The Living Legend/Deleted scenes

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From the DVD set[edit]

From the episode script[edit]

  • In part 2, after Cain tells Cassiopea she can't come with him to the Pegasus, he says,
Cain: "I love you... Now try to spend some time with my daughter, Sheba."
Cassiopea: "How can I? She hates me."
Cain: "Try. I love you, Cassi."
This helps explain why Cassiopea insists on accompanying the strike team when she learns they don't have a med-tech.
  • In the launch bay after Cassiopea says,
Cassiopea: "You do, now"
Apollo: "Cassiopea... Oh for-"
Boomer: (coming out of the shuttle) "We're microns from launch."
Cassiopea starts to move past Starbuck.
Starbuck: "Where do you think you're going?"
Cassiopea: "On the mission."
Starbuck: "Dressed like that? This is a jump."
Cassiopea: "Everything I need is in this carry-all."
She pushed her way aboard.
Sheba: "I'm not allowing her on the same shuttle with me."
Apollo: "It's not up to you. She's one of us."
  • There is more dialogue between Baltar and Lucifer on the Cylon basestar.
Lucifer: "Baltar..."
Baltar: (angrily turns around to face him) "What is it?"
Lucifer: "We must talk."
Baltar: "Not now."
Lucifer: "But time is of the essence. I'm sorry your victory didn't work out quite the way you had planned..."
Baltar: "Get out of here!"
Lucifer: "Baltar... Even the Imperious Leader in one of his most difficult moods could hardly blame you for running from two battlestars."
Baltar: "I did not run. I executed a tactical retreat, you imbecile."
Lucifer: "There is no reason to be abusive. You forget... I am on your side. I have placed my fate in your hands. My rise to a position of supremacy over my fellow I.L. series is completely dependent on your success... Or lack thereof..."
Baltar: "Spare me the felgercarb. What is the latest intelligence? As if I should put any faith in scanners that cannot predict the presence of two battlestars rather than one."
  • On Gamoray, there is more dialogue between the two I.L. series Cylons shortly before Imperious Leader arrives.
I.L. One: "This is indeed an auspicious occasion. How often does the Imperious Leader himself journey all the way from Cylon?"
I.L. Two: "I question the wisdom of allowing to come to a capitol that is anything but secured."
I.L. One: "Not secured? Does a single member of the Delphian society remain alive? Did we not conquer these feeble people and take her buildings intact? This lovely hall would have taken much of our resources had we to construct it ourselves. Resources much better applied to our war efforts throughout the universe."
Bronze Centurion: (enters) "Attenton... Attention... His emminence, the Imperious Leader, will be with us shortly. His ship has landed at the airdome and he is even now on his way... to the Grand Hall."
A cheer goes up.
I.L. One: "There... you see. Nothing to worry about. He has arrived safely."
I.L. Two: "Only because we worked night and day to repair the field from the last human raid. I wish we could rid ourselves of that insidious race once and for all." I.L. One: "Only a question of time, isn't it?"
  • When the Gold Centurion and his aides leave the Imperious Leader, Starbuck and Boomer hide in an alcove and hear the Cylon commander say,
Cylon commander: "Search the grounds. I'll be at central control."
They follow him and that is how they discover where the central control room is.
  • Before the two I.L. series Cylons are destroyed by the attacking Colonial vipers, they speak.
I.L. One: "Oh, this is not to be believed... This is our Southern Capitol."
I.L. Two: "Was our Southern Capitol. I've never seen so many ships. I thought the humans were all but extinct."
I.L. One: "Apparently, our Imperious Leader has been misinforming us..."
I.L. Two: "Or has been misinformed by someone else."
I.L. Two: "I'd not like to be in his walkers whoever that is..." (implying Baltar)
  • After Baltar orders his raiders to head to Gomaray to save Imperious Leader, Lucifer says,
Lucifer: "If you succeed, Baltar... You will be greeted on Gamoray as the greatest military leader in the history of Cylon. That is... if there still is a Gamoray."
  • In a scene that was obviously changed, Starbuck pilots the shuttle from Gamoray to the Pegasus.
  • In the medical bay, after Cain says,
Cain: "You make it sound like it's my own personal war",
Cassiopea: "I don't know... There's just a side of you I see sometimes that frightens me... What would you do without all this fighting... and..."
Cain: "Cassi... The alternative is complete obliteration for us."
Cassiopea: "I can't believe that... I can't believe that God would let these hateful creatures take over the universe."
She turns away from the patient.
Cain: (following her) "Maybe it's our own fault. Where did these machines learn war? From the living creatures that programmed them thousands of yahrens ago. Creatures like us."
Cassiopea: "No... Not like us. We have the capacity to love. They have no idea what it's like to feel, and care, and love..."
Cain: "Do you think we'll ever find time for ours? Have you decided what you want to do about us?"
Then the injured Sheba is wheeled in before she has a chance to answer.