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The cover of Nymph (Scar, deleted scene)

The term "nymph" is used in two contexts in the Re-imagined Series.

The first use is in the name of an old Colonial adult entertainment magazine containing scantily-clad, yet tasteful, photos of women. A pilot, Reilly, possesses one, and when he is killed this copy passes down to Hot Dog (TRS: "Scar").

Either this magazine, or another copy of the same issue, is later in the possession of Eammon Pike on the Demetrius (TRS: "The Ties That Bind").

Laura Roslin uses the term as well as a perjorative (comparable to the use of the term "slut") in accusing Tory Foster of colluding with Gaius Baltar and his "nymph squad" (TRS: "Faith").


  • The Nymph magazine can be seen among the things Starbuck puts in a box after Reilly is killed in combat. In a scene cut from the episode, the pilots auction off Reilly's possessions and Hot Dog wins the bid for the skin magazine, thus explaining why he reads it later in the rec room.
  • In Greek mythology, a nymph is a mythological entity in human female form.