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Colony Caprica
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Introduced Reins of a Waterfall
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Portrayed by Kendall Cross
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Youngblood (given name unspecified) is a Global Defense Department (GDD) agent partnered with Jordan Duram during the investigation of the Maglev 23 bombing and the Soldiers of the One's activites.

A year prior to the Maglev 23 bombing, she interrogated Ben Stark when he was found violating curfew laws and carrying explosives, claiming they were for model rockets. She accidentally recorded the tape under Stark(e) and released him lacking probable cause to hold him. One month after the bombing the tape resurfaced, and GDD Director Gara Singh was upset, both that she'd let Stark go, and that she hadn't destroyed the tape.

Duram unleashed the media on the Graystone household to pressure the judiciary into giving the GDD a search warrant for the Graystone home and offices, in addition to the Athena Academy. He told Singh this was Youngblood's idea, and Singh said she was "halfway" back (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall," "Gravedancing"). She holds a prejudiced view of Gemenese, espousing her belief that any "Gemenese scum luring good Caprican kids into a killer cult deserves to be destroyed" (CAP: "Gravedancing"). However, she is skeptical of Duram's belief that Sister Clarice Willow has been recruiting Athena Academy students and orchestrating STO activities, and is unwilling to help him pursue her (CAP: "Retribution").