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Birth Name Wheeler
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Introduced The Plan
Death Killed by the Cylons (TRS: "The Plan")
Marital Status Engaged to Kai
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Role Pyramid Player, Caprica Buccaneers
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Portrayed by Lawrence Haegert
Wheeler is a Cylon
Wheeler is a Final Five Cylon
Wheeler is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Wheeler is an Original Series Cylon
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Wheeler is a pyramid player with the Caprica Buccaneers, of which his fiancée Kai was a part.

Wheeler trains with Samuel T. Anders in the mountains during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, prior to hearing the first explosions from this event. Discovering that Cylons are indeed involved, Wheeler joins Anders' nascent resistance.

Wheeler concocts using a pyramid ball as improvised explosive device, which comes into play during the resistance's first offensive on the Cylons, inspired by The Tauron Line. After a Centurion is alerted by a clumsy resistance fighter, Kai takes his pyramid ball grenade and, passing it to Coach, effectively destroys a Cylon repair shed.

Wheeler is injured during the offensive, leaving him with a limp (TRS: "The Plan").


  • The relationship between Wheeler and Kai is discussed in a deleted scene, where Wheeler is razzed for not recognizing her as she practices on a one-on-one session with Samuel T. Anders.
  • In a deleted sub-plot from "The Plan," Brother Cavil returns to the Resistance camp after the events of "The Farm" bringing news of a forced work camp on Picon where humans have families and are growing fresh food. Wheeler shares that his family originally came from Picon, and later buys into the false hope that Cavil spreads about peaceful coexistence. Following that scene, Wheeler and a group later accept the peace offering by Sharon "Boomer" Valerii and Caprica-Six, the so-called "Heroes of the Cylon," with the hope of being escorted to a safe location only to be slaughtered by Centurions who disobey the orders of Valerii and Six.