Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack

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"Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack"
A DVD of the Original Series
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Released 06 Aug 2007
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Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack is a re-edited version of the Original Series episodes "The Living Legend" (Part I & II) and "Fire in Space". It was released theatrically in Europe and features some scenes that differ from the originally aired episodes, including a different introductory narration. A region 2 DVD of the film was released on 6 August 2007.


  • There is a major plot hole due to the mixing of separate episodes: When Starbuck and Apollo mention that Cain is violating orders by attacking the Cylon basestars, it doesn't make sense because the scene in which Adama orders Cain to turn back was cut.
  • All scenes and dialogue relating to Cassiopeia's relationship with Starbuck are omitted which only serves to make the Cassiopeia/Cain subplot less interesting.
  • The scenes involving Sheba's injury during the Cylon attack on the Pegasus are also omitted. When Cain tells Sheba to take a shuttle back to Galactica, her refusal is edited out, so we get the impression that she did what he asked. This was apparently done because Sheba appears uninjured in the Fire In Space episode and thus could not be sidelined with a severe injury if the story was to hold up.
  • Another change is that when Baltar orders Lucifer to recall their Cylon raiders in order to protect him from the Pegasus, Lucifer tells Baltar that they are having problems communicating with their fighters. Thus, the Cylon raiders are not recalled and wind up launching a suicidal attack against Galactica (which is where the Fire In Space episode begins).
  • When the Pegasus takes on the two Cylon basestars, the footage of the Cylons inside the basestar command center is taken from The Hand of God.
  • A different sound effect is used for the engines of the Cylon raiders.
  • A version of this movie in PAL format was released in Germany, under the title Mission Galactica: Angriff der Zylonen.

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