List of Deleted Scenes - Season 3 (RDM)

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Most of these deleted scenes are available on the Region 1 Season Three DVD set unless noted otherwise. The Region 2 set does not contain any extras. This article also lists some scenes that either aren't included on the DVDs, or were planned but never filmed.



Leoben inspects the wound.
  • Scene 73: Kara Thrace goes into the bathroom, turns the water on so that it will overflow, secures the door, and begins to cut into her wrist with a piece of metal. Leoben breaks the door open and finds Thrace with the bleeding gash in her wrist. He asks her how he can give the life she can have.

Other omitted scenes:

  • Aaron Doral pokes out Saul Tigh's eye with a hot poker. However the footage was abandoned in lieu of allowing the "viewer to simply imagine what the Cylons had done than to actually see it" for it was believed that it would be "far more unsettling".[1] The scene is available online as an exclusive on and YouTube.


  • Scene 107: Baltar talks to Roslin in her detention cell. While Caprica-Six watches him behind a one-way mirror, Baltar tells Roslin that the Cylons are machines that reason where humans feel, and that because of their use of logic they will see the flaw in the occupation and terminate it; however, implying the destruction of mankind.

Exodus, Part I

There are no deleted scenes from this episode available.

Exodus, Part II

Adama and Katraine.
  • Scene 99: Kat watches over the hangar deck and turns to meet Admiral Adama. He reminds her of the difficulty of the rescue mission. Their dialogue turns into more of a personal heart-to-heart exchange. He ends their conversation by telling Kat to "go give 'em hell."
    Note: The scene was filmed following production of "The Passage".[2] Some of Adama's dialogue seems to have been set-up to foreshadow the revelation of Kat's past.
  • Scene 102-104: (Extended Scene) Admiral Adama walks out among Galactica's halls after having shaved off his mustache, watching crew and civilians before entering the CIC where Hoshi, Dualla, Lee, and Helo are talking about repairs, refueling, and refugees. He makes putting a CAP out to protect them a priority. He dismisses his officers except Lee, whom the older Adama talks to about being bumped down a few pay grades and reinstated as the "old new CAG."


  • Scene 24: Samuel Anders finds his wife in the empty pilot ready room, and they talk about her rejoining the military. Sam feels she is trying to continue fighting, even after the Cylons are gone, but she tells him "This is my life now, Sam. You're going to have to find a way to get used to that." She tries to hold his hand, but he pulls away and walks out of the room.

Other omitted scenes:

Taking place before the scene where Lee Adama reports the missing persons to his father, the two walk through crowded corridors. Apollo notes how there is no room for him as commander on the ship and his father mentions that they might have to demote him back to major and CAG. They also talk about the crowding, the state of the air wing and that so many pilots are out of practice. Admiral Adama orders a refresher training.
Note: Both the demotion and the training are shown at the beginning of the next episode.


A promotion photograph of this scene.
  • Scene 34: Baltar walks with Caprica-Six where a Five and Three are with Hera. They talk about projection, and Three says that she prefers to be in a house of God (They stand in a church and Hera's crib from Baltar's vision on Kobol can be seen in the background). Three then tells Boomer that the others have decreed that she be allowed to take care of Hera due to the Eights' bond with the child, as well as her life with the humans. They credit her with the child's creation, but she insists that it was Sharon, not her. Three then thanks Baltar, but he claims only to have been following God's will. Three says that he must be a very important part of God's plan, adding, "It's almost like you're one of us."
Note: Pictures from this scene were released as promotional photos prior to the episode's airing.

A Measure of Salvation

  • Scene 14-19: Caprica-Six and a Three ponder why Baltar would go through the trouble of gaining their trust and then betray them so quickly. As their conversation continues, we see Caprica-Six projecting herself in a forest while Three projects herself again in a church, the settings changing depending on whomever is speaking. Six believes that Baltar is mentally confined as he is not able to project. Three concurs and asks Six if he is guilty. Six doesn't know, but lists his many foibles inherit in his human nature. Three then suggests that Six is jealous of Baltar's growing closeness of her. They then agree that to get him to confess, they have to do what must be done, "by any means necessary," thus setting up his torture.
  • Scene 35: Thrace walks into the prison cell with the ill Cylons and confronts a Leoben. He goes through his usual mind-games, and explains that he held her captive on New Caprica because he loves her and wanted her to love him back at all costs. Thrace taunts him in return, offering to take him in her arms. However, he is in too much physical pain. She then tells the Cylons that they don't have to die, and brings in a healthy Number Five to prove it. Leoben tells her that he's not afraid to die, putting their faith in God and his plans, but she believes that the Gods or God has more important things to worry about, playing on their doubts. That is when a Simon model comes forward.
    Note: Pictures from this scene were released as promotional photos prior to the episode's airing.
  • Scene 60: Admiral Adama tells Galactica's pilots that the President has authorized the use of biological weapons, at which point Helo asks permission to be relieved. His request is granted and Gaeta is tasked with the XO's duties. Adama then lays out their plan to exterminate the Cylon race, at which Racetrack smilies deviously. Apollo then says that due to the importance of the mission everyone grounded for disciplinary actions is reinstated - which means Starbuck. As everyone is dismissed, Athena and Admiral Adama share a tense look before she walks out of the room.

Other omitted scenes:

  • A scene depicted in a promotional photo showing Number Six and Three in a projected forest was apparently cut from the episode.
  • A scene of William Adama surveying the infected baseship in Sharon "Athena" Agathon's Raptor was dropped for time.
  • At the request of Michael Hogan, a scene where Saul Tigh challenges Karl Agathon's work as Galactica's executive officer and his marriage to Sharon was cut. Hogan felt that the scene did not make sense, particularly in light of Tigh's word to Admiral Adama in the previous episode that Adama wouldn't see him again.[4]


  • Bulldog explains how he was able to find the rag-tag fleet. He somehow managed to access its navigational computer and jumped to various stored coordinates, eventually lucking out. After assuring Adama that leaving him was the right thing to do, he goes on to say that the Cylons tried to play with his head by telling him that they were successful in swiftly wiping out the Colonial Fleet and the Twelve Colonies. To his horror, Adama tells him that it's true.
  • (Extended Scene) While Caprica-Six and Three talk, Baltar wanders around the basestar. Initially, he gets cold or blank responses. He then fumbles for conversation by complimenting their control system before he calls himself the first guest on a baseship. A Number Five corrects him and when asked how they're treated, Five simply tells him that they have their uses.

Other omitted scenes:

Bulldog and Tigh share a drink in Tigh's quarters and talk about an old shared girlfriend with fond memories. Bulldog mentions Ellen and learns that she died, although Tigh is naturally evasive about how. Bulldog says that he has to get used to to a lot of changes.

Unfinished Business

There are no deleted scenes for this episode on the Region 1 version of the Season 3 DVD set. Any scenes that were cut have most likely been integrated into the extended version of the episode.

The Passage

  • Scene 32-33: Before leaving Galactica for the first flight through the star cluster, Karl Agathon gives his wife a pack of food he has apparently been saving. He is worried about the medication he had to take, but his wife reassures him that everything will be fine. This leads into the next scene where Kat affectionately touches the hull of a Raptor before her final mission and looks at a reflection of herself on the cockpit canopy. Lee Adama speaks to her and thinks that she merely has the normal anxiety before a mission, seemingly trying to reassure her. But then he suggest to change her callsign to "Friendly Fire," berating her for making vocal objections in public and then trying to excuse that behavior. However, he understands that the military is her life and the she cares for her fellow pilots, who are her family.
  • Scene 65-68: (Extended Scene) After Thrace talks to Enzo, she finds Katraine on the hangar deck. There, Dualla is supervising civilian refugees walking in, telling them repeatedly that "there are no rations anywhere on this ship! If someone told you there was food, they were lying! If you leave this area, force will be used!" Thrace tells Kat to come with her and hey walk into an adjacent hallway, where Thrace mentions the ship Kat lost, at which Kat becomes angry. After goading Kat some more, they push each other around and Thrace shouts that everything about Kat is a lie. When Kat leaves, Thrace calls her "Sasha" to her back, which stops her cold. Kat sags down on a crate and tells her real story as in the aired episode.
    Note: Footage of Dualla and the refugees being ushered into the hangar deck can be seen in the aired version of the episode. Presumably when the above scene was cut, it was integrated into an earlier portion of the episode without the shots of Kat.

The Eye of Jupiter

  • Scene 17B: (Alternate Scene) Roslin confesses that Hera is still alive to Adama. Instead of simply leaving his quarters in the middle of Roslin's explanation, Adama goes to his sink and shaves. Roslin continues her explanation for hiding the child. In order justify keeping the secret from him she says that his closeness to Sharon at that time was uncomfortable for the Fleet. Adama thinks they should give the Agathons her daughter back, citing his own convictions as a parent.
  • The tone and meaning of this scene are markedly different from the aired version. As aired, the part where Adama stands up and goes to the head is cut off and overlaid with a sound effect, so that he angrily walks out on Roslin. In the alternate scene, he instead goes to his sink and both Adama and Roslin present their points of view on the issue.
  • In the aired episode Roslin stays sitting at the desk during the entire scene, suggesting that an alternate take was used for the part where she stands up.

Other omitted scenes:

Before the conference with the Cylons in the wardroom, Baltar meets Gaeta. He is glad to see him and bums a cigarette. Before Adama arrives, he whispers that Gaeta should examine the nearby star, because "it is going to get very hot in here." This sets up the later televised scene in which Gaeta reveals that the star is about to go supernova.


  • Scene 82A (Extended Scene) Thrace and Dualla sit in the downed Raptor and Dualle confronts Starbuck about her affair with Lee. Dualla thinks that because Admiral Adama likes Starbuck so much, she isn't just "some pathetic loser who can't keep her pants on," and that she sleeps with Dualla's husband because she wants to, not because of her messed up childhood or other circumstances beyond her control.
  • Scene 103 (Alternate Scene) Roslin, Adama, Tigh and Gaeta go over a map of the planet surface. Tigh tells them that the Cylons have broken through the Colonial lines. Adama is convinced that his son can win through his resourcefulness, but Roslin cautions that the Cylons might find Earth should they find the Temple of Five. Roslin concedes that it is a military decision, but says that Adama knows the consequences. Adama then authorizes the use of nuclear weapons, walks over to the nuclear launch controls, readies the missiles and orders to fire on his command, with everyone looking astounded at his actions.
    Note: As aired, the launch authorization is the cliffhanger of the previous episode. This suggests a restructuring of the story through editing. It is possible that Tigh refers to the Cylon Raiders heading for the planet, but because he shows ground maps, he might also mean that they broke through the soldiers' lines on the ground.

Other omitted scenes:

In CIC, Adama, Tigh, Gaeta and Roslin plan a possible rescue operation for the people on the ground.
Right before the Centurions attack the Colonial ground positions, Adama and Anders talk about Dualla and Thrace. Anders mentions the soldier's code "leave no man behind" and how in this case there is two of them. He also indicates that he realizes that Adama loves Thrace too and notes that she has something unidentifiable that attracts people to her.

Taking a Break From All Your Worries

  • Scene 33A

A small part of this scene was shown after the episode's airing on the SciFi Channel, with the full scene made available on the website.

See Taking a Break From All Your Worries#Bonus Scene

The Woman King

  • Scene 49: Helo confesses to the sabotage of an aborted Cylon offensive to destroy the Cylons through biological weaponry. Adama asks Helo if he really wants to make this official, given the possibility of a court martial and a death sentence.
Note: Also shown as bonus scene after the episode's airing on the SciFi Channel.

Other omitted scenes:

Tigh gives Adama a report on the damage on the Thera Sita. Geata reports that the passengers on the Thera Sita consist of 84 Scorpions, 166 Picons, and (to both Gaeta's and Dualla's dismay) 51 Sagittarons.

A Day in the Life

  • Scene 5: Again, this bonus scene of Dualla and Gaeta joking on the nature of the relationship between Adama and Roslin was available on the SciFi website.

Dirty Hands

  • Scene 16: Cally and Galen Tyrol lie awake in bed. Cally recalls their time in the resistance on New Caprica, when they sabotaged the power grid after President Baltar cut the colony's rations. Galen says that Baltar was a thug and dictator, which Cally thinks also applies to Adama, citing his treatment of the Fleet's workers. Cally keeps going on and repeats Baltar's rhetoric about a class struggle. Tyrol gives up trying to fall asleep and leaves the bed.
  • Scene 22: The bonus scene released by SciFi is also available on DVD.


  • Scene 1: (Alternate Scene) This version of the opening scene shows more of Thrace and Leoben having sex, and doesn't intercut to her lying in her bunk on Galactica. In addition, he sits up on her, takes off his shirt and tells her to say that she loves him, which she does.
  • Scene 9 Thrace inspects her Viper and Tyrol goes over a checklist with her. During this she remembers various scenes of her life, like talking to Helo about her painting the mandala, the last visit to her mother and her time with Leoben on New Caprica. Then she finds hydraulic fluid, and becomes visibly angry at Chief Tyrol. Major Adama moves in to attempt to calm her down.
    Note: The last part of this was shown as the episode's bonus scene by SciFi.
  • Scene 43: Starbuck and Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza are on the firing range. Starbuck's pistol keeps jamming and she becomes angry, finally unleashing several magazines on rapid fire at a picture of Leoben as target. During this she remembers interrogating him. Lee Adama has been watching her and follows her out of the room when she leaves. While Thrace is defiant about the prospect of being grounded, Adama unexpectedly clears her for flight duty.
  • Scene 49: (Extended Scene) At the end of their talk under the Viper, after Starbuck notes that their relationship has come full circle, Adama wonders if maybe things turned out like this for a reason. The two get up and Starbuck enters the Viper's cockpit.

Other ommited scenes:

  • Luciana Carro returned to shoot a brief appearance in which Kat, or something taking her form, appears in a brand new Viper just before Kara dies, telling her not to worry.[5] This abandoned concept seems to have been recycled for or the basis of the ending to "Crossroads, Part II".

The Son Also Rises

Scene 41: The DVD includes the scene between Cally and Athena previously shown by SciFi after the episode's first airing.

Crossroads, Part I

  • Scene 10: Lee Adama asks Lampkin, "You know he's guilty, right?". Lampkin appeals to Adama's sense of justice, stating that everyone is guilty of something and there is a difference between guilt and criminality.
    Note: Previously shown as a bonus scene.
  • Scene 69: (Extended Scene) During the press conference on Colonial One Karen Fallbrook asks Roslin how long she has to live, who returns the question and asks everyone else if they know how long they have to live, given the dangerous circumstances they live under. She states that she has faced cancer and other dangers before and that she will continue to serve until the day she can't, which is up the gods. She urges the press to focus on Baltar's trial instead of her.

Crossroads, Part II

  • Scene 76: In Joe's bar, Samuel Anders talks to Tory Foster. Tory sums up her current life, saying that she has been chewed out by the president, been unprofessional with the press and that half the Fleet knows that they are sleeping together. Tory doesn't know what she wants out their relationship or why she is even in it, while being aware that Anders wants to get over Kara.
    Note: Foster echoes Lampkin's statement from the previous episode's bonus scene, that "everybody is guilty of something."
  • Scene 80: Roslin and Sharon talk about their shared vision. Sharon tells her about projection, but says that she hasn't done it much lately, because to her it "doesn't seem like something a person does". Both are not sure how they can share a projection, but Sharon thinks that Caprica-Six was affected too.
  • (Alternate Scene) After the trial, when Lee Adama collects his flight suit to sortie out, he sees Starbuck standing in his quarters, who tells her that she has been to Earth and that she will take them there.
    Note: According to the episode's podcast this was the original idea for Starbuck's return, but Moore changed his mind because he felt that it would imply that it was a supernatural event.

Other omitted scenes:

In CIC, as the Fleet nears the Ionian nebula, Helo wonders what they are going to find there. Noticing that Dee is downbeat, he tries to comfort her about her relationship to Adama, saying that sometimes people just need a little distance. Dee, however, doubts it in her case.
  • A promotional image shows Virtual Six appearing to Baltar at some point in the trial.

Noteworthy Dialogue

"I don't know where you come from, but I do know this: you got here on your own power. Every morning, you get up and you tie your hair back tight. And then you go to war. That's all that matters to me."
Anders: I been around a lot of death. A lot more than I ever imagined. And right now, I'm trying to find a way to get out of this war, but it seems to be like you're looking for a way to get back right in it.
Thrace: I just...I just think there's so much to pay for what happened to me.
Anders: And that someone is me?
Thrace: Why would you say that?
Anders: Come on Kara. Let's be honest, you weren't exactly the easiest person to get along with even on a good day. But since we've been back it's out of control. We don't even talk to me. You barely eat.
Thrace: Oh, I'm sorry I haven't been great company.
Anders: I know you, Kara. And I know what happened. But the Cylons are gone. But if are gonna get through this, somehow, you have got to let this one slide.
Thrace: (after a pause) This is my life now, Sam. You will have to find a way to get used to that. (she tries to take his hand in hers, but he refuses and leaves)
Leoben: You know what they say, if you wanna make God smile, tell him your plan. My plan was to find someone to love, and hope she loved me back. Then try anything to get her to stay.
Thrace: Even if that meant using frakking lies and somebody else's child?
  • Thrace taunts the sick Leoben about his prospects for resurrection and his faith (A Measure of Salvation):
Leoben: If we knew what came beyond point in living. We'd put our faith in God and his plans.
Thrace: Mhh...funny thing about gods, and we have more of them, so I like to think I have a little bit more experience in this arena...they don't always come through in the end. Who knows why? They're gods. They have their own priorities. And I'm thinking, that your God has more important things to worry about than worry about whether a bunch of sick toasters reach paradise or not. Just my opinion of course. The only way to find out would be to die, and hope for the best.
Adama: So maybe we should change your callsign to "Friendly Fire".
Katraine: Sir...
Adama: Giving your CAG the business, stepping up, making objections.
Katraine: Sir...I wouldn't be...
Adama: I hate excuses. I hate to make them. I hate to be around people who make them. (looks at her.) I know you care about the pilots. I know this is your life; this is your family. If I had reason to believe otherwise, I wouldn't give you the frakking time of the day. Understand?
Anders: Bad day?
Foster: Well, let's see. So far, I've been unprofessional in front of the press, been reamed out by the President, and discovered that half the Fleet knows I'm sleeping with a certain pilot.
Anders: Guilty as charged.
Foster: We're all guilty of something. Let us not talk falsely now, okay?
"How did you wind up on this old bucket anyway?"


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