The Colonial Gang

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Sekou Hamilton, Playa Palacios, and James McManus of The Colonial Gang interview Vice Presidential candidate Tom Zarek (center) aboard Cloud 9 (TRS: "Colonial Day").

The Colonial Gang is a wireless current affairs and talk show broadcast within the Fleet established in the aftermath of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.

The first broadcast by the show is held during the interim Quorum of Twelve selection aboard Cloud 9.

The program is hosted by three of the self-styled "only legitimate journalists left in the universe":

Both Hamilton and Palacios are supporters of President Roslin, while McManus is deliberately outspoken against her abilities, possibly for the sake of heated debate in order to generate an audience (TRS: "Colonial Day").

While the hosts continue their duties as members of the press corps, it remains unspecified how long the conjoined broadcast remained in operation as it is unreferenced following the first post-Fall Colonial Day.


  • The name may be a pun on the political discussion television show The Capital Gang[1], which formerly aired on CNN during the episode's first airing.