Trevor Moon

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In a deleted scene from the Miniseries, the Trevor Moon is a Colonial Fleet training range.

Captain Lee Adama uses the Trevor Moon to evade a Cylon missile that he leads away from Colonial Heavy 798 when it is first targeted by the Cylons. When Adama cannot evade the missile after an acrobatic series of maneuvers through the training range, he targets the missile and destroys it.

In the aired scene, Adama immediately destroys the missile once he successfully leads it away from the passenger liner. Adama's Viper is disabled in both explosions of the detonated missile.

A successive deleted scene shows Colonial Heavy 798 in the process of retrieving Apollo in his disabled Viper after he declares a "krypter."


  • The Trevor Moon deleted scene outtake shows the Trevor Moon and Adama's Viper in a series of incomplete special effects shots.
  • In another scene, an occupant of Colonial Heavy 798 asks about a place named Trevor, which may be a planet to which this moon orbits.