buc.
  • Wheeler complains about the lack of oxygen as he heads to the training field. Number Four, who successfully infiltrated the Caprica Buccaneers as the team's doctor, replies that the whole point of high-alt training is to help improve oxygen utilization. As they reach the edge of the training field from their encampments, they meet up with Barolay. Sue-Shaun opines her belief that caffeine aids in oxygen utilization, to which Four replies in the negative, and they share a chuckle.
  • Rally asks when they'll get out to the field, itching for the chance to start the day.
  • Sue-Shaun goes to pour a cup of coffee from a coffee urn, commenting that it looks like it was through a war; Barolay makes a comment of it being made from a dead Centurion.
  • Wheeler squints and asks who is out training with Samuel T. Anders, and a team member chides him for not recognizing his fiancée, Kai. The team has a spirited ribbing out of it, and then they make it to the field.

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