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The Living Legend, Part II
"The Living Legend, Part II"
An episode of the Original Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 11
Writer(s) Glen A. Larson
Story by Ken Pettus
Glen A. Larson
Director Vince Edwards
Assistant Director
Special guest(s) Lloyd Bridges as Commander Cain
Production No. 50920
Nielsen Rating
US airdate USA 1978-12-03
CAN airdate CAN {{{CAN airdate}}}
UK airdate UK
DVD release 2004-12-28
Population survivors
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Episode Chronology
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The Living Legend, Part I The Living Legend, Part II Fire in Space
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After Pegasus thwarts Baltar's attack on the Fleet, Commanders Adama and Cain plan to attack Gamoray for its desperately needed fuel supplies, in the midst of this is a visit from the Imperious Leader himself.


  • Commander Cain calls Commander Adama. Adama thanks Cain for the assistance, and claims everything is under control. Adama requests to land his Vipers on Pegasus as it will take a while to repair the landing bays on Galactica. They agree to meet in Adama's quarters in 20 centons to discuss their battle plans to take advantage of the surprise that Pegasus has inspired in the Cylons.
  • Apollo reports that the Cylons have three base ships as well as four squadrons from Gamoray. Colonel Tigh believes that there is no way they could survive a united attack from that force.
  • Commander Cain argues that now is the perfect time to attack the base on Gamoray, as it would surprise them. Apollo agrees that they would not be expecting it.
  • Adama points out that the anti-assault batteries on Gamoray would wipe out the battlestars. Cain proposes sending a commando team to knock out they anti-assault batteries, clearing a way for the attack.
  • The basestars would attack while the ships were capturing the fuel, so Cain proposes that one battlestar engage the basestars in a delaying tactic. He suggests Pegasus for that duty, as Galactica is still undergoing repairs.
  • Adama calls Cain into his quarters. Adama is afraid that Cain does not comprehend the risks to the fleet that his plan calls for. Cain claims that is what the delaying operation is for. Adama decides to go with Cain's plan, only asking that there be no more surprises.
  • Cassiopeia sees Cain in the hallway, and wants to talk to him. Cain doesn't have time, as the mission starts soon, and he won't let her come to Pegasus. He says she will be safer on Galactica. He tells her he loves her, and that he'll see her after the mission.
  • Boomer asks Apollo what their odds are, walking right into a Cylon city. Apollo doesn't think Boomer really wants to know. Starbuck comes in carrying extra laser pistols thinking that they might need some extra firepower.
  • Bojay and Sheba enter, asking to check in. They have been assigned to the mission by Commander Cain. They claim to be the only ones familiar with the target. They've flown over it several times, but have never been on the ground.
  • Sheba seems pessimistic about their success, while Starbuck remains optimistic. He offers a side bet of a "personal" nature. Sheba declines, as she wouldn't want to have to throw the mission just to avoid the bet.
  • Cassiopeia stops Starbuck on the way to the shuttles. She wants to talk to him. Starbuck tries to brush her off, but she insists on trying to find out what Cain is planning. She thinks he isn't planning on coming back, or he would have let her go to Pegasus. Sheba agrees, and wants to go find out what he is planning. Apollo points out that Cain ordered her on the mission, but she admits that the whole thing was her idea. Cassiopeia offers to take her place, pointing out that they don't have a medtech with them.
  • Baltar asks for the situation report from Lucifer. Lucifer reports that the consensus is that they should ask for help from the base on Gamoray. Baltar dislikes the idea of the commander of Gamoray taking credit for destroying Galactica. Baltar asks for the strength of the base, and Lucifer tells him that there are four complete squadrons, the equivalent of a base star. Baltar realizes that they have the firepower of four basestars at their disposal, and orders an immediate attack.
  • The warriors prepare to jump out of the shuttle. Apollo tells everybody to home in on Sheba and Bojay's location since they have the best chance of spotting the base.
  • A pair of IL-series drones discuss what an honor it is for the Imperious Leader to make a trip all the way from Cylon. A Centurion arrives and announces that the Imperious Leader's ship has landed at the spacedrome.
Parachuting to the surface of Gamoray.
  • The Warriors land their parachutes with guns blazing, taking out a couple of Centurion sentries.
  • Apollo spots a munitions bunker, and forms a plan to destroy it as a diversion.
  • The warriors have set their charges, but have lost track of Bojay. Bojay is still planting charges when a Centurion sentry spots him. They exchange laser fire. The Centurion is terminated but Bojay is injured.
  • Sheba runs back for Bojay. Cassiopeia and Apollo run after her.
  • Starbuck is worried that they need to attack soon in order to take advantage of the diversion, so he and Boomer begin their attack on the anti-assault batteries without the rest of the team.
  • Cassiopeia treats Bojay's wounds, and they get moving again carrying Bojay.
  • The Imperious Leader claims that it is an honor to dedicate the new southern center of Cylon culture, for the advance of and perfection of the Cylon race. With this secure outpost deep in the Krillian star system, their supremacy is all but assured.
  • Boomer and Starbuck wonder where all the Cylons are.
  • The explosives at the munitions depot explode.
  • The IL-series drones are horrified. The Imperious Leader inquires as to what the explosion was. The Imperious Leader orders two command Centurions to find out.
  • The group with Bojay make it far enough away from the explosions to survive the blast, but Bojay cannot continue. Sheba offers to stay behind, but Cassiopeia says that Sheba is needed with Apollo, so Cassie will stay with Bojay.
  • Apollo gives Cassiopeia one of his laser pistols, and he and Sheba head out.
  • Boomer and Starbuck sneak up near the command station of the anti-assault batteries. They try to sneak up around one of the doors, when a Centurion spots them and fires. They destroy the Centurion, starting a firefight.
  • Starbuck wants to get out of there, claiming there are too many to handle. Boomer asks about the control center, and Starbuck's response is to prime a hand mine and toss it into the center.
  • Apollo and Sheba arrive just in time for the control center to go up in smoke.
  • Galactica has entered Raider range of Gamoray, and the Cylons will be sending fighters at them regardless of ground missile support. Adama orders fighters to launch, and to notify Pegasus.
  • Galactica's Vipers begin wreaking havoc on the base, destroying structures and any Cylons foolish enough to be wandering around outside.
  • Baltar prepares for the final attack against Galactica and Pegasus. Lucifer brings bad news, letting Baltar know that the battlestars are over Gamoray. Baltar says that this is perfect, as it leaves the fleet unprotected.
  • Baltar orders an attack launched on the fleet. Lucifer points out that there is a special envoy on Gamoray headed by the Imperious Leader. Baltar changes his tune, ordering all ships to attack the battlestars.
  • Cassiopeia nearly kills Apollo as the team returns from the raid. Two shuttles have been sent to retrieve them.
  • The shuttle heads towards Pegasus under Cassiopeia's orders. She claims that it is a medical emergency, and Pegasus is the closer of the two ships.
  • Cassiopeia tells Starbuck that the decision really was made with Bojay in mind, but that she still hadn't decided between him and Cain. Starbuck understands, claiming that everybody is entitled to some confusion.
  • Tolan reports an unbelievable number of Cylon ships heading towards them. Cain orders an intercept course. Tolan asks if they are going to lead them away, but Cain responds that they are going to go right through them to Baltar's basestar.
  • Apollo realizes that if Baltar sees Pegasus coming for him he will recall all the ships from Gamoray to defend himself.
  • Cain asks how the mission went, and Apollo says that Bojay took a hit but that Sheba and Cassiopeia are fine. Cain is surprised that Sheba and Cassie went.
  • Apollo questions Cain's attack plan, fearing for the lives of the warriors (including Cain's daughter). Cain claims that he knows how to win a battle.
  • Cain comes down to the life sciences station where Sheba is visiting Bojay. Sheba leaves when he arrives, claiming she needs to be ready to launch. Cain asks her to shuttle Bojay to Galactica, but Sheba says that what is planned for her Squadron is planned for her.
  • Sheba tells Cain that she saw Cassiopeia risk her life to save a life, and gives him her blessing regarding the two.
  • The Vipers launch forming a spearhead in front of Pegasus. There are so many Raiders it is hard for them to miss, but they are losing Vipers.
  • The Vipers carve a corridor for Pegasus, and Cain orders her ahead at full speed.
  • Baltar learns that the Pegasus did not stop to engage the raiders, and realizes that she is supposed to be a decoy. He orders the raiders to break off and continue to Gamoray.
  • The Raiders have heavily damaged Pegasus, forcing Apollo to break off their spearhead operation to return to help. Sheba's Viper is heavily damaged, so Apollo and Starbuck offer to lead her back to Pegasus.
  • The Raiders receive their orders to disengage Pegasus and head straight for Gamoray.
  • Galactica picks up the Raiders on their sensors. Adama fears Cain's plan has failed. He orders the ground teams that are collecting fuel to finish up and begin returning.
  • Cain visits the wounded at the life sciences station. Cassiopeia asks him if he is winning his battle, and Cain asks if she thinks it is his own personal war.
  • Sheba comes in on a stretcher, apologizing to her father for missing a Cylon. Cassiopeia rushes off with her for treatment.
  • Apollo and Starbuck ask if the damage on Pegasus is under control. Cain replies that Pegasus will be ready for what she needs to do.
  • Starbuck and Apollo suspect his plan, and advise Cassiopeia to prepare the wounded to be transported in shuttles.
  • Galactica's sensors report that Pegasus is heading straight for the basestars. Adama realizes that this was Cain's plan all along that he never intended to lead the fighters away.
  • Adama tries to talk Cain out of his attack. Cain is determined to attack, as it will draw the fighters off of Galactica. Cain has sent the wounded and non-essential personnel in shuttles to the fleet.
  • Adama says the same effect would be achieved if Cain veers off right before getting to the baseships, but Cain doesn't want the raiders to be able to refuel and resume attacks on Galactica. Adama threatens to relieve Cain of command, but Cain ends up getting his way.
  • Baltar realizes that Cain is coming for him. He recalls the Raiders.
  • Cain praises Starbuck and Apollo, and wishes them luck. Starbuck offers to stay with Cain, but Cain wants Apollo to have all the help he can to defend the shuttles if the raiders encounter them on their way back.
  • Cain is planning on taking Pegasus (without Vipers) against the three basestars (without their Raiders).
  • Starbuck is afraid they'll never see Cain again, but Apollo has a feeling that Cain may still yet make it somehow.
  • Cain says goodbye to Sheba, who doesn't want to leave Pegasus. Cassiopeia says that Cain is a very special man, and that she will never forget him.
  • Lucifer informs Baltar that the raiders won't return in time to defend them. Baltar orders his ship to drop back and to let the other basestars engage Pegasus.
  • Starbuck calculates that the raiders will not encounter the shuttles. He proposes that they drop back to see if they can help Pegasus. Boomer is put in charge, allowing Apollo and Starbuck to head back.
  • Starbuck and Apollo realize that Pegasus is going between the two basestars. They decide to try to take out the flank missile launchers on both of them.
  • Pegasus launches all missiles on the basestars at point blank range. Starbuck and Apollo back off as the missiles begin to launch.
  • The basestars go up in a dramatic explosion, blinding the Viper pilots. All that is left is smoke and debris, and Pegasus is nowhere to be seen.
  • The raiders are approaching, so Apollo and Starbuck head back to the fleet at maximum speed.
  • Sheba is recovering in the life sciences station. She asks if there is any word from her father, but Adama says that her father wouldn't risk breaking radio silence to give away his position.
  • Starbuck says that for all they knew Pegasus could have headed out for deep space, as the raiders would have been too low on fuel to pursue.
  • Adama tells Sheba that until they make contact with Pegasus again he'd like her to consider herself part of their family. Sheba says that she already does.


  • This is the last appearance of the Imperious Leader, apart from Galactica 1980, and his most visible.
  • With Pegasus's Viper pilots stranded aboard Galactica, two new recurring characters have been added: Lieutenants Sheba and Bojay.
  • Bojay would only be seen for a few episodes, with his last appearance onscreen in "War of the Gods, Part II".
  • This episode features the only use of shuttles for parachuting troops.
  • One of the parachute stuntmen appears to have a mustache, yet none of the warrior characters have one.
  • Some of the scenes on the ground at the Gamoray base were filmed at night on the campus of the University of California at Northridge.
  • The Pegasus missile launch sequences actually depict a NASA Saturn V third stage separating from the main rocket [1] (the producers apparently felt it was easier and cheaper to recycle existing NASA footage rather than create an additional separate SFX miniature for this particular scene)
  • The plot element of attacking a Cylon installation for fuel was later unintentionally used in the Re-imagined Series's episode "The Hand of God", while the loss of Pegasus in a sacrificial assault on three basestars was used in "Exodus, Part II".
  • This two-part episode and the episode "Fire in Space" were edited together for a video release called Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack. In this video, Jolly's report comes at the beginning, then followed by Apollo and Starbucks' patrol scene. The first 45 mins to an hour of this video were more narrative in nature with some scenes taken out completely from the original aired episodes.


  • Sheba grows to be an important character and ultimately a romantic interest for Apollo. Ronald D. Moore has suggested in interviews that he felt Sheba was originally a one-shot character, designed to be a female version of the dedicated and brooding Captain Apollo, and thus created a dramatic tension akin to Apollo meeting a mirror image of himself. Having achieved this with the character of Kara Thrace, there was no need to create an analog of Sheba when Pegasus was introduced in the Re-imagined Series.
  • Furthermore, the introduction of another child of a battlestar commander, commanding a Viper squadron, does seem a bit obvious, but Sheba does seem to have her own characteristics, even early on. For example, having Starbuck make a pass at Apollo's dopplegänger is humorous, but the rapid manner in which she dismisses the brash lieutenant has perhaps more to do with the strained relationship between Cain, Starbuck, Cassiopeia and Sheba. The Cain/Sheba relationship is very much unique in the series, and may hint at what writers may have hoped to do with Athena.
  • From this point on the producers determine to keep Anne Lockhart's Sheba aboard Galactica, and she rapidly assumes the place that Athena originally was designed to have in the program, while Athena herself is assigned the role of elementary school teacher. By the time "The Hand of God", Athena is no longer part of the show, and Sheba occupies the role of one of the two female leads in the series.
    • Interestingly enough, Serina, Cassiopeia and Sheba, who are the most successful female roles in the series, all appear to have been characters that were originally planned to be written out, while Athena, the only planned recurring character, was ultimately written out.


  • The electronic defense shields on Pegasus seem to be a new technology that was not introduced in prior episodes of the series. Is this an experimental technology integrated into Pegasus prior to the Battle of Molecay? If so, what other technologies does Pegasus have?
  • Do Pegasus and Commander Cain survive the explosion of the two basestars?
  • Does the Imperious Leader survive the assault on Gamoray?
  • How many people from Pegasus become a part of the Fleet?
  • How much does the assault on Gamoray hurt the Cylons and their interests in the Krillian Star System?
  • How badly does Baltar's inability to destroy both battlestars prior to the assault on Gamoray hurt his position within the Cylon Empire?

Noteworthy Dialogue[edit]

Starbuck: With support troops like this, who needs Cylons?
IL-series Cylon: "Uh oh."

Deleted Scenes[edit]

See: The deleted scenes from this episode.

Guest Stars[edit]


The Berkely novelization, considered a separate continuity source, adds a lot of nuances and details on top of the story established in the two-parter. More here.

External Links[edit]

  • The Pegasus Chronicles - four full-length novels available free online that continue the adventures of Commander Cain and the Pegasus.


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: This article refers to the episode "Colonial Day". For the holiday itself, see Colonial Day (holiday).

Colonial Day
"Colonial Day"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 11
Writer(s) Carla Robinson
Story by
Director Jonas Pate
Assistant Director
Special guest(s) Richard Hatch as Tom Zarek
Production No. 111
Nielsen Rating 2.3
US airdate USA 2005-03-18
CAN airdate CAN 2005-03-26
UK airdate UK 2005-01-10
DVD release 20 September 2005 US
28 March 2005 UK
Population 47,898 survivors (No population change.)
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Episode Chronology
Previous Next
The Hand of God Colonial Day Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I
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Official Summary
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Colonial Day is due, and Laura Roslin is using the occasion to institute an interim Quorum of Twelve; then Tom Zarek, duly selected as the representative of Sagittaron, stands for the post of Vice President, a position Roslin is determined he will not hold.


  • Colonial Day, the annual anniversary of the signing of the Articles of Colonization, has arrived. President Roslin has formed a new Quorum of Twelve, the legislative branch of the Colonial Government, and has decided to have her unveiling of the new Quorum coincide with the patriotic holiday.
  • A tension erupts when terrorist/criminal Tom Zarek wins nomination as Sagittaron representitive on the Quorum. Roslin feels she cannot remove him, as he won the election fairly (many on Sagittaron view him as a hero of their downtrodden Tribe).
  • At the first meeting of the Quorum, Zarek creates a crisis by insisting that the vacant post of Vice President be filled by a special vote of the Quorum, in case anything should happen to Roslin – a move that is surprisingly seconded by Gaius Baltar (when prodded by Number Six)– Tom Zarek is thereupon nominated as a vice presidential candidate. He has been using his men on the Astral Queen to perform technical favors for several other ships, which has gained him support from many of them. Additionally he plays on various dissatisfactions in the refugee fleet.
  • Roslin responds by pushing Wallace Gray, a presidential aide, into standing as an alternative candidate.
  • Manipulating the media, Zarek makes headway in his desire to secure the position as Vice President, while a man named Valance plots in secret to carry out an assassinate plot against Roslin – possibly orchestrated by Zarek.
  • Surprisingly, it is Gaius Baltar who comes to her aid: flashing his pre-attack charisma, he gives an eloquent speech to the media that reminds the people of Roslin’s qualities and Zarek’s questionable background (trying to look supportive of Roslin and look more favorable). Roslin realizes that Baltar is quite popular in the Fleet (particularly following the unmasking of a Cylon plot to discredit him) and has Gray relinquish his position as her nominee in favor of Baltar.
  • Baltar wins the nomination through a close vote, as the Quorum is evenly split, but as president Roslin is allowed to cast the tie breaking vote which enables Baltar's victory – but Zarek makes it clear matters are far from over: there is still the presidential elections due in 6 months. Roslin introduces Baltar as the victor at the Colonial Day Celebration.

On Caprica[edit]

  • Karl Agathon and Caprica-Valerii have reached the outskirts of Delphi.
  • Agathon ponders how he could have seen two women who look exactly the same helping the Cylons, after recently seeing a Number Six copy leading a squad of Centurions. Quickly putting two and two together, he considers the humanoid Cylons to be some sort of human "replicants," created by the Cylons using human DNA. Agathon realizes that this would explain the rapid fall of the Twelve Colonies, as the humanoid Cylons must have infiltrated the Colonies to soften them up for an invasion.
  • Caprica-Sharon uses this idea as a means of testing his possible feelings towards her, should she reveal her true identity. She starts to say that maybe the humanoid Cylons are misled, or that their attack on the Colonies were wrong and they might doubt that it was the right thing to do (her own current thoughts), but Agathon dismisses this as he feels they're just more Cylons.
  • Later, as they try to enter the Cylon base at Delphi, Agathon sees another Valerii copy, and instantly realizes the truth, flashing through his adventures on Caprica and all of the coincidences surrounding his escape—at which point he immediately runs away from both Caprica-Sharon and the base.


  • 10 days have passed since the events of "The Hand of God".
  • The office of the President operates in conjunction with the Quorum of Twelve, a council of representatives of the Twelve Colonies.
  • The Articles of Colonization were signed 52 years ago.
    • Given the Twelve Colonies have been inhabited for millennia, the Articles therefore don't directly relate to the settlement of these worlds.
    • However, given the timeframe (52 years) and its proximity to the first Cylon War, perhaps the original articles were the document that united the Twelve Colonies to fight the threat of the Cylons, and became the basis for their peaceful co-operation after the war.
  • Issues surrounding the distribution of food and medical supplies are beginning to cause concern within the Fleet.
  • Despite being "isolated" aboard Astral Queen (TRS: "Bastille Day"), Zarek has managed to use his time to build up contacts within the Fleet and offer assistance to other vessels - so much so that the representative from Virgon is only too willing to throw his support behind Zarek.
  • Apparently convicted felons lose their citizenship under Sagittarion penal law but have it automatically reinstated after they finish serving their sentences. This included the right to vote and to stand for election.
  • This episode contains the detailed look at the Cylon Heavy Raider, which is seen landing on Cylon-occupied Caprica.
  • After Valance's assassination, the whiteboard on Colonial One shows 47,898 survivors in the Fleet, a net loss of 7 since "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down".
  • This episode is the first to show (however briefly) a version of Number Eight other than Boomer and the Sharon with Helo, except possibly the Miniseries.
  • Boomer only appears in this episode briefly, dancing with Felix Gaeta at the gala after Baltar's election.
  • Dr. Baltar apparently didn't give consent or even know of his nomination to a seat in the Quorum of Twelve, thus making it a little unclear how exactly the elections took place without a preexisting list of candidates.
    • It is possible that there was a list of official candidates, and Baltar won as a write-in candidate. Alternatively, the quorum members could have been chosen through a caucus system on each ship.
  • James McManus, host of The Colonial Gang, doesn't seem to mind using the F-word on the air.
  • The controversy surrounding whether Laura Roslin would shake Tom Zarek's hand intentionally mirrored that at the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993 about whether Yitzhak Rabin would shake hands with Yasser Arafat.
  • Tom Zarek's statement to Laura Roslin, "I shaved very close this morning in preparation for getting smacked by you," is a direct quote from the 1970 movie Patton.


  • By this point in the late first season, the writers and actors seem to have gained an increasingly better grasp of the story they are trying to tell, and the dialogue, characterization, and plot developments are flowing much more smoothly than in the early learning-curve period of "Water" and "Bastille Day".
  • It seems a small cheat that Cloud Nine has not been seen before, but this is explained as that she was heavily damaged and undergoing repairs until now.
  • It is slightly odd that Wallace Gray is supposedly one of Roslin's top aides and has played a large role in the work of her administration, but has not been seen until now. Of course, this is the mechanics of introducing new characters on a tv series at play. However, Roslin is often followed around by many nameless aides with the implication that there are more working for her "off screen" than a given episode focuses on (in the podcasts, Ron Moore and David Eick have said that they feel they make Roslin seem more official onscreen).
  • It is ironic that Baltar himself makes no drive to put himself on the road to power; Roslin (and other major characters) make him vice president because they prefer him over Zarek (even though Roslin admits that she does not like Baltar or particularly trust him, and admits that it is a "choose the devil you know" situation).
  • Caprica-Sharon is showing more symptoms of being pregnant, as well as guilt over the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies. She now feels the attack was wrong and the Cylons are misguided/self-deluded.
  • During Season 1, several critics and fans expressed that they thought it odd that Helo never suspected Caprica-Sharon of being a humanoid Cylon at all. However, this is an unfair criticism: Helo was not present on Galactica when the existence of humanoid Cylon models was revealed, and very probably during their experiment the Cylons attempted to avoid exposing Helo to humanoid models (after his initial "capture" by a single Number Six). Helo only sees a second Number Six copy in this episode because it is after he and Caprica-Sharon went on the run from the Cylons for real, after Caprica-Sharon's change of heart. —— Putting these accusations of Helo's unperceptiveness to rest, in this episode, soon after seeing a second Number Six (in "The Hand of God") Helo on his own theorizes that the Cylons must have created human models or DNA replicants of some sort, who must have been infiltrating Colonial society as Trojan Horses, explaining the rapid fall of the Twelve Colonies. Later, when Helo sees another Sharon-model Cylon copy, after recovering from his shock the events of the past two months instantly fit together in his mind, he realizes he has been duped, and he (prudently) runs away.
  • Reporter James McManus states that Colonial Day will coincide with the first meeting of the interim Quorum of Twelve, but Commander Adama also gives the day as "Colonial Day" at Baltar's victory gala, two days later. It is likely that the first meeting of the Quorum of Twelve is a multi-day event, during which Colonial Day would take place.


Answered Questions[edit]

For answers to the questions in this section, click here.
  • Just how much freedom of movement within the Fleet have Zarek’s people gained since the events of "Bastille Day?"
  • Will Zarek be able to use this apparent freedom to rally support for the forthcoming elections?
  • How does the Quorum of Twelve relate to the Office of the President? Does it function in a similar manner to the United States Congress?

Unanswered Questions[edit]

  • Was Zarek really behind the suspected attempt on Roslin’s life?
  • Who killed Valance?

Official Statements[edit]

From RDM's Sci-Fi Channel Blog

  • "I'm part of the nitpick brigade, but since the Colonies are obviously modeled after the US system of government, right down to the line of succession, are legislative and judicial branches? If so what are they called and will we see any manifestation of either branch take shape as series progresses?"
In Episode 11, "Colonial Day" we'll see the reinstatement of the Quorum of Twelve, a political body established in the original series, which seems to be a cross between a US style Senate and the UN Security Council, where each Colony has a single vote. Presumably there was also a larger representative legislative body and some kind of separate judiciary. There is also a religious body, (unnamed thus far) that acts in some advisory capacity to the government, along the lines of the British House of Lords. Although we haven't dealt with it yet, Elosha was probably a member of this body.

Noteworthy Dialogue[edit]

  • Tom Zarek is walking through Cloud 9's simulated environment while talking to reporters:
Tom Zarek: We are facing a situation so unique, so specific, that we not only need new leadership, but a whole new way of thinking.
Reporter: Like blowing up a building or two?
Tom Zarek: If things weren’t so serious, I’d say that was funny. Look, there’s no economy, there’s no market, no industry, no capital. Money’s worthless. And yet we’re all held hostage by the idea of the way things used to be.
Look where we are (on Cloud 9, which resembles a natural environment). This man (points to gardener) wakes up every morning, tugs on his boots, and goes to work in this garden. Why? Because it’s his job?! What job? He labors, but he gets no benefits. And he’s not the only one. Many of us are still going through the motions of our old lives. The lawyers still act like lawyers, but they have no clients. Businessmen still act like businessmen, but have no business! President Roslin and her policies are all about holding on to a fantasy!
We want to survive; we need to completely restructure our lives. We need to think about the community of citizens. The group, not the individual. We need to completely free ourselves of the past and operate as a collective.
  • Karl Agathon and Valerii have arrived in the vicinity of the Cylon base at Delphi, and the talk turns to the two women "helping" the Cylons:
Agathon: (Standing as Valerii crouches with her back to him, getting some food) I'm trying to make sense out of two women we saw with the Cylons.
Sharon Valerii: (keeping her back to him) And?
Agathon: I can't fathom why anybody would want to help the toasters...and they just happen to be twins? It's too weird.
Sharon Valerii: You got a better explanation?
Agathon: Do you think the Cylons could be messing with human DNA? (Valerii reacts, mouth opening as she looks away). Cloning people or something?
Sharon Valerii: (gathering herself and looking over her shoulder at Helo) Could be.
Agathon: (nodding and crouching) That would explain how they took us by surprise. They had these...replicated humans infiltrating the colonies, laying the groundwork for the surprise attack.
Sharon Valerii: (pausing, as if considering this) You know, if they were human clones, that means they're capable of...complex emotions - maybe even love. Maybe they were misguided in the way they were indoctrinated...
Agathon: (interrupting) Whatever they are, they're not human! No human could do the things they've done - killed billions of innocent people (Valerii looks away, hurt)
Agathon: They've got to be frakking Cylons, just like the rest of them...
James McManus: We're here with Dr. Gaius Baltar, representative of Caprica. Dr. Baltar, I have one question: is President Roslin's political career terminal, or is there hope of resuscitating it?
Gaius Baltar: Laura Roslin's political career is very much alive, and to underestimate her would be a very serious mistake.
Number Six: You miss the limelight, don't you Gaius?
Gaius Baltar: Yes, I have.
James McManus: You have what, Dr. Baltar?
Gaius Baltar: Nothing. You were saying?
James McManus: Yes. So you seriously believe that this schoolteacher is able to handle the job of presidency?
Gaius Baltar: Well I'm glad to hear it, because I think all of us have had teachers who have made a profound impact on our lives. History is full of examples of leaders who have come from the most humble beginnings, and have risen to meet the challenge posed by cataclysmic events. It's very easy to be sitting there in your armchairs ... criticize Laura Roslin for the tough decisions that she has to make every day - especially if you're someone like Tom Zarek, who's never shouldered any real responsibility in your life. To be fair to Tom, how could he? He's been in prison for the last twenty years. Now that he's had a drastic personality makeover, he's posing like he's the savior to all your ills! I think you all have a short memory, really. ... What I have to say is, we must survive, and we will survive. And we will do so through the values that have made our colonies great: courage, truth, justice, liberty, with a firm and deep resolve to make tomorrow better, not just for ourselves, but for our children.
  • Baltar and Six discuss jealousy and women, prompted by Playa Palacios's behavior:
Gaius Baltar: She's only human. (notes Six's reaction) You're not jealous?
Number Six: Love isn't about sex, Gaius.
Gaius Baltar: Now there's an enlightened point of view.
Number Six: I've been thinking... and as far as I'm concerned, you can have any woman you want. But always remember, I have your heart.
Gaius Baltar: Yes, of course you do.
Number Six: (deadly serious) I can always rip it out of your chest if I need to.
Gaius Baltar: (coughs, as if in reaction to a pain in his chest)

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An episode of the Caprica Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 11
Writer(s) Patrick Massett
John Zinman
Story by
Director Jonas Pate
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 111
Nielsen Rating 0.3[1]
US airdate USA October 12, 2010
CAN airdate CAN October 12, 2010
UK airdate UK
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Barnabas Greeley's leadership of the STO on Caprica is challenged by a failed bombing and the return of Clarice Willow. Jordan Duram solicits Amanda Graystone for help in his investigation of the STO. Daniel Graystone begins a blackmail campaign against members of the Graystone Industries board of directors in his attempt to reclaim the corporation.



  • Inside a nearly deserted Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport terminal, Soldiers of the One members Pann, Hippolyta, and Lacy Rand quietly go about setting up explosive devices. Before Rand can remove hers from a bag, a security guard confronts her, but is suddenly shot dead by Pann. The three terrorists flee into the rainy night and a waiting car driven by Keon Gatwick. As they speed away, Hippolyta prepares to detonate the bombs--until Rand tells them that she still has a device with her, in the car.

Act 1[edit]

  • The terrorists begin to realize the depth of their failure: not only were they unable to carry out the mission given to them by the leader of their STO cell, Barnabas Greeley, but the unexploded devices left in the terminal bear their fingerprints. Hippolyta and Pann berate Rand for her incompetence, until Rand demands to be dropped off.
  • At the Graystone Estate, Sam Adama pushes a confused and angry Cornell Gast inside, where he is confronted by Joseph Adama and Gast's former friend, Daniel Graystone. Daniel explains that as a member of the board of directors of Graystone Industries, Gast's vote is required to reinstate Daniel as the corporation's CEO, and that he is willing to publicly reveal Gast's history of drug abuse and sexual assault on young girls in order to ensure that vote. Gast indignantly refuses and is allowed to leave.
  • Joseph and Sam sit down with Daniel and review their files on other Graystone Industries board members. One by one, details of drunken driving, marital infidelity, and illicit sex emerge. Despite his misgivings about betraying colleagues and friends, Daniel carries on.
  • Waking from a dream about her daughter Zoe, Amanda Graystone notices her friend Clarice Willow lying in bed, wearing a holoband, and mumbling about Zoe. In V-world, Sister Clarice is talking with Alvo about the failed attack on the spaceport and the involvement of Clarice's former followers, who she calls her "children." Alvo demands that Clarice take action.
  • Gast sits in a parked car somewhere in Caprica City, finishes composing a letter, puts a gun to his head, and fires.

Act 2[edit]

  • Clarice moves against her former students. She first breaks into Pann's apartment and confronts him while he is seated in a bathtub; he apologizes to her and she reminds him that he was her first follower before Clarice pushes a television into the bathtub, electrocuting him. Several hours later in an alleyway, Clarice approaches Hippolyta, who tries to run but is cornered by Clarice's husband Olaf.
  • After daybreak, Rand makes her way to one of Greeley's safe sites, in a high-rise building undergoing construction. Greeley becomes enraged and doubts Rand's commitment to him. She tells him that she is loyal to God, which is enough to satisfy him.

Act 3[edit]

  • Overcome by grief and suspicion, Cornell Gast's wife Helen attempts to talk to Daniel, who calmly orders his driver to continue on. Daniel thinks back to his first meeting with Amanda in a hospital room after her attempted suicide. He once again tries to justify his use of Ha'la'tha criminals to steal cutting-edge technology in light of the people in killed during the theft. He compares his mistake with Zoe's involvement with the STO, which Amanda interprets as Daniel calling her a bad mother.
  • Agents of the Global Defense Department search Pann's apartment as part of their investigation of the abortive attack on the spaceport, which has become a murder case with the discovery of Pann's body. Jordan Duram notes that Pann was a student of the Athena Academy, the same school attended by Zoe Graystone and Ben Stark before their suspected involvement in the maglev bombing. He finds Sister Clarice on a Caprica City street. His questions quickly shift from Pann and Hippolyta to Clarice's own involvement in the Monotheist Church. Clarice reminds him of her position in service of the goddess Athena and as headmistress of the Athena Academy and walks off.
  • Cyrus Xander visits Daniel with a wooden crate containing the ruined U-87 prototype robot.
  • Duram meets with the director of the GDD, Gara Singh, about his investigation of the STO. Singh informs him that Sister Clarice has filed a harassment complaint, that even his own partner thinks that Duram is going in the wrong direction, and shares his own opinion that Duram is blinded by his own devout polytheism. Duram grudgingly assures his superior that he will back off.

Act 4[edit]

  • Without official support for his investigation of Sister Clarice, Duram turns to Amanda. He apologizes for coming into her home and taking all of her daughter's belongings before he explains why he feels Clarice is STO: she was raised on Gemenon at the same time the STO was actively recruiting soldiers to protect the new Monad Church, and she had been on Gemenon the week before at the same time as a conclave of the Monad Church leadership, and not at a teaching conference as she had claimed. Duram goes on to ask Amanda if she would become a confidential informant and bring back intelligence. Amanda leaves without giving him a decision.
  • At the cabin, Amanda reflects on her time with Clarice and realizes that there have been hints of her monotheism all along. She asks Clarice about her holoband usage. Her answers are evasive.
  • Amanda enters the Graystone Estate sometime later that evening, opens a safe, and retrieves a gun.

Act 5[edit]

  • With Greeley's cell under attack, Rand suggests that Greeley contact the Blessed Mother on Gemenon to arrange a truce. Greeley instantly rejects the idea and grows increasingly violent. Keon Gatwick loses his patience and tries to leave the safe site, only to be shot dead by Greeley. At that moment, Clarice and Olaf enter. Olaf seizes Rand, while Clarice arms an explosive and handcuffs Greeley to a beam. Greeley defiantly declares Clarice's vision of apotheosis to be nothing but a fraud. Back on the street, Clarice detonates the explosive, destroying the top floors of the skyscraper. Rand asks if Clarice and Olaf will kill her. Clarice answers, "I hope not."
  • Amanda returns to the cabin. Clarice is slumped in her chair and obviously troubled. Amanda slowly reaches into her purse for the gun, until Clarice says that Amanda is the only person she can talk to. Amanda lets the gun go, and listens to her friend.


  • Zoe-A and Tamara-A do not appear in this episode.
  • A ship of the same type as Colonial One is seen lifting off from the Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport.


  • Zoe briefly has red eyes in Amanda's nightmare, accompanied by the distinctive sound of a Centurion's eye flashing. This indicates a subconscious awareness on Amanda's part of a connection between her daughter and the robot or possibly a similarity to the prescient dreams many Battlestar Galactica characters experience.
  • Clarice is aided by Olaf Willow in her drive to eliminate members of Greeley's cell. Both Olaf and Nestor Willow, two of Clarice's husbands, have previously been shown as collaborators working with Clarice (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy," "The Imperfections of Memory"). Nestor is absent in this episode and was last seen near Clarice's car, which was bombed (CAP: "End of Line"); however, an article in The Caprican indicates that he survived [2].


  • What are Clarice's plans for Lacy? (Answer)
  • Did Greeley escape Clarice's bomb?

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