Boxey (RDM)

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Age 10-13 (?)
Colony Caprica
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Birth Name Boxey
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Introduced Miniseries
Parents Armistice Officer† (father)
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Role Orphan
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Portrayed by Connor Widdows
Boxey is a Cylon
Boxey is a Final Five Cylon
Boxey is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Boxey is an Original Series Cylon
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Boxey and his possible mother on photos on Armistice Station.

Boxey is the son of the Armistice Officer at Armistice Station.

Following the Cylon attack, Boxey and his aunt[citation needed] seek sanctuary when a Raptor manned by Lieutenants Valerii and Agathon makes an emergency landing on Caprica.

When it becomes evident that the Raptor cannot rescue all the terrified refugees who come to it, Boxey's aunt gives him up with other children for transport back to Galactica. The child becomes unofficially adopted by members of the crew and is also seen eating with Valerii and other pilots on Galactica (TRS: "Miniseries").

Later, Boxey is following Kara Thrace around and copying her attitude and tone with Saul Tigh. During an exchange with Tigh, Boxey sarcastically reveals that his mother is dead (TRS: "Bastille Day").

Life on the cutting room floor

Boxey's last appearance in the series.

Otherwise, the character is mostly found in deleted scenes and on the cutting room floor, with little further exposure. Boxey appears in five deleted scenes included with the Season 1 DVD set. The first four are from "Water":

  • In the first, Boxey happens upon Boomer at her locker, and rummaging through it finds a rag which she used to wipe rust off of her hands from when she was planting the bombs in the water tanks.
  • In the second (after the discovery of water by Boomer), Boxey and Tyrol pay a visit to Boomer in her quarters to congratulate her. Boxey is frakkin explicit, while Tyrol slaps him on the head to rebuke him and asks him to leave the room so he can take a moment with Boomer.
  • In his third deleted scene in "Water," Boxey tries to sell some ambrosia he got from an engineer to Crashdown (apparently one of the attempts to turn him into the "artful dodger" mentioned by the writers).
  • The subplot of the second scene is followed up on in a fourth scene at the end of the episode where Tyrol finds Boxey with the rag, who tells him that he got it from Boomer's locker, and Tyrol recognizes the rust as being the same residue as he found in the water tank, raising his suspicions about Boomer (this entire subplot was dropped).
  • Boxey's fifth deleted scene in the set is from "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I," in which Boomer is practicing drawing her weapon from its holster and pointing it, and after several times Boxey steps into the room just as she wheels around and points her gun in his direction, accidentally scaring him off.


  • Boxey is based on a character of the same name from the Original Series. He shares some similarities with his TOS counterpart, in that he is a young boy orphaned by the Cylon attack who is adopted by members of Galactica's crew. While Boxey was an often recurring character in the Original Series and the main character of the follow up series Galactica 1980, in the Re-imagined Series he only appears in one episode of the first season, "Bastille Day". A number of other appearances were filmed, but cut from other episodes due to time considerations. By the start of Season 2, the writers realized they had never really used him and couldn't think of a way to fit him into the series, and the character has been essentially abandoned.
  • In the original draft of the Miniseries, Boxey would form a family unit with Sharon Valerii and Galen Tyrol, but it was then decided that Boomer would be a Cylon sleeper agent. The writers then toyed around with the idea of still having the three of them be a family unit (with Boomer completely unsuspecting that she was a Cylon) until the Season 1 finale, when Boomer would reveal herself. Instead, starting with the second episode, "Water," Boomer early on starts suspecting that she is a Cylon, and the writers found fewer and fewer ways for Boxey to fit in. An idea toyed around with was that Boxey would become the "artful dodger" on the show; running the black market, stealing things, etc., but it was decided that there wasn't even time for that.
  • One of the problems with having a young character such as Boxey on the show is that while the actor naturally ages, the Re-imagined Series has progressed much more slowly; the series covers approximately one and a half years in fictional time from the Miniseries (2003) to the end of Season 2 (2006).
  • In the non-canonical novel Sagittarius Is Bleeding, Boxey's name is given as "Andrew Boxman" (or "Alex Boxman"). He is briefly suspected as a Cylon after talking with Sharon "Athena" Agathon against orders and helps to thwart a terrorist plot. His continuing absence in the main series is explained as Boxey living on another ship but being allowed to visit the pilots on Galactica.