Ray Abinell

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Ray Abinell
Ray Abinell


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Birth Name Ray Abinell
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Death Asphyxiation (TRS: "Sacrifice")
Siblings At least 1; Vinson Abinell
Marital Status Husband of Sesha Abinell
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Role Colonial citizen, maintenance worker on Greenleaf
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Portrayed by Michael Ryan
Ray Abinell is a Cylon
Ray Abinell is a Final Five Cylon
Ray Abinell is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Ray Abinell is an Original Series Cylon
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Ray Abinell is a crewman aboard the freighter Greenleaf, husband to Sesha Abinell, and brother to Vinson Abinell.

Abinell is working on ship maintenance when Cylons attack the Fleet. Damage to the Greenleaf ruptures a window, venting Abinell's compartment to space. Abinell is killed when he is blown through the broken window and into space.

In her grief, Abinell's wife begins studying Cylon information, rumor and innuendo. She plans a hostage campaign aboard Cloud 9 to expose what she believes is a Colonial conspiracy to hide its collusion with Cylons, particularly a rumored second copy of Sharon Valerii (TRS: "Sacrifice").