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An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 2, Episode 15
Writer(s) David Weddle
Bradley Thompson
Story by
Director Michael Nankin
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No.
Nielsen Rating 1.9
US airdate USA 2006-02-03
CAN airdate CAN 2006-04-22
UK airdate UK 2006-04-11
DVD release 19 September 2006 US
28 August 2006 UK
Population 49,593 survivors (Population decline. 4)
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Black Market Scar Sacrifice
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An ace Cylon Raider, nicknamed "Scar" by the Viper pilots, has been causing problems for the Fleet. Kara Thrace and Louanne Katraine compete to hunt it down while Thrace pines for "a dead guy."


  • Several Viper pilots have been killed while guarding the Majahual, an ore mining ship located on top of a metal ore-rich asteroid. The Fleet's goal is to gather sufficient ore there to create two new squadrons of Vipers.
  • With the Resurrection Ship destroyed as well as most of the nearest Cylon fleet, the Cylons are far less brazen in attacks, sending only a few Raiders to harass the mining operation.
  • Galactica stays behind to guard the mining operation with their CAP, while Pegasus stays with the civilian fleet at a remote location.
  • There is too much debris in the system to use DRADIS to quickly sight and kill the Raiders. Combat Air Patrols are needed instead, using their Mark One Eyeball to find the Raiders.
  • One particular Raider, known as "Scar," is the cause of the pilot deaths.
  • Louanne "Kat" Katraine, now a seasoned and very talented pilot, challenges Starbuck over the "Top Gun" beer stein (currently held by Thrace) with the downing of Scar.
  • Thrace's depression over the inability to convince Admiral Adama and President Roslin to return to Caprica to rescue Samuel Anders and his Caprica Resistance causes her to drink excessively and behave very rashly. To suppress her feelings on the inability to fulfill her promise, Thrace begins to tell herself that Anders is dead.
  • Thrace turns to Sharon for advice regarding Scar who explains that Raiders can reincarnate as well, and with the Resurrection Ship destroyed, Scar will do anything to survive.
  • She also mentions that "he probably hates you (Thrace) as much as you hate him," as well as asking "how many of us" [sic] did Scar kill. In an unguarded moment, Sharon and Thrace reminisce over old times, but when Sharon reaches to touch Thrace in friendship, Marines on guard make it clear that it is not permitted. As a distraught Thrace leaves, Sharon tells her to be careful.
  • When a rookie pilot from Pegasus, BB, is killed, Kat berates Starbuck for giving him "textbook" advice. Later, Kat berates a hungover Starbuck again for being late to lead her own pilot's briefing as well as assigning Snake in her place on CAP, which leads to Jo-Jo's death at the hands of Scar.
  • Thrace and Lee Adama talk over drinks, when Thrace propositions Adama for a "quick lay." The two pilots attack each other, clothes flying, but Thrace is too aggressive, which turns Adama's desire almost completely off. She admits that her feelings for Samuel Anders are very confused. When Adama tells her that it's the "living guys" she can't deal with, Thrace is so confused that she slaps Adama, then kisses him for his thoughtfulness in reminding her that he is her friend before she leaves his quarters.
  • Starbuck is on patrol with Kat as her wingman when they spot a Raider. Both chase the Raider, but Scar uses that second Raider as a decoy by trying to ambush the Vipers from behind.
  • Starbuck's instincts tell her to check their "six" (rear), which successfully locates Scar but leaves her Viper with moderate damage when Scar scores hits on her Viper.
  • Starbuck leads Scar into a canyon on an asteroid, flips, and flies at Scar on a collision course. Kat shouts at Starbuck to break off as Scar is a machine and won't break off. Starbuck realizes this; she is making a suicide run, as her mind begins to drift out of focus as she thinks of Anders.
  • At the last moment, Starbuck breaks off her CBDR run, and Scar chases her. Starbuck lets Scar chase her, but leads him right to Kat, flying out of the way at the last moment and leaving Kat in perfect firing position. Kat blows off one of Scar's wings, sending it careening into an asteroid and killing it. While Kat cheers Scar's death and winning the challenge, Starbuck just stares at its remains as she flies past.
  • Starbuck fills the "Top Gun" beer stein for Kat and congratulates her. Then, Starbuck praises the memory of the many pilots lost to Scar and past battles. Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh, both laudable Viper pilots themselves in the Cylon War, attend the celebration. Admiral Adama ends the tribute with "So say we all."
  • Kat places a picture of Reilly's girlfriend in the memorial hallway in hopes that someone remembers her.
  • Training with Helo in the gym, Starbuck says that she could have killed Scar, but she would have killed herself in the process. Helo tells her that backing off and letting her wingman get the kill was the right thing to do. Helo notes that Starbuck didn't make the suicide run, because she has something to live for now in Anders.



  • More of the friendship between Karl Agathon and Kara Thrace is shown in this episode.
  • Kara Thrace, despite serving as a pilot on Galactica under Lee Adama, is still Pegasus CAG. She flies under Adama because the two battlestars have combined their resources for the mining operation's defense.
  • Samuel Anders appears in flashbacks (re-used footage) in this episode.
  • Gaius Baltar, Number Six and Cally do not appear in this episode.
  • Chief Tyrol appears very briefly in this episode. Also, Lieutenant Gaeta and Dualla appear in this episode, seen in CIC, but Dualla only has brief speaking lines.
  • Lee Adama doesn't fly in this episode, and is never seen in a flight suit. A lot of the day-to-day work of the CAG, such as assigning and briefing pilots, falls to Starbuck, with Adama giving more general orders and directions.


  • The survivor count is four less than displayed in "Black Market," accounting for the deaths of Jack Fisk, Phelan, and Fisk's killer. The survivor count, therefore, commences after "96 hours previously".
  • As the episode begins, the mining ship Majahual has been conducting operations in a thick asteroid field for 29 days.
  • In the podcast, it is revealed that a scene was cut of the pilots auctioning off Beano's possessions, a tradition from the British Navy during the Napoleonic War Era. This auction, Ron Moore explains, was a tribute to the fallen, as well as serving the practical purpose of recycling resources. There would be a shot of Apollo holding up Beano's "skin" magazine and taking bids, etc. This "skin" magazine (which is named Nymph) can be briefly seen when Starbuck is packing it into a box of Reilly's personal effects. During the following scene when they are talking about Scar in the rec room ("88 hours ago"), Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza is reading it, having won the auction.
  • A deleted scene for this episode explains that Kat is giving a pilot briefing about Scar at one point (ending with "That's the motherfrakker I'm going to kill") because Starbuck is late for the meeting, so Kat assumes she isn't coming at all and starts without her. In the deleted scene, Starbuck comes into the room right after the original scene ends, argues with Kat for starting without her, and then moves right into the next scene where Starbuck is summarizing the tactical situation for the past month.
  • New nuggets are still being trained and added to the Fleet's ranks. Kat's assertion that "no replacements are coming" in "Final Cut" is no longer relevant with the arrival of Pegasus and her resources. Also, in "Act of Contrition," it is mentioned that Galactica does not have any flight training simulators and thus prefers to train pilots having prior flight experience. With the arrival of Pegasus, the Fleet now has Viper flight simulators and thus potential pilots can now be trained properly, even those with no prior experience.
  • Nuggets enter the Colonial Fleet at the rank of ensign after completing flight training.
  • Pilot training apparently takes place on Pegasus, with recruits being assigned to Galactica afterward.


  • The landram from the Original Series makes a cameo appearance during the introduced to the Majahual.
  • The name "Kassie," which Louanne Katraine brings up when trying to remember Reilly's girlfriend's name, is a nod to Cassiopeia from the Original Series. That character was often called "Cassie" by Starbuck.
  • Pegasus has Viper production facilities, one of her more modern capabilities that Galactica lacks. During the episode, the Pegasus production team finishes its first combat-ready Viper.
  • Thrace and Katraine use the word motherfrakker in this episode, which is the second use of this vulgarism since its introduction in "Valley of Darkness".
  • The little model plane on top of the "Top Gun" mug sported by Starbuck and Kat is actually a U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornet.
  • This episode bears some similarities to the Space: Above and Beyond episodes "Never No More" and "The Angriest Angel," both of which deal with the introduction of an "ace" alien fighter and its detrimental effect upon the Earth military's morale, and the ensuing efforts of a main character to hunt him down.
  • The song that plays in the final scene of this episode is "Cavatina" by Stanley Myers, well known as the theme from the film The Deer Hunter.
  • Thrace uses a bottle of Leonis Estates Sparkling Wine to pour Kat her first "Top Gun" mug and to toast the fallen pilots. This type of alcohol was previously used in "Flight of the Phoenix" to christen the Blackbird.


  • The title "Scar" refers to the "ace" Cylon Raider this episode centers around. While all Cylon Raiders appear visually identical, this particular unit has extensive hull damage, whether from asteroid impacts, scoring from near-misses or other debris, giving it a weathered, craggy look - essentially, "battle scars". It can also refer to the characters' emotional scars, particularly Starbuck's.
  • Many of the pilots Starbuck toasts are minor and recurring characters who have died in previous episodes. In the order she lists them:
  • Among those not mentioned is Karma, who was KIA in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I". As noted in the podcast, this is truthfully reflecting Starbuck's earlier comment that she can't remember the names of all of the pilots that have died.
  • During the "previously on Battlestar Galactica" intro, a clip of a scene which has never actually aired before in any episode was played. In the scene, Starbuck argues to Adama and Roslin that they must mount a rescue operation to save the Caprica Resistance, but Adama and Roslin are in agreement that it is impossible and tell her they can't. This is the opening of the extended cut of "Pegasus" that was released later on DVD:
    • Thrace: The Resistance base camp is here (points at a map) 300 klicks north of the only Cylon airbase in the area...
    • Roslin: I respect what you're trying to do here, however...
    • Thrace: We have a duty to the people we left behind.
    • Adama: We understand that.
    • Thrace: We have to find a way to Jump back to Caprica, and go get them--
    • Adama: --Kara!
  • During the "in this episode" sequence of the credits, there are two images not seen in the episode; one of Starbuck standing at a distance, and one of a gun being placed before the camera. These could have been cut from the training scene.
  • This episode is the third of the most recent four episodes to begin in medias res, after "Resurrection Ship, Part II" and "Black Market". In terms of how the flashbacks are structured, going back and forth between past and current events, this episode most resembles "Act of Contrition". (However, the podcast for "Black Market" indicates that beginning that episode with Lee's confrontation with Phelan was not part of the original script and was done as an act of "desperation".)
  • As discussed in the podcast, writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson are mostly responsible for expanding the minor pilot characters as the series has progressed. They wrote "Act of Contrition," in which the nuggets are introduced, then "The Hand of God," which is the second time they all appear (and when Chuckles dies). Kat and Hot Dog reappear in "Scattered" and "Valley of Darkness" which Weddle and Thompson also wrote. The character of Kat receives more development since "Flight of the Phoenix," the writers' most recent entry before this episode.


  • As implied by Valerii, is Scar a reincarnation of the Cylon Raider that Starbuck captures in "You Can't Go Home Again"?
  • The Fleet has obtained enough metal ore to eventually construct two new squadrons of Vipers: will they be Mark IIs, or Mark VIIs?
  • With Thrace serving on Galactica, who is instructing nuggets on Pegasus?
  • If Raiders reincarnate so that Cylon forces can benefit from their learned experience, why don't Centurions? (Answer)
  • Do basestars (well, Hybrids anyway) also have the ability to reincarnate given that they appear to be composed of similar bio-mechanical technology as the Raiders?
  • As the Resurrection Ship recon images (from "Resurrection Ship, Part I") only show humanoid bodies awaiting download, how are the consciousnesses of dead Raiders stored and where are they transferred?
  • Exactly how many Cylon Raiders were lurking within the asteroid system, including Scar?
  • Exactly where is the rest of the Fleet? It's stated that the Fleet is elsewhere, guarded by Pegasus—suggesting it has jumped—however Roslin is aboard Galactica, which is odd as one would expect her to stay with the Fleet, and a communication is received from Pegasus regarding Viper production, suggesting the Fleet must not have actually jumped.

Official Statements

  • According to an interview on on January 3rd, 2006, along with "Home" (Parts One, Two), and "The Farm," this is one of Katee Sackhoff's favorite episodes.
  • Sackhoff discusses her dislike of the Viper scenes:
Scar was really tough. It was all those scenes of technical mumbo jumbo so Luciana [Carro] and I decided to add it all together and do it as one big long scene. We were in and out of the Vipers all day long. It is exhausting.[1]

Noteworthy Dialogue

Kat: One Tigh on this ship's enough.
Apollo: You know what gets me? I know that in two weeks, I won't remember his face. I can't remember any of their faces after they're killed. No matter how hard I try, they just fade.
Starbuck: I don't even remember their names.
Apollo: Names. Oh, let's see, there was- there was Flat Top. (Starbuck spits some of her drink on him) Who bought it on his thousandth landing. There was Donald "Chuckles" Perry. (Starbuck spits out some more beer) Stop it, already. Please, not funny. All right. It's not funny.
Starbuck: It is funny. You know the President says that we're saving humanity for a bright, shiny future. On Earth. That you and I are never gonna see. We're not. Because we go out over and over again until someday, some metal mother frakker is gonna catch us on a bad day and just blow us away.
Apollo: Bright, shiny futures are overrated anyway.
Starbuck: That is why we gotta get what we can. Right now.
Starbuck: To BB, Jo-Jo, Reilly, Beano, Dipper, Flat Top, Donald "Chuckles" Perry, Jolly, Crashdown, Sheppard, Dash, Flyboy, Stepchild, Puppet, Fireball...(stops, crying)
Apollo: To all of 'em.
Admiral Adama: So say we all.
Crew: So say we all.
Starbuck: So say we all.

Guest stars


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