List of Deleted Scenes - Season 1 (RDM)

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Most of these deleted scenes are available on both the Region 1 and Region 2 DVD sets.



  • Thrace asks Apollo if they've passed jump 200 yet, saying it's a nice, round number.
  • Starbuck tells Apollo she wants a transfer.
  • Roslin receives a gift from the people of Aerilon, the photo of the soldier on his knees in front of the burning Aerilon capital titled "Lest We Forget".
  • Roslin tells Adama that the captain of the Tauranian Traveller wants to break away from the Fleet, and Adama takes steps to prevent it.
  • Apollo tells his pilots how proud he is of them.


  • An entire subplot was cut involving Boxey spread out over several scenes. First, the opening scene where Boomer is confused about where she is and what she is doing is extended with Boomer finding a towel in her bag and using it to wipe her dirty hands. Next, Boomer returns to her room after replacing the detonator and encounters Boxey, who picks the lock on her locker and goes through her duffle bag, taking the aforementioned towel. The next deleted scene is another extension during Tyrol's investigation of the sabotaged water tank in which he touches a piece of metal and gets dirt on his gloves of the same type Boomer wipes off at the beginning of the episode. In the next scene, Boxey accompanies Tyrol to see Boomer after she discovers water and waits outside while they talk, attempting to sell Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo some ambrosia he swiped from the engine room. Finally, after Boomer and Tyrol finish talking Tyrol notices Boxey is holding the towel he swiped from Boomer earlier, makes the connection between the stains on the towel and the dirt from the water tank, and realizes that Boomer may actually be responsible.
  • Tigh has problems with his uniform; Adama tells Apollo and Tigh that the pomp and circumstance was his idea.
  • Adama welcomes Roslin aboard Galactica with military honors.
  • Baltar talks about fluid dynamics and the fact is established that no human could have survived the interal pressures of the tank.
  • Roslin talks to Adama finding Earth as well as finding the resources the Fleet needs.
  • Number Six tells Baltar that Starbuck is not his type, to which he counters "they're all my type."

Bastille Day

There are no deleted scenes for this episode on the DVDs.

Act of Contrition

  • In an extended scene, Apollo confronts Starbuck as to her feelings regarding the accident that killed their friends.
  • Sergeant Hadrian questions Tyrol on why he checked on Boomer's ejection pyros.

You Can't Go Home Again

  • Number Six questions Baltar as to his thoughts about having sex with Laura Roslin, when Cylon Raiders can rain death upon them at any moment.
  • Adama talks to Dr. Cottle regarding Starbuck's smashed knee.


  • Billy Keikeya's first press conference. Discussed are the income tax and the food distribution queue.
  • Roslin congratulates Billy on his first press conference, but warns him that it's only the "honeymoon period."
  • In Galactica's sickbay, Starbuck and Apollo talk about the bombing; Sergeant Hadrian informs Adama and Tigh that the bomber killed a marine and took the detonation device from a small arms locker.
  • An alternate take of Tyrol chastising Cally, Socinus, and Jammer over their distillery.
  • In the hangar bay, Crashdown and Boomer talk about the ramifications of the announcement that Cylons look like humans. (Prior to Boomer being taken away for questioning by Sgt. Hadrian.)

Six Degrees of Separation

  • Apollo asks Tigh to give Starbuck some incentive in helping with testing the Cylon Raider.

Flesh and Bone

  • (Extended Scene) Thrace and the Gemenon Traveller's captain briefly discuss the then-unknown IFF transponder device found on Conoy.
    Note: This scene is somewhat plot relevant, since the crew is in possession of three Cylon transponders in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I," though only two are accounted for on-screen — the one found by Baltar in the CIC (in the Miniseries), and one presumably from Starbuck's raider.
  • (Extended Scene) Baltar lies to Boomer about the results of the Cylon detector's tests; Six praises Baltar for his usage of "God" instead of "Gods".

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

  • Dualla and Gaeta talk about sex lives.
  • Baltar takes a blood sample from Starbuck; laced with sexual innuendos.
  • Tyrol informs Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh that an encrypted data burst was sent to Galactica, presumably to Cylon agents aboard.

The Hand of God

  • President Roslin discusses the effects of the chamalla extract medication with Billy after the press conference.

Colonial Day

  • President Roslin and Billy strategize at the Quorum assembly.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I

  • Presumably operating under her Cylon programming, Boomer repeatedly pulls out her gun until she inadvertently takes aim at Boxey, scaring him off.
  • Dr. Cottle urges Roslin to go on diloxin.
  • Apollo and Starbuck go on their morning jog and Apollo's jokes about her sex life hit home. Meanwhile, Ellen Tigh confronts Commander Adama in the hall, asking if he stands a watch in the CIC.
  • Billy worries about the effects of the chamalla on President Roslin. They also both discuss the difficulty and the necessity of now letting go of the past and what was lost.
  • Chief Tyrol gets Socinus out of the brig and back to work. He makes sure to drive the point home that Socinus should never stick up for Tyrol again, but they make up.
    Note: In the aired episode, Socinus is on the mission without explanation, making this scene important to the plot.
  • The Tighs celebrate their seven-year anniversary. Ellen proclaims that she must always come second because Tigh is a powerful man and his job is very important; she wants the best for him.
  • Crashdown and Apollo visit Boomer to cheer her up.
  • Tigh asks Elosha why humans left Kobol and Baltar tries unsuccessfully to apologize to Thrace.
  • Baltar decides that Six should stay behind when he goes to Kobol. He basically puts their relationship on hold.

Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II

  • An alternate scene of Roslin and Apollo learning of Starbuck taking the Raider to use against the basestar
  • (Extended Scene) Billy more strongly objects to Roslin's newfound religious destiny than in the final cut.
  • Roslin defends her course of action to Apollo by citing excerpts from the scriptures that have come true but Apollo swears by his military training.
    Note: Both of these deleted scenes were included in the online version of this episode, which was made available by the Sci-Fi Channel late June 2005.

Noteworthy Dialogue

Adama: We haven't really had a chance to talk since the funeral.
Thrace: What's there to talk about? 13 good pilots died because of a stupid, senseless accident. Shouldn't have happened, but it did. End of story.
Adama: They weren't just pilots. They were friends.
Thrace: You know what Lee...I think that it is great that you are able to get the other pilots to talk about their feelings, and express their grief and analyze their dreams, or whatever it is you get them to do, but I don't do that. Ok? I put it behind me and I move on. (leaves)
Adama: You don't look like you moved on.
Kimmit: Given Adar's position on government services, what is President Roslin's position on the income tax?
(the other reporters snicker)
Kimmit: It's a legitimate question.
Keikeya: I don't believe the President has articulated a position on the income tax, but I'm sure she will, once she finds the tax forms.
Thrace: (quickly sits down on a box) I'm done, I'm done!
Adama: What? Come one! You've got a reputation to keep up. Come on, two more laps!
Thrace: I can't! I'm done. Ok? Besides, I gotta get read for the jump test, so...
Adama: You're ok? don't seem so good.
Thrace: Rough night.
Adama: So I see. Anyone I know?
Thrace: Frak you. (stands up and leaves)
Adama: You don't look that bad. Not...not really.
  • Chief Tyrol frees Socinus from the brig: (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I)
Socinus: Thanks, Chief. I can't even begin to...
Tyrol: You know what? Stop talking, right now, and listen to me. You screwed up. Big time, and that's why you're in there. And just because you think you're protecting me is no excuse. In fact, it just hammers home how amazingly stupid you were.
Socinus: Right.
Tyrol: Now, I got a lot of work to do on the ship. I need every hand I can get. Even the stupid ones. That's why you're going back to work, but don't ever do that again. You got it?
Socinus: (nods) Got it.
(Tyrol begings to walk away)
Socinus: Hey Chief.
Tyrol: What?
Socinus: Thanks. (stretches out his hand. Tyrol takes it and the two shake hands for a bit.)
Tyrol: Come on.