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Birth Name Hadrian
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Introduced Act of Contrition
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Role Master-at-Arms, battlestar Galactica
Rank Sergeant First Class
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Portrayed by Jill Teed
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Sergeant Hadrian is the Master-at-Arms on Galactica. She is responsible for the internal security on the ship.

She is first mentioned, albeit not by name, when Sharon Valerii notices that G-4 explosives are missing from a small arms locker and Chief Tyrol tells her that she must tell the Master-at-Arms (TRS: "Water").

Hadrian leads the investigation of an accident on the hangar deck that results in the death of thirteen pilots and injures seven more, concluding that it was caused by material fatigue (TRS: "Act of Contrition").

After a suicide attack by Aaron Doral, Commander Adama places her in command of investigating how it was possible for him to get past the security guards. She acts as the main prosecutor in an independent tribunal to attempt to locate Cylon saboteurs and collaborators aboard Galactica. However, her efforts turn into a witch hunt and, although Specialist Socinus is used as scapegoat, the tribunal is disbanded by Adama, after he himself is accused of facilitating the attack. Hadrian is confined to her quarters after losing a standoff with him (TRS: "Litmus").

When a Cylon boarding party invades Galactica, Colonel Tigh mentions that Sergeant Hadrian is leading one of the squads of Marines defending the ship (TRS: "Valley of Darkness").

There are no further mentions, thus her fate remains unknown.


  • Hadrian was the name of a Roman Emperor who was characterized by his efforts to stabilize and strengthen the Roman frontier, building suitable defenses and abandoning provinces that were too costly to guard. Sergeant Hadrian plays a similar role: she tirelessly works to defend Galactica against its enemies (although she focuses on internal enemies, whereas the emperor focused on external ones). In keeping with the show's basis in Greek mythology, Hadrian was a noted Hellenophile, and did much to enrich Greek culture in the Empire during his reign. (See Wikipedia - Emperor Hadrian for more information.)