List of Deleted Scenes - Season 4 (RDM)

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For an overview and the Miniseries, see List of Deleted Scenes (RDM). For the rest of the series see Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.

Seven deleted scenes from various episodes can be watched here.



Lee Adama at the Caprica Transfer Station awaiting his Viper.

The unrated and extended "Razor" DVD contains three deleted scenes.

  • The first scene deals with Lee Adama at the Caprica Transfer Station as he awaits his Viper, so that he can participate in Galactica's decommissioning ceremony prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. As he is drinking his coffee, he tells Frank Bruno about his decision to quit the Colonial Fleet while awaiting his Viper. Despite being accepted into test pilot school and on his way to "command a battlestar someday", Adama tells Bruno that these were his father's dreams, dreams that weren't really his to begin with. After he is notified that his ship is ready, he leaves, revealing that Kendra Shaw is also present, awaiting her ship to Pegasus to begin her assignment as Admiral Helena Cain's aide.
  • The second deleted scene deals with Thrace talking to Shaw after Shaw is shot by a Centurion. Up until that point, Shaw didn't admit to executing the mother on the Scylla. Thrace confesses that "she did [shoot]", which leads into the next deleted scene.
  • The third and last deleted scene takes place 12 hours after "33", with Kara Thrace and Lee Adama replaying gun camera footage from their successful attack on the Olympic Carrier. Adama goes through the gun footage, finding that there's a brief shadow in one of the windows which he shows Thrace. He believes the shadow is from a person aboard the Carrier, although Thrace claims that it could be anything from a trick of light to a bulkhead. Sick of reviewing the footage and discussing the issue, Thrace tells Adama that they'll have to get used to it, as she suspects that they'll have to take lives -- or even leave people behind -- in order to save others.

Six of One[edit]

  • Extended Scene: While Thrace is in the brig again, Lee Adama visits here and tells her of his new Quorum position, and a romantically-charged scene ensues.
  • Natalie, Leoben, and Number Eight are in a room on the Basestar. Boomer comes in, wanting to explain her vote earlier. She says that something has changed and all these questions have started. It terrifies her and Cavil makes her feel safe. Natalie says that it's not for them to judge, because everyone is just feeling their way through life, and embraces her in reconciliation. Boomer leaves. The other Eight is still angry that Boomer would side against her entire model for Cavil's sake. Leoben says that love is a powerful motivator. Natalie says that hate is also a powerful motivator, eyeing the telencephalic inhibitor in her hands.


  • Anders, Athena, and Number Eight are working on the systems of the Raptor that will be synched with the rebel Basestar. Referring to Natalie's recent execution of another Number Six, Eight morosely thinks aloud that until recently it would have been unthinkable for the Cylons to kill one of their own, and now it comes easy. Anders is clearly disturbed, and tells her that war does that. Eight asks Athena how she has managed, living without hope of resurrection for so long. Athena says that when any moment could be your last, it matters more. The three leave to join the others in the Hybrid chamber, but Anders pauses and leans against a wall, overcome by recent events.

The Hub[edit]

Cavil in a deleted scene from "The Hub".
  • While being rescued from the Resurrection Hub, D'Anna taunts Helo about how seeing "a room full of flacid Athenas" bothered him. Helo tells her that there's only one Athena. D'Anna asks him how baby Hera is doing. Number Eight angrily tells her not to talk about Hera and that she won't get to see her. D'Anna wonders why this Eight cares, and realizes that she must have accessed Athena's memories. D'Anna taunts Helo, saying that this is a really convenient situation for "Daddy" because he can get a new "Mommy" whenever Hera needs one.
  • Extended Scene: Helo, D'Anna, and Number Eight have made it back to the rebel Basestar. Some Cylon pilots are running through the halls. Eight stops a Number Six, who informs them that they've been boarded and Cavils and Simons have been sighted. Helo insists on taking D'Anna directly to the president to be interrogated, and Eight realizes that she's been double-crossed and just made a fool of herself by talking about trust. She backs away, saying that it's all been a lie, and is shot from behind by a Cavil. Helo shoots the Cavil and looks down at Eight's body. D'Anna dispassionately asks if they can go see the president now.


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