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An episode of the Caprica Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 4
Writer(s) Jane Espenson
Story by Michael Angeli
Jane Espenson
Director Michael Watkins
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 104
Nielsen Rating 0.4[1]
US airdate USA February 19, 2010
CAN airdate CAN
UK airdate UK
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Daniel Graystone readies himself for his appearance on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno. The Global Defense Department carries out searches on the Athena Academy and the Graystone home. Sam Adama waits patiently for his moment to kill Amanda Graystone, but Joseph Adama is slowly overcome with regret for calling in the hit on her.



  • Somewhere in Caprica City, a closed and empty Holo Cafe is bombed. Three hours later, Director Gara Singh and Agent Jordan Duram discuss the bombing, believing it to be either copycats or Soldiers of the One. During the conversation, Duram preens himself on obtaining a warrant from the Inter-Colonial Court on Libran, whereby they are not only permitted to search the Graystone Estate, but also the lockers that Zoe Graystone may have used at the Athena Academy. Singh gives his blessing on making the school search a media spectacle, but stresses that Duram should make the search "tasteful."
  • At the Willow home, Desiree, Nestor, Olaf and Clarice Willow awaken in the morning. As Nestor and Clarice start to be intimate, Clarice receives a call on her cellphone. She abruptly leaves the bedroom, leaving the rest of her partners to wonder what just happened.
  • Out on the steps of a building, Clarice Willow "accidentally" bumps into another man, taking out an e-sheet from the man's pocket. On it she types in "GDD RAID COMING," sends the message, and disposes of the e-sheet in a trash can.
  • Keon Gatwick receives Willow's message at Athena Academy and removes his detonators and explosives, throwing them into his bag. Just as he finishes, Agent Duram and various GDD agents are followed by reporters and Sister Willow. Duram announces that they are executing a search, and GDD agents begin cutting off locks and force students to empty their packs.
  • During the raid, Lacy Rand approaches Gatwick and asks him to follow her shortly after she leaves, so that they may talk. Instead, he chooses to walk away, leaving her behind.
  • At the Graystone Estate, Daniel Graystone reviews the list of talking points for the Backtalk with Baxter Sarno show. Daniel discusses how best to divorce his late daughter from the holoband technology with Priyah Magnus and Cyrus Xander, but is not pleased with calling his daughter troubled. Amanda Graystone briskly walks by, leading Daniel to note of her displeasure with his appearance on Sarno's show; Xander asks if she'll make another scene that'll contradict Daniel's statement, leading Daniel to assure him that this will not be the case.
  • When talking to Magnus, he very directly notes that the holoband wasn't the problem, thus earning her praise. They continue the pow-wow.
  • Outside across the river from the house, Sam Adama watches via bincoulars the ongoings inside the Graystone Estate from inside his car. He receives a phone call from Joseph Adama, who asks why Amanda was not killed yet. He tells his brother about Graystone's visitors and asks how much of a bloodbath Joseph would desire. Joseph quickly backtracks, realizing that he doesn't want one; Sam asks Joseph if he still wants Amanda killed. Joseph assures him that this is still his desire; Sam tells his brother to have patience and ends the conversation.

Act 1

  • In the hallway, Sister Clarice Willow promises her students that the GDD's search will not happen again, and gives her students leave to return home for the day. After the students leave, she collapses to the floor and begins hitting a nearby locker as she screams in rage.
  • Daniel Graystone enters their bedroom, telling his wife that Priyah Magnus and Cyrus Xander have left for the studio. As Daniel looks for his suit jacket, he and his wife emotionally quarrel over "dancing" over "Zoe's grave" by going on Sarno's show. He reminds her that he's only doing it because of her actions in Apollo Park, wherein she opened a dialogue to greater Caprica. She appeals to him to say that they are going through a difficult time right now, but he points out that such a thing "doesn't play," much to her disgust. He storms out after noting that they are not parents.
  • In Daniel's lab, Zoe-R accesses the virtual world trying to get Lacy Rand. Zoe finds herself in the V-Club, and de-rezes when Philomon begins running his diagnostics. He notes that the robot needs a name.
  • Backstage of Sarno's show, Magnus and Xander continue to coach Daniel on what he should say, while Rebecca the makeup artist works on hiding most of Daniel's injuries from his encounter with Sam Adama. He wants to smoke, as he finds the thought of going on television nauseating, but Rebecca is insistent that he not smoke. After bribing her through an offer of a thousand cubits, Rebecca permits him to smoke.
  • At the Adama apartment, Ruth calls out William Adama on not going to school. Willie claims that he was with Uncle Sam, and asks if that's a problem. Ruth notes that this isn't a problem, but he shouldn't tell his father. She notes that on Tauron males are considered men at 13, and therefore capable of making their own decisions; she notes that whenever Joseph sees him, he shouldn't be angry. As Willie sits in a chair and is about to watch television, Ruth takes the remote from his hand and directly asks him what he wants to be right now. He tells her that he wants to take the job offered to kids, where they work inside the locker room of the pyramid players. During the conversation, Willie notes that his dad knows the owner, but they do not appear to be friends any more. She scoffs the comment, noting that one gets the best things from enemies, "because they're scared of you." Ruth adds that Sam can look into it, as he can get things done, and returns the remote to the now contemplative Willie.
  • Still sitting on a cliff overlooking the Graystone Estate, Sam sees Amanda going to the kitchen. Much to his chagrin, he receives a phone call from Joseph; he exasperatedly tells Joseph that he'll have to live with the murder of Amanda. During the phone call, he sees a group of GDD agents and civilian reporters barge into the mansion, much to Amanda's shock. Joseph is shocked at this development.
  • Inside the mansion, Agent Jordan Duram tells the press to remain outside. Amid Amanda's protests, Duram serves her their warrant, noting that they will only search the residence and stay away from Daniel's lab. He tries to talk her down, noting that all they want to do is find out who turned her daughter into a bomber.

Act 2

  • Agent Jordan Duram and Amanda Graystone are in Zoe Graystone's former room as the GDD agents begin tearing it apart. As one of the agents extracts a cello from the room, she asks that they be careful with it; Duram reiterates this desire to the agent in question. Amanda brings up the necessity of the search, and Duram notes that he'd like to find out who brainwashed her into believing a "moral dictator named 'God'" or who blew up a Caprican business. Agent Youngblood discovers the infinity pendant in the jewelry box; Amanda quickly notes that she placed it there, after it was given to her by Natalie Stark. During the conversation, Duram notes that if they have to take apart Zoe's life to put other terrorists behind bars, then he's all right by that. Amanda tries to find out Duram's personal motivations, to which he replies that he lost everybody on that train.
  • Lacy Rand goes to Keon Gatwick's place of employment, Bike Kitchen, to follow up on how she can get Zoe's package to Gemenon. Gatwick replies that it is out of his control and, amidst her recrimination that he shouldn't have scampered away during the GDD search, tries to get her to leave by claiming that he has a pressing project that needs to be completed. She offers to help, as she has picked up technical expertise from her mother, who is a mechanic. Gatwick offers his concern about someone seeing them together, but she seems unconcerned.
  • Gara Singh and Duram review the results of the search; Singh is displeased at the lack of terrorist paraphernalia. Duram wants to go further, wanting to engage in electronic and telecommunication surveillance of those at the school. Duram assumes that other students were turned as well, and that they'll be able to find out who turned the kids there. Singh agrees to this surveillance on the condition that, should Duram be wrong, Duram takes the blame. Duram agrees.
  • In Daniel's lab, Philomon runs a diagnostic on Zoe-R's motor control, resulting in odd dancing between Zoe-R and Philomon. During this, Zoe-R seems to express feelings for Philomon, even if the robot is incapable of expressing them.
  • Youngblood brings in printouts of the last of the e-sheets from the students, as they do not have an up-to-date computer system to process them. Duram has her look for messages sent around 6 A.M. and assumes that it was a group-send to the student body. Frustrated, he upheaves a stack of papers, and expresses his frustration over having Ben Stark and then letting him go. He quickly clarifies his frustration for her, saying that everyone became complacent and that they all share the responsibility for the bombing. She then asks if they're all responsible for the bad wheat crop on Aerilon. Duram shifts the conversation to Youngblood's interest and dedication in the investigation, to which she replies that the Gemenese scum who lure "good Caprican kids into a killer cult" deserves to be destroyed.
  • Ruth chops up meat as she tells Joseph Adama that she bought Willie the Tauron equivalent of jacks, seeing as Joseph threw out his "fancy games." She morbidly jokes that they are bones from Tauron children who lost at jacks, although she later notes that they are bones from chicken feet. Joseph sees a commercial for Daniel Graystone's appearance on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno. Ruth notes that Daniel is the man that Joseph doesn't like, and Joseph promises that he'll be dealt with soon enough. Ruth is pleased at this, noting that the "dead don't really die until their death is avenged," noting that both their daughters are caught between life and death.
  • Baxter Sarno begins taping that night's show with a self-described "horrible monologue" that includes jokes about bombing "figuratively." Backstage, Daniel begins popping some pills and eyedrops into his eyes, for he is anxious and delays his entrance on the stage in order to collect himself. As Daniel walks on stage, Amanda barges backstage and tells Xander that the GDD just searched their estate, and that there are things that Daniel is wrong about. Sarno and Daniel begin talking, Daniel makes a joke about his solstice wish being for "free publicity," which bombs. Daniel is uncomfortable on stage, asking if the cup in front of him has water, which leads to Sarno joking about finding stuff that is "stronger." Sarno then goes in for the kill, beginning to broach the topic of Amanda's statement and how Zoe was connected to the lev bombing. Daniel claims that she was troubled (much to Amanda's chagrin), and tries to explain it when Sarno cuts him off, and goes into the issue of the holoband and the virtual world. Daniel deflects this claim by saying that Zoe didn't like the holoband and that she would actually agree with Sarno's many talking points. She barges on stage after Sarno makes a crack about the holoband making her want to "blow things up," and Sarno takes the opportunity to welcome Amanda on stage and then breaks for commercial.

Act 3

  • On stage after the commercial break, Amanda Graystone declares that both Daniel Graystone and Baxter Sarno are wrong. After making a joke about his previous attempts at marriages, Sarno apologizes and allows her to continue. She says that Zoe Graystone wasn't crazy, but very angry, defiant, and rebellious, and Amanda asks him to point out any teenager that didn't act the same way. The conversation turns to Zoe being "morally blank," noting that the virtual world is a poor teacher; Daniel counters that Zoe would actually agree with Sarno on that, and notes that it is "exactly how the STO got to her." After explaining that she saw things in the virtual world that troubled her—ritual sacrifices, games like New Cap City, and other lurid things, he reveals that he talked to her. When pressed on this by his wife, Daniel reveals that he created an avatar of her. Daniel agrees that the very fact is disturbing, and notes that he wanted to understand his child—like other parents in the world.
  • As Daniel explains why he created the avatar of Zoe, Sam Adama is stopped by an assistant en route back stage. The assistant happens to be Tauron, which he sees by the tattoo on her hand; after speaking to her in Tauronese, she gives him her security badge and walks away.
  • On stage, Daniel says that technology may, in fact, be a problem. Backstage, Priyah Magnus and Cyrus Xander do not react well to the direction the conversation is taking. Daniel admits that they—meaning his company—believed they would be able to control the content in the virtual world, but admits that they have failed, given that the "temptation to hack the code is too great." When asked about a solution to this problem, Daniel admits that he doesn't know, but notes that for any beneficial change, one must take away the profit motive. He brings up the point of the legalization of drugs and then, in that vein, states that they will no longer make profit from the licensing of legal spaces of virtual world and, with his wife, notes that any profit from the holoband technology will go into a foundation for children to get the "right experiences."
  • Backstage, Magnus notes that the move is a great public relations act, however Xander disagrees, noting that the holoband licensing accounts for 60% of Graystone Industries' net. On stage, Daniel reiterates his pledge and asks Caprica to hold him to it. This results in applause from the audience, as Sarno offers his genuine surprise while crediting Amanda for a great save.
  • At the Adama apartment, Ruth asks Joseph Adama about Amanda's appearance. He notes that she shouldn't be there, and Ruth expresses her desire to kill Amanda with her hands and sleep well every night.
  • Daniel and Amanda part ways, as Daniel needs to talk to his people. As Daniel heads off, Sam introduces himself as Sarno's driver and offers to take her home, if she'd like. She happily agrees.

Act 4

  • Sam Adama drives Amanda Graystone; they do not converse, allowing the music to fill the air.
  • At the Bike Kitchen, Keon Gatwick and Lacy Rand celebrate the successful repair of a motorbike. She asks him if he had anything in his locker and whether or not he received a warning, a subject that he is reticent to discuss. She pleads with him to get her and Zoe's package to Gemenon, and he notes that the only one who can get her any help within the STO is Barnabas Greeley. She thanks him.
  • Amanda asks about Sam's tattoos, and he reveals that he is Tauron and, as he reveals the reasons why a Tauron might get a tattoo, she tells him that she can get rid a few of of his mistakes via plastic surgery. He notes that it wouldn't be real. She becomes aware that they're not going the right way to her residence. He remains silent.
  • At the apartment, Joseph Adama frets. He begins leaving texts to Sam, telling him not to kill Amanda. He then calls Larry, and asks Larry to get Sam to call him as soon as possible. Ruth watches on.
  • In the car, Amanda tells him that they're going the wrong way. He claims that there is an accident on the throughway, and tells her that he knows a shortcut through Little Tauron. He assures her that there are good people there, and they are not nosy. Sam touches on the subject of the bombing; he reveals that he lost his sister-in-law and niece in the bombing. Amanda grows increasingly concerned for her safety, after he says that all they can do is find balance, to "even things out." He goes on to explain that he believes that Tamara would "make us all proud."
  • Joseph awakens from his sleep at the dinner table, finding Sam washing up in the kitchen; Sam claims that Larry hates it when he comes home bloody. After Joseph questions him about the deed being done, Sam replies in the affirmative. Sam goes on to explain how he murdered Amanda at the kitchen of Connie's restaurant. After leading him on for some time, Sam tells him he didn't kill her, but went through the motions of scaring her a bit to teach Joseph a lesson about yanking him around. Sam assures a distraught, questioning Joseph that he didn't kill her, revealing that he doesn't turn off his phone for other people call him; he notes that he received 60 text messages. He reveals that he's frakking with his brother, because he knew that Joseph couldn't go through with it, calling him a "frakkin' Caprican in a Tauron body."
  • At the Willow residence, Sister Clarice Willow watches a recording of Daniel Graystone's appearance on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno, where Daniel reveals that he created an avatar of Zoe Graystone. Nestor Willow enters and she reveals that every time she watches the recording, she gets something out of it.
  • At the Graystone Estate, Daniel and Amanda discuss his revelation regarding the avatar. He claims that it is a simple avatar made from a photo. She asks him why he did it and why he didn't talk to her about it earlier, and they both snuggle, saying how much they miss their daughter. They joke about their appearance on Sarno, saying how rich, disgusting, and ridiculous they are.



  • The public's deep suspicion of the Holoband as discussed on Backtalk With Baxter Sarno is mirrored in real life Earth over worries of the Holoband's presumed predecessor in the Colonies, the Internet. Much of the same issues of parental control, the youth losing its way on it due to, as the adult public sees it, nefarious forces are much the same as the public worries of the net on Earth in First World Nations, particularly with social networking sites. This phenomenon is called a Moral Panic when a new powerful trend that generates anxiety in a population, mostly among the middle age adult and older as they worry as to the effect on the new cultural touchstone on children, teenagers and young adults; in particular adolescents. Past Moral Panics have included video games in the 1980's through the early 21st century, Hip Hop Music, in particular Gangsta Rap in the 1990's, Skateboarding in the 1970's, Rock 'n Roll music in the 1950's and 1960's, Comic books in the 1950's. Such panics sometimes involved congressional investigations such as The United States Senate Subcommittee on Juvenile Delinquency in early 1954 to investigate the Comic Book industry over what it saw as very violent content of detective and horror comic books. This lead to the voluntary adoption of the industry created Comics Code Authority to police itself. Then the Congressional investigations of content in video games deemed to have a violent content in 1993. As with the Comic Book industry in the 1950's such concerns led the video game industry to adopt voluntary ratings rankings of video games such as the ESRB rating system in the United States and Canada, as well as the PEGI rating system in Europe to placate public and governmental concerns and to head off actual governmental regulation (congressional attempts failed due to First Amendment issues). Daniel Graystone at the spur of the moment pledged to take the profit motive out of using the holoband in response to public suspicion that it was somehow the holoband, which seems overwhelmingly "populated" by teenagers that caused Graystone's "troubled" daughter to blow up the commuter train. Graystone pointed out that it was because her daughter saw lack of moral direction on the Holoband that lead her to join the STO, not that it caused her to lack moral direction.
  • Daniel Graystone's lie regarding the Zoe avatar's abilities will undoubtedly cause further strain between the Graystones.
  • Joseph Adama's unwillingness to go through with the hit on Amanda Graystone is further indication of a loss of direction, and his lack of dealing with his grief. This is addressed in "There is Another Sky."
  • Lacy Rand's character is becoming increasingly fleshed out over the past few episodes, from her economic situation to her willingness to help Zoe-R go to Gemenon. Her continued persistence has lead to various relationships, including an awkward bond between herself and Clarice Willow, and an equally odd relationship between herself and Keon Gatwick, whom she has apparently never truly interacted with before. During her time at Bike Kitchen, she expresses a willingness to engage in a relationship with Keon Gatwick, and seems to express affection to him after promising to bring her desire up to Barnabas Greeley, thus leading to an awkward moment between them.


Official Statements

Noteworthy Dialogue

Amanda Graystone: Look, can't you go out there and say that this is a very sad time for our family, and that we need time to process?
Daniel Graystone: It just doesn't play. The car should be here by now. Serge?
Amanda: "Just doesn't play?!" Doesn't play? Did you actually hear what you just said? It won't play?
Daniel: I don't have time for this—
Amanda: You sound like Cyrus. "It just won't play," Daniel?
Daniel: I'm about to go on international television.
Amanda: We're not company spokespeople, we're parents!
Daniel: Parents? Actually, no, we're not.
Ruth: You think you only get things from friends? You get the best things from enemies, because they're scared of you.
  • Ruth on her rage against Amanda:
Ruth: I could kill her with my hands. Sleep well every night. Couldn't you?
Daniel Graystone: We thought we could control the content on V-World, especially for kids, but we've failed. Clearly. I think the temptation to hack the code is too great.
Baxter Sarno: Then what is your solution?
Daniel: I don't know.
Sarno: Think out loud.
Daniel: I don't know. I... For there to be any beneficial change you'd have to take away the profit motive. Like when we legalized drugs, for instance.
Sarno: Ok. That's a good point. You're also talking about something that took decades of pretty violent arguing back and forth in...
Daniel: Well, why not? Why couldn't we try it?
Sarno: But this is a huge leap you're talking about.
Daniel: Graystone Industries will no longer charge for licensing of any legal spaces and any profit we make off the bands will go to some charity...
Amanda Graystone: Or foundation that we can create...
Daniel: ... for young people to find the right experiences and the right values.
Joseph Adama: Sam?
Sam Adama: [washing up at the sink] Hey, Larry hates it when I come home bloody.
Joseph: [softly] Did you do it?
Sam: Can't hear you over the water.
Joseph: Is it done?
Sam: Yeah, it's done. Why do you think I'm washing up, huh? She was getting a little, uh... A-po-play-ktay in the car. Didn't want a fight in a closed space so... I ordered her out of the car, said we were having engine trouble. Told her to go inside this restaurant... Connie's place, remember? Used to go there in high school.
Joseph: I know Connie's place.
Sam: Yeah. Sent her inside, right? [sees the jacks made of bone on the table] Jacks, nice... and she notices right away that there's no one inside. Could've called ahead just in case. So... we're standing the front with the knives, tsfa-gi-dess... yeah.
Joseph: Frak.
Sam: She tries to get out back to the alley, but it's locked.
Joseph: You killed her in the kitchen?
Sam: Well, the stuff they spray at crime scenes can't tell the difference between animal blood and human blood.
Joseph: You really did it.
Sam: No, I'm messing with you to teach you a lesson about yanking me around like this.
Joseph: Wait... what?
Sam: Hmm?
Joseph: Are you... Was that sarcastic?
Sam: What do you think?
Joseph: I can't tell, Sam! Stop frakkin' around—did you kill her?
Sam: I don't turn off my phone, Yusef. I've got other people who call me, you know. So yeah, I got your like 60 text messages... I didn't kill her. Scared her a bit... but she's getting a lot of that right now.
Joseph: You were frakkin' with me.
Sam: Oh yeah, I'm frakkin' with you, because I knew you couldn't go through with it. Frakkin' Caprican in a Tauron body.
  • Amanda and Daniel jokingly discuss their appearance on Backtalk:
Amanda Graystone: Wanna watch TV? Graystones are on Sarno tonight.
Daniel Graystone: [chuckles]
Amanda: I heard they were really good.
Daniel: I'm so sick of them. They're everywhere.
Amanda: Awful...
Daniel: Rich...
Amanda: Disgusting...
Daniel: ... ridiculous people.

Guest Stars


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