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Samuel Adama
Samuel Adama


Colony Tauron (emigrated to Caprica)
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Introduced Caprica pilot
Parents William Adama Sr.
Isabelle Adama
Siblings Joseph Adama
Marital Status Married to Larry
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Role Ha'la'tha enforcer
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Portrayed by Sasha Roiz
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Samuel Adama, commonly known as Sam Adama, was a Ha'la'tha enforcer and Tauron immigrant living on Caprica in the years prior to the First Cylon War. He was the younger brother of Joseph Adama and uncle to William "Willie" Adama. Sam Adama was the first to use a Cylon in a real world combat situation.

Early Life

A childhood photograph of Sam's parents.

Sam Adama was born on Tauron to Isabelle and William Adama Sr. in the years leading up to the Tauron Civil War. Adama's father believed that from the moment he held his son in his arms, he knew Samuel was a man - a contrast to his younger brother's introverted nature (CAP: "The Dirteaters").

Tauron Civil War

As civil war on Tauron broke out between the Heracleides-backed government and Ha'la'tha rebels, the Adama family struggled through difficult times, actively supporting the rebellion. One night, Samuel was awoken by the sound of a Herac soldier being beaten to death outside his bedroom window. Samuel sneaked outside to view the body, stealing money and a pistol from the soldier and hiding them under his mattress (CAP: "The Dirteaters").

When Herac forces came to investigate, they discovered the pistol in the Adama home and assumed either William or Isabelle had committed the murder. From their hiding place inside a closet, Samuel and Joseph were forced to watch as the Heracs beat and killed their mother and tortured their father. Unable to save their father, Joseph was forced to shoot William in the head before he and Samuel escaped into the night (CAP: "The Dirteaters").


Orphaned, Samuel and Joseph were sent to a refugee camp on Caprica. There Sam attempted to pick the pocket of the Guatrau who "knew right then he had the stones to become one of us." The Gautrau took the Adama boys under his wing and eventually brought them into the Ha'la'tha. Unlike his brother - who changed his name to "Adams" - Sam chose not to assimilate into Caprican culture and embraced his Tauron heritage. He bore a number of tattoos depicting his position within the Ha'la'tha as well as his patronage to the Lord of Kobol Mars.[1] Adama's first "mark of manhood," however, came from his younger brother, who applied the tattoo to his wrist when they were alone on the streets of Tauron (CAP: "Caprica (pilot)," "Reins of a Waterfall," "The Dirteaters").


Working in Caprica City as a Ha'la'tha enforcer and assassin for over fourteen years, Sam Adama balanced a career of violent crime with a softer personal and family life. Married to Larry, Adama also enjoyed a close relationship with his brother and his brother's children, Willie and Tamara, as well as his sister-in-law Shannon ((CAP: "Pilot"), "Gravedancing").

The Bombing

Sam with Joseph and Willie Adama at Tamara and Shannon's funeral service.

After the STO bombing of the MLMT train that killed Tamara and Shannon, Sam pledged to find the perpetrators, citing the Tauron notion of "blood for blood." The incident only seemed to reinforce Sam's resentment of Caprica (CAP: "Pilot").

Joseph later came to his brother for assistance, asking Sam to help him steal a piece of equipment known as a meta-cognitive processor from a fellow Tauron, Tomas Vergis of the Vergis Corporation. Sam was at first hesitant to steal from a friend of the Guatrau, but securing Joseph's promise to deliver a message to Caprican Minister of Defense Val Chambers for the Ha'la'tha, Sam obliged. Though the theft resulted in the killing of two of Vergis' men, the MCP was ultimately delivered to Dr. Daniel Graystone, who used the chip in an attempt at resurrecting his own daughter Zoe Graystone as well as Joseph's (CAP: "Caprica (pilot)," "Know Thy Enemy").


Sam takes Willie under his wing in Little Tauron.

Though he mourned the loss of his niece and sister-in-law in the traditional Tauron way, Sam believed that the family should move on from the tragedy. Joseph's grief, however, continued to pull at Sam. Upon hearing Amanda Graystone's proclamation that Zoe had participated in the bombing, Joseph asked Sam to beat her husband Daniel, and later to kill Amanda in order to bring "balance." Sam kidnapped Amanda, but only scared her before releasing her unharmed, correctly expecting that his brother would call him off (CAP: "Rebirth", "Reins of a Waterfall" and "Gravedancing").

As Joseph grew increasingly distant from Willie, Sam took his nephew under his wing and introduced him to the world of the Ha'la'tha. Sam allowed Willie to skip school and drink alcohol at Goldie's Off Track Betting, the Ha'la'tha's Little Tauron hangout, where the boy became an unofficial employee. The two were even arrested together, giving Sam a chance to tutor his nephew on how to handle the police. When Joseph angrily confronted Sam over his son's truancy, Sam urged him to stop mourning his wife and daughter and take an active role in Willie's life. To this end, Joseph held a traditional Tauron funeral at his home, with Sam assisting in the ceremony to ensure Tamara and Shannon passage to the afterlife (CAP: "Rebirth", "Reins of a Waterfall", "Gravedancing" and "There is Another Sky").

Still, Joseph continued to dwell on the loss, haunted by the notion of an avatar version of his daughter living on somewhere in V-world. As Joseph descended into holoband addiction, Sam attempted to rouse his brother, but had little success. Finally, Sam called on help from Joseph's assistant Evelyn and his mother-in-law Ruth, pulling Joseph back to the real world and restoring some normality to the Adama family (CAP: "End of Line," "False Labor").

In deleted scenes from "End of Line," Sam entered V-world with Evelyn as Emmanuelle and assisted in her faking the death of the Tamara avatar in order to draw Joseph back into the real world.

Graystone Industries

Following the Ha'la'tha acquisition of Daniel Graystone's corporation, Graystone Industries, Sam encouraged the Guatrau to involve his brother in the operation of the company, eventually securing Joseph a substantial promotion within the Ha'la'tha. At the same time, Samuel was elevated to the Ha'la'tha organizational rank of captain (CAP: "Unvanquished," "False Labor," "Blowback," "The Dirteaters").

Tauron Politics

Sam Adama and a U-87 robot soldier.

As yet another rebellion struck Tauron, Sam became obsessed with the situation, frequently watching newscasts on the subject and sending a considerable portion of his income to aid the rebels. Despite the strain his preoccupation with the rebellion had on his marriage with Larry, Sam resolved to take a more active part in the rebellion, running guns to Tauron. However, he came into conflict with another Ha'la'tha member, Atreus, who claimed jurisdiction over the gun-running trade and denounced the Gautrau. After Atreus shot and killed his partner in the venture, Sam decided to take retribution. Gaining access to one of Graystone Industries' U-87 Cyber Combat Units, he sent the Cylon prototype to Atreus' hideout at the Skybar in Caprica City. There the U-87 opened fire on Atreus' men, killing everyone in the bar before turning its weapons on Atreus himself. Inspired by the efficiency with which the U-87 dispatched his rivals, Sam attempted to persuade the Guatrau to smuggle Cylons to Tauron, telling him that just one robot could turn the tide of the rebellion (CAP: "False Labor").

The Guatrau, however, rejected Sam's proposal, having secured a deal with the Soldiers of the One terror group for a shipment of U-87s. Incensed by the move and fearing not only the business repercussions but also the possibility of being executed for treason, Daniel came to Sam for help, proposing that they betray the Guatrau and smuggle U-87s to Tauron if Sam failed to carry out the Gautrau's order to assassinate him. In the process of preparing the first U-87 shipment, Sam's intentions were discovered by Joseph. Reminding his older brother of the pain his family endured in the first civil war, Sam gained Joseph's support for the plan (CAP: "Blowback," "The Dirteaters").

Realm of the Deadwalkers

With shipments of Cylons underway, Sam was approached by Daniel with another business proposition: accompany him into the New Cap City game as an experienced fighter to help him find and secure the avatars of Zoe and Tamara. Offended by the implication that he was "hired muscle" and by the suggestion that the avatars were anything more than sick imitations of the two girls, he rejected the offer. Sam angrily confronted Willie later that evening over a t-shirt depicting the now famous girls as the "Avenging Angels." After the incident, Evelyn demanded that Sam dispose of the Tamara avatar for the sake of Joseph's emotional health, and he agreed to take the job, for a considerable fee. Entering the game world, Sam joined Daniel and Amanda on horseback and began the search for the "deadwalkers" (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

Sam soon proved his combat value by shooting three vicious creatures conjured by Zoe to attack the group. However, as the trip progressed, Amanda developed a vague recollection of an earlier encounter with Sam, and grew increasingly suspicious of him. Daniel confronted Sam about his true intentions. Sam admitted his desire to eliminate "that thing that looks like Tammy" but claimed to be indifferent about Zoe. After Daniel suggested that he might not help him kill Tamara, Sam threatened both Graystones, but before the conversation could go further, Amanda shot him twice, ejecting him permanently from the game (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").


Sam instantly emerged from the game, and realized what he had missed: his brother had left several frantic messages after nearly being murdered by one of the Guatrau's men as punishment for defying the Guatrau over the U-87s. Sam hurried to Goldie's to meet Joseph, gather fake identification and cash, and escape Caprica with their families. Before they could leave Goldie's, more of the Guatrau's men appeared. Sam tried to negotiate on behalf of Joseph and Willie, without success. At that moment, Willie ran into the club, making just enough of a distraction for Sam and Joseph to fight back and overwhelm the others. Sam beamed with pride in Willie, but quickly saw that a stray gunshot had struck his nephew's abdomen, and several seconds later, Willie expired (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").

Sam kept watch over Joseph's apartment and family into the following morning. To everyone's surprise, Fidelia Fazekas, daughter of the Guatrau, arrived unarmed to express her father's sorrow and to announce that because of the tragedy, the Adamas were now safe. In response, Sam pinned Fizekas' head to a table and taunted her at gunpoint. He released her at Joseph's bidding, allowing her and Joseph to negotiate a meeting with the Guatrau himself.

During the brief meeting in V-world, it quickly became apparent that the Guatrau would be unwilling to yield any further. Sam slipped behind the Guatrau in the real world and wrapped a plastic bag over his head, nearly suffocating him – with Fizekas' approval. Once the Guatrau emerged from V-world, Sam held his former leader down as Joseph force fed him a suicide capsule (CAP: "Apotheosis").

Five Years Later

Sam's relationship with Larry appeared to continue at least until 53 BCH. In that year, Sam and his husband attended a Tauron religious ceremony at Joseph and Evelyn's home for their young son, William Adama (CAP: "Apotheosis").

Family Tree

William Adama Sr.
Isabelle Adama
Sam Adama
Evelyn Adama
Joseph Adama
Shannon Adama
Carolanne Adama
William "Bill" Adama
Tamara Adama
William "Willie" Adama
Zak Adama
Lee Adama
Anastasia Dualla


  • In an e-mail, Espenson revealed that Sam's patron God is Mars and that a large element of his chest tattoo is a personal tribute to Mars. The letters Gamma, Delta, Phi, Psi, and Omega tattooed on the upper part of Sam's chest are indicators of the oath he swore to the Ha'la'tha. An Omega tattooed below Sam's right ear indicates his marital status. If Larry were to die, the bottom part of the Omega would be sealed up. [1]


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