Brent Baxton

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Brent Baxton
Brent Baxton


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Birth Name Brent Baxton
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Introduced Scar
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Role Viper Pilot, battlestar Galactica
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Portrayed by Christopher Jacot
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Ensign Brent "BB" Baxton is a rookie Viper pilot.

Baxton completes his Viper training on Pegasus and quickly starts his duty as a pilot aboard Galactica.

Baxton, unsure of the tactics necessary to survive the dangerous "ace" Raider known as "Scar", asks veteran pilot Kara Thrace for advice. She suggests to always engage the enemy, a tip that Louanne Katraine strongly questions, given the young pilot's lack of experience and the tenacity of the Raider.

However, the overeager Baxton takes Thrace's advice to heart, ignores his wingman's order to withdraw as the two fighters need to refuel, and engages Scar with fatal results (TRS: "Scar").


  • According to a deleted scene from "Scar," BB's callsign might also be short for "Baby Boy", instead of being patterned after his initials:
Tucker "Duck" Clellan: "We don't have enough fuel to mix it up, so we bug out baby boy. Let our relief deal with them. We're going home. Follow me."