Home, Part I

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Home, Part I
"Home, Part I"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 2, Episode 6
Writer(s) David Eick
Story by
Director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan
Assistant Director
Special guest(s) Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek
James Remar as Meier
Production No. 206
Nielsen Rating 2.1
US airdate USA 2005-08-19
CAN airdate CAN 2006-02-18
UK airdate UK 2006-02-14
DVD release 20 December 2005 US
28 August 2006 UK
Population 47,858 survivors (Population increase. 1)
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The refugee Fleet splits into two factions: one led by Roslin and Zarek, the other by William Adama. However, Apollo is less than enthusiastic to be working with Zarek.


On Galactica

  • With Lee Adama AWOL, Adama and Colonel Tigh are going over possible new CAGs. As Tigh reluctantly points out, none of them match the skills of Adama's son.
  • Unbeknownst to Tigh, Adama has already made his choice: Lieutenant George Birch, now promoted to Captain. Adama had only called in Tigh, hoping that he and his XO were "on the same page". During the whole discussion, he is crushing walnuts in his hands. During his speech to Birch, he states that everyone on Galactica is family, including his sons.
  • Meanwhile, Adama has another problem: the press. He attempts to communicate to them about the segmentation in the Fleet. The attempt backfires, with questions from the press remaining unanswered.
  • In the compartment over, Gaius Baltar is looking into the corridor from the hatch's threshold. Now having the knowledge that there are eight Cylon agents in the Fleet, he is becoming increasingly paranoid. Six attempts to soothe him, claiming that he does not share the other humans' fate. She also goes on to say that humans are masters of self-destruction.
  • As the new CAG, Birch is enthusiastic and attempts to grow into his new role. One of his new duties is to lead combat exercises. In an asteroid field, Brendan "Hot Dog" Costanza and Louanne "Kat" Katraine are practicing attack runs on an asteroid.
    • Hot Dog fires a missile at the primary target, only to wing it (and earn a scolding from Birch, who states that he knows Hot Dog can do better).
    • A communications glitch during the target exercise causes both Hot Dog and Kat to think they are each cleared for their attack runs. Birch fails to resolve the confusion, and a tragedy almost occurs: Hot Dog releases another missile while Kat begins strafing the primary asteroid target. The missile causes the asteroid to splinter, the debris from it almost killing Kat. While her Viper is winged, Kat manages to make it out alive using some remarkable piloting skill.
  • Another incident occurs, when two vessels (a fuel tanker and a civilian ship) are attempting a straight-forward refuel op. Birch has been supervising the op, which has been running for four hours. Tigh firmly notes that while Birch is Adama's man, he is green and inexperienced.
    • Adama orders the op be aborted, but not in time to prevent the ships from colliding. Fortunately, the resultant damage is non-critical.
  • Adama confides to Dee in his cabin about the shooting, his son and Roslin. Dee speaks her mind, saying that everyone is separated; parents and children, friends. After the emotional discussion, Adama attempts to dismiss her. She refuses, saying that it is time to heal the wounds.
  • Adama walks through Galactica's empty corridors, reflecting on events and his discussion with Dee. He makes his way to CIC, where he orders fresh intelligence data on Kobol to be brought to his office. Adama ends by saying "It's time to put the Fleet back together."

On Astral Queen

  • Members of the Quorum of Twelve, Laura Roslin, and Lee Adama argue over what their next move should be. Roslin attempts to persuade everyone to await Kara "Starbuck" Thrace's return with the Arrow of Apollo. Roslin is steadfast in her belief that the Arrow will open the Tomb of Athena, which holds the way to Earth.
  • An unidentified ship, carrying no transponder and too large to be a Raider approaches Roslin's fleet. Meier prepares to have a nearby ship with missile batteries, Adriatic, attack the unidentified ship. He alerts Zarek, but not Apollo or Roslin. Overhearing, the President is annoyed at the insubordination and asserts her authority; Meier argues that the unidentified vessel should be destroyed before leaving the weapons range of the nearby ship.
  • Before Roslin makes a decision, Starbuck's voice is heard over the wireless hailing them from the unidentified ship. Starbuck's appropriated Heavy Raider is permitted to dock.
  • Apollo reunites with Starbuck, impulsively kissing her, to her surprise. Apollo is shocked to discover that Starbuck and Helo have brought a second copy of Sharon Valerii back with them. He goes berserk, grabbing Valerii and shoving his pistol in her face. Helo approaches from behind, placing a gun against Apollo's head.
  • Roslin defuses the situation, with both men putting down their weapons. She then turns about and orders Valerii placed out of the airlock. Valerii is dragged off, but claims to know how to find the Tomb of Athena. Roslin spares her life, if only temporarily.
  • Apollo spends some time talking to Starbuck, trying to convince her to open up to him and assuring her he will be there for her. During this discussion he lets it slip that he loves her. Although he later insists he didn't say it, Starbuck teases him, playfully saying that there are "no takebacks" to what he said.
  • Roslin tells her advisors she accepts that Valerii really does believe herself to be in love with Helo, as the threat to put him out an airlock was the most convincing in persuading Sharon to lead the way to the tomb.
  • Zarek and Meier privately discuss Zarek's chance to command the new fleet to freedom. Meier realizes they need Roslin, but feel that Captain Adama is a problem to their power base. Meier twists a point of scripture referred to earlier by Elosha to their benefit: according to the scriptures, any return on Kobol will be purchased in blood. Meier insinuates that Lee Adama should be the one to pay the so-called price.

On Kobol

  • A contingent, including Meier, Zarek, Valerii, Agathon, Thrace, Elosha, Roslin and Lee Adama, land on Kobol. Elosha (reading from the scriptures) and Valerii (reciting scripture from memory) state that the path to the Tomb of Athena is along a stone ridge.
Roslin, et al. mourn the loss of Elosha on Kobol. (C. SciFi Channel)
  • While following the ridge, Elosha comments that it should be littered with gravestones. She finds one and examines it closely. Valerii senses danger, but it is already too late. Elosha steps on a trigger which releases two "Bouncing Betty"-type antipersonnel mines; the shrapnel from the exploding mines strikes her and alerts nearby Cylon Centurions to their presence. Entrenched in a high position, the trio of Centurions attempts to wipe out the party. Helo takes out one, Thrace and Lee Adama take out another, and Valerii runs off, only to use a grenade launcher to take out the remaining Centurion. Valerii's angle of attack appears to point at Lee Adama, who chases her down as she retrieved the weapon. She drops the weapon at Adama's feet after the Centurion is destroyed, offering no resistance.
  • Elosha is found dead and Roslin tearfully retrieves the blood-covered book of scriptures from her.


  • This episode apparently begins immediately after the events of "The Farm".
  • Population count is 47,858, a gain of one since "The Farm," probably to account for the return of Helo. This means that Starbuck was never written off as "presumed dead," and if Sharon Valerii was ever included in the count before her outing as a Cylon, her copy isn't being added back after her defection.
    • With the death of Elosha and an unnamed escort on Kobol, the count at the episode end is now 47,856.
  • The 24 ships which joined the Laura Roslin faction, while comprising somewhat less than a third of the Fleet (The Farm), carry 18,000 survivors - over a third of the Fleet's population.
    • Of these, 9,500 (more than half) are from Gemenon, and 6,250 are from Caprica.
  • Of the 24 ships, Saul Tigh gives a breakdown as follows:
    • 12 transports
    • 7 freighters
    • 3 construction platforms
    • 1 private cruiser
    • 1 mining ship - Monarch.
  • One of the Roslin faction vessels, Adriatic, is equipped with ship-to-ship missiles.
  • Striker is a ship that remains with Galactica and damaged in a collision with an unnamed tanker (although visual evidence indicates that it is a refinery ship; either Daru Mozu or Hitei Kan).
  • Mueller, one of Galactica's Viper pilots, completed a tour as a squadron XO, but Commander Adama views him as a malcontent.
  • Lee Adama had blonde hair as a child, like his mother.
  • Baltar does not know the identities of the Cylons hidden in the Fleet, and regrets not asking Boomer before Cally shot her.
  • Roslin misidentifies Helo as a Raptor pilot. In the Miniseries, he was Boomer's ECO.
  • Apollo and Starbuck finally kiss in this episode, albeit briefly. (Future trysts becomes more involved.)
  • Commander Adama crushing walnuts in his hand is reminiscent of the nervous habit of Captain Queeg in the classic film The Caine Mutiny. Captain Queeg would roll a pair of ball bearings in one hand during times of stress. Commander Adama's comments about loyalty and a ship being "like a family" also echo Captain Queeg.
  • The Cylons continue to operate troops on the surface of Kobol, but without orbital support from a basestar, or sufficient numbers to be more than a nuisance to the Colonials.
  • Roslin's fleet may hold onto the Heavy Raider that Starbuck, Helo, and Sharon returned in. If they do that makes for possibly the third captured Cylon spacecraft, after Starbuck's captured Raider in "You Can't Go Home Again" and the Heavy Raider that crashed into Galactica's starboard pod in "Scattered". (This is confirmed in "Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I": the FTL drive in this ship is adapted for use in a Raptor for the SAR to retrieve the Caprica Resistance.)


  • According to Caprica-Valerii, she is not in constant, involuntary contact with whatever network the Cylons have access to. She claims: "I'm not wired in. It doesn't work like that." This, and data from past episodes, suggest that the humanoid Cylons share a collective knowledgebase that they can occasionally tap into, but as confirmed in "Downloaded," do not share a collective consciousness (like the Borg of Star Trek fame).
  • The Arrow of Apollo looks rather ornate for a functional arrow. It may instead have once served as a symbol of religious or temporal authority, not unlike the British Crown Jewels. (Its function, as it turns out is not a key to the tomb, per se.)
  • Analysis of what may be inferred about the demographics of the Fleet from Dualla's breakdown of the population of the breakaway ships can be found here.
  • A frequent question about "Resistance" was why Baltar didn't ask Boomer the names of the eight Cylons left in the Fleet, and it was suspected of being a plot hole. In this episode, Baltar is shown regretting not asking her the identity of the other eight Cylons. Perhaps he only had enough time to ask her one question and still save Chief Tyrol's life, and he was planning on asking her more if "that idiot hadn't killed her."
  • Birch is flying a Viper Mark VII in this episode, which was Apollo's preference prior to the damage he sustained during an atmospheric SAR in "You Can't Go Home Again". He, and his entire squadron, used Viper Mark IIs in the Battle for the Tylium Asteroid (21 days later), although at least six Mark VIIs were deployed in "Scattered" (36 days later). Perhaps it just took the better part of three weeks to rehabilitate the Mark VIIs.
  • Another hard to explain name appears in this episode. The name of the ship Adriatic, obviously derived from the Adriatic Sea, is an arm of the Mediterranean Sea that separates Italy from the Balkan peninsula on Earth.
  • Tigh suggest Olin Perry as a choice for new CAG. However, he (Donald "Chuckles" Perry) was killed in the Battle for the Tylium Asteroid in "The Hand of God," and was a nugget besides. Therefore, he probably refers to another pilot with the same name.


  • As Lieutenant Valerii demonstrates, the Cylons have excellent knowledge of the Colonials' scriptures, sufficient to anticipate mining the path alongside the gravestones, for example. What other nasty surprises are in store for the party on Kobol? Will the Tomb of Athena which they expect to find even be the "real" tomb? (Answer)
  • Agathon is seemingly aghast at the treatment of this second Sharon Valerii upon boarding Astral Queen. What did Karl Agathon expect would happen when a Cylon, a race that killed billions of humans, falls into the hands of the survivors? Did he hope to hide that she was a Cylon—or hope that they would be merciful?
  • Will Agathon be put up for charges for his attempted assault of Lee Adama? (Answer: No, but his protective instincts will get him into trouble later.)
  • What "fate" is Baltar's internal Six referring to? How will Baltar be "spared"?
  • Given the press's reactionary ferocity regarding the martial law edict, has the press hounded Baltar regarding martial law and his now-powerless position as Vice President of the Colonies? If not, why?
  • Will Thrace eventually heal from her emotional trauma experienced in the Cylon breeding farm? How will she deal with it, particularly as a previous victim of child abuse? (Answer: She is adamant not to become a victim again.)
  • How will Thrace and Lee Adama pursue their relationship, now that Adama has admitted his feelings for her? (Answer)
  • What is the exact nature of Dee and William Adama's relationship? It seems more personal on an emotional level for both of them; leaving this question to be asked: What has Dee done to deserve this level of Adama's trust?
  • When will a rescue mission be mounted for the Caprican survivors? (Answer)
  • How will Zarek and Meier deal with dispatching Lee Adama? (Answer)
  • With Elosha dead, will there be another spiritual advisor filling that vacuum? (Answer: Sort of.)
    • In "Fragged" the virtual Six insinuates that if a human dies on Kobol, their soul is bound for oblivion. So what will happen to Elosha's soul? (Possible Answer)

Official Statements

  • Katee Sackhoff on Starbuck's inability to forge long-term relationships:
Starbuck is comfortable with pain. Everything good has been taken away from her. She blames herself. So whenever something good happens, she doesn't believe it will last, so she sabotages it. She's very vulnerable toward love. She wants it so badly, but believes she isn't worthy of it. "How could anyone love me? Me? Kara Thrace? The complete frak-up." You can't truly love someone until you love yourself. [1]

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • In a discussion with Baltar's Internal Six:
Baltar: There was an off-road bridge, over the Euclid River. I used to go there, when I was a boy. Watch the fish try and swim upstream. They were mesmerizing. I envied them, unaware as they were of the wider complexities, challenges of life.
Six: You're beginning to see human beings as we see them.
Baltar: What I am beginning to see are Cylon faces, everywhere I look. Sharon told me there were eight Cylons left in the fleet. Why didn't I ask her who they were? If that idiot hadn't shot her—and why is that when things go wrong, they go wrong so well?
Six: Gaius. You get yourself far, far too worked up about these things. They do have it easy, don't they?
Baltar: They? Why are you talking to me like I'm not one of them?
Six: In some ways you never were. You have a path. You will be spared their fate. For once, Gaius, you can stop manipulating the world and let destiny take its course. If there's one thing we know about human beings with certainty, they are masters of self destruction.
"You've missed a few catastrophes while you were away."
"It's interesting - Betrayal has such a powerful grip on the mind. It's almost like a python. It can squeeze out all other thought, suffocate all other emotion until everything is dead except for rage. I'm not talking about anger. I'm talking about rage. I can feel it, right here, like it's gonna burst. I feel like I want to scream - right now, as a matter of fact."
"I am here because I chose to come here. And I know you don't believe me. But hear this: even if you find the tomb, even if you find the map and even if you find Earth, the price you pay will be too high."
  • Roslin to Meier talking about Caprica-Sharon:
"I believe that she is telling the truth about one thing: she thinks she is in love. Even if it is software instead of an emotion, it's real to her: she wants her baby to live, she wants Agathon to live. We use that."

Guest stars


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