Joe's bar

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Joe's bar is a drinking establishment on Galactica.

Joe's bar

It is located behind a storage area on one of the hangar decks, probably in the largely unused starboard flight pod, and run by a civilian, for whom it is named after. Charlie Connor also works as barman there.

Lee Adama seems to be a good friend of Joe. The two might know each other from elsewhere in the Fleet, or Adama spent some time at the bar before introducing Tyrol to it.

The bar includes a pool-like table and a Pyramid arcade game for entertainment. A distiller is present to produce fresh alcohol.

The airframe of a Viper Mark II is suspended from the ceiling above the bar, likely stripped of all useful parts akin to Viper 289 (TRS: "Taking a Break From All Your Worries").

Before the Battle of the Colony, a piano was also added to the establishment (TRS: "Deadlock").


Joe (left) serving drinks.
  • The songs heard as background music in "Taking a Break From All Your Worries" are original compositions. One is titled "Lord Knows I Would," composed and performed by Raya Yarbrough - who is the voice of most vocals on the BSG soundtrack - and available on one her albums. "All That Remains" is also performed by her, but composed by Bear McCreary and is part of his Rest Stop soundtrack.
  • On his website McCreary offers a soundclip for the song "All That Remains" (approx. 1.10 min).
  • It seems improbable that a whole Viper would be set aside for decorating a bar. Even if it was merely a stripped-out shell, the body panels would no doubt be very useful when it comes to repairing other battle-damaged fighters.