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Birth Name Kai
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Introduced The Plan
Death Killed in attack on support container (TRS: "The Plan")
Marital Status Engaged to Wheeler
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Role Pyramid Player, Caprica Buccaneers
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Portrayed by Luvia Petersen
Kai is a Cylon
Kai is a Final Five Cylon
Kai is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Kai is an Original Series Cylon
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Kai is a pyramid player with the Caprica Buccaneers, of which her fiancé Wheeler was a part.

Kai trains with Samuel T. Anders in the mountains during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, prior to hearing the first explosions from this event. Discovering that Cylons are indeed involved, she joins Anders' nascent resistance.

She participates in support of the resistance's first offensive on the Cylons, inspired by The Tauron Line, by planting an explosive device inside of a Centurion's leg with the intent of other Centurions retrieving the Trojan horse for deposit inside of a Cylon repair shed. Having been found out before a lone Centurion could bring it within the container, Kai and Coach take Wheeler's improvised explosive device (inside of a pyramid ball) to throw it into the trailer—discovering that the earlier explosion caused a hole in its door big enough for a ball to go through) to salvage the operation before Cylon reinforcements arrive. The exploded Centurion, still operational, takes aim at them but Kai jumps onto its bulk as it fires, allowing Coach to deliver the explosive as she absorbs the fatal rounds (TRS: "The Plan").


  • The relationship between Wheeler and Kai is discussed in a deleted scene, where Wheeler is razzed for not recognizing her as she practices on a one-on-one session with Samuel T. Anders .