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Welcome to the Battlestar Galactica original series portal. This is a place for fans of the 1978 season when Cylons were Toasters, everyone knew Baltar was a villain, and Starbuck was a ladies' man (not a lady). The original series pioneered new horizons for science fiction in television, but ultimately its grand vision (and huge budget) contributed to its demise. However, this is a place where Galactica still roams the stars, so feel free to kick your feet up on the table and grab an ambrosa. Catch the triad match on TV or deal yourself a hand of pyramid. You might want to stop by Core Command before you go (it could use some construction work), or maybe check out the episode that started it all.


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Lieutenant Starbuck is a handsome, fumarello-smoking, womanizing, smart-aleck of a human. He's also one of Battlestar Galactica's finest pilots. Starbuck was born on Caprica in the agro settlement of Umbra. He was orphaned when a Cylon raid destroyed the settlement. Starbuck is one of the featured characters in Battlestar Galactica (along with Apollo), and had several episodes with the storyline focused on him, or originally written to be focused on him.


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Pressure suits.

Pressure suits are worn by Viper pilots under their uniform in order to help withstand the gravitational forces exerted during high-speed maneuvers. Conveniently, the only time they are ever on display is when the female shuttle pilots are being trained as Viper pilots while most of Blue Squadron is incapacitated by the mysterious illness during "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I".


Did you know...

Reformed "space hooker."

  • ...that Serina was originally meant to die of radiation sickness in the pilot episode but all the filmed scenes depicting this were removed from the final cut?
  • ...that Cassiopeia became a medtech by express order of ABC, which didn't appreciate her initial role of "socialator"?
  • ...that in early script drafts, the Apollo character was named "Skyler"?
  • ...that Terry Carter was originally a candidate for the role of Boomer?

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