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Portrayed by John Mann
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Linden is a resident on Prometheus.

When Lee Adama attempts to find Phelan, Linden attempts to hustle Adama, who in turn attempts to find out where Phelan is on the ship. However, Linden remarks that this is "a very expensive question", for which Adama trades a pocket-sized picture holder (that Shevon gave Adama) for this information.

Adama originally attempts to trade his sidearm for the information, but Linden remarks that they have guns. Linden accepts the picture holder because he "like[s] pretty things." After Adama has his information, Linden attempts to pawn off his newly acquired item for something (deleted scene, "Black Market").


  • Linden was portrayed by John Mann, who played Jackson Spencer in the Miniseries. None of Linden's scenes made the final cut of "Black Market", though Mann is credited for appearing as this character in the end credits of "Black Market".