Lacy Rand

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Lacy Rand
Lacy Rand


Age 16
Colony Caprica;
relocates to Gemenon
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Nickname Lace
Introduced Caprica
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Role Athena Academy student;
STO recruit;
supreme head of the Monad Church
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Portrayed by Magda Apanowicz
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Lacy Rand is a student at the Athena Academy on Caprica and best friend of Zoe Graystone. Following Graystone's death, Rand becomes one of the Zoe avatar's only links to the outside world, helping orchestrate her escape to Gemenon by joining the Soldiers of the One.

Early Life

Lacy Rand grew up in the suburbs of Caprica City. Though her mother was a blue collar worker (repairing motorcycles for a living), she raised Lacy in an environment Rand described as "formal" (CAP: "Rebirth", "Reins of a Waterfall" and "Gravedancing").

Deleted dialogue in "Unvanquished" refers to Lacy's mother as an alcoholic.
Lacy Rand in front of her childhood home.

As a teenager, Rand attended high school at Athena Academy, learning the teachings of the Goddess Athena, under polytheist cleric and headmistress Clarice Willow. Rand also attended school with her best friend, Zoe Graystone - with whom Lacy would frequently visit the virtual world's "V-Club" to take part in the simulated group sex rooms. Despite the closeness of their relationship, Rand and Graystone began to drift apart (CAP: "Pilot", "Rebirth" and "Reins of a Waterfall").

Though Athena Academy's curriculum required Rand to take part in several prayer groups, Lacy was convinced by Zoe Graystone and her boyfriend Ben Stark to join a different kind of prayer group - one devoted to the worship of the monotheist God. According to Stark, "You pray, Lace, but your Gods don't answer, you hurt but your Gods don't heal. You go to the V-Club for sex and sin, but it doesn't fill the void in your soul." (CAP: "Pilot")

Convinced by the teachings of the Monotheist Church, Rand became devout in her worship of the "One True God," forming a close bond with Zoe Graystone and coming to see the decadence of the V-Club as moral corruption (CAP: "Pilot").

Death of Zoe Graystone

Lacy watches the Lev carrying Zoe Graystone depart.

Though they shared a close bond, Lacy Rand was left much in the dark about Zoe Graystone's activities relating to the monotheist movement. Rand was aware, however vaguely, of Zoe's work in the creation of a living avatar, one that acted as a permanent manifestation of Zoe inside V-world. She also agreed to join Zoe and Ben Stark in their move to Gemenon, told only that there would be a "new family" waiting for them. (CAP: "Caprica (pilot)," "Rebirth).

When the time comes to leave Caprica, however, Rand backs out, watching her friends depart on the MagLev train bound for the Caprica City Spaceport. The train, though, never reaches its destination. As the Lev departs, Ben Stark detonates an explosive, killing everybody aboard the train, including Zoe Graystone (CAP: "Pilot").

Finding the Avatar

Devastated by the loss of her best friend, Rand seeks the counsel of Clarice Willow. Secretly a cell leader in the monotheist terror group the Soldiers of the One, Clarice is aware of Zoe's avatar program, though unable to access it. Clarice urges Rand to seek out any work Zoe had been conducting as a way of feeling closer to her deceased friend - and hoping she will lead Clarice to the avatar program (CAP: "Pilot").

Lacy reunites with Zoe as the U-87.

To that end, Rand visits the home of the Graystone family, where she accesses Zoe's computer sheet and locates the avatar in V-world. Rand is shocked to find the avatar reeling from the death of the real Zoe; the Zoe avatar pleads with her to acknowledge it as a the real Zoe Graystone - not just a computer-generated simulacrum. Rand concedes, embracing her friend for the first time in her virtual "skin" (CAP: "Pilot").

Accessing the avatar from Zoe's home computer system some time later, Rand is caught by Zoe's father, Daniel Graystone, who insists Rand show him the avatar. Taking Daniel into the hacked underbelly of the virtual world, Rand introduces Daniel to the virtual copy of his dead daughter and unwittingly allows him to capture her code (CAP: "Pilot").


With Rand out of communication with Zoe and unaware of Daniel Graystone's plans for the avatar, Rand is shocked to receive a phone call from a familiar voice - that of Zoe Graystone, now living within the body of a U-87 robot soldier (CAP: "Pilot").

Once again sneaking into the Graystone home, Rand returns to find Zoe living in secret as the seven-foot Cylon prototype. Overcoming her reluctance at seeing her best friend in such a horrific form, Rand accepts Zoe in her unusual form and agrees to help her (CAP: "Rebirth").

Introduction to the STO

Sister Clarice attempts to "mentor" Lacy.

As Caprican authorities square in on Ben Stark and the Soldiers of the One as the perpetrators of the bombing, Rand is questioned by GDD Agent Jordan Duram. Forced to lie about her knowledge of Stark and Graystone's religious beliefs, Rand becomes riddled with guilt. Once again seeking solace from Sister Clarice, she confesses her association with the monotheist movement, only to learn that Clarice herself is STO (CAP: "Pilot").

Not fully trusting Sister Clarice, Rand agrees to visit Willow's home, where she meets the various members of the headmistress' group marriage. Despite the glimpse into Clarice's life outside the Athena Academy, Rand only distrusts her more, from then on avoiding contact with her. Meeting regularly with Zoe in the Virtual World, Rand is tasked with finding a way to transport the U-87 to Gemenon, to complete the original Zoe's mission (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall").

Zoe asks Rand to track down Keon Gatwick, a member of Ben Stark's STO cell. Having been taunted by him at school, Rand approaches Keon aggressively, tackling him and demanding information about the Soldiers of the One. As Keon is reluctant to help her, Rand is forced to win his trust by helping him repair motorcycles - a skill she learned from her mother - at the auto shop he works at. Finally, Keon agrees to set up a meeting with Barnabas Greeley, the leader of his cell (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall" and "Gravedancing").

Barnabas' Cell

Meeting Barnabas in his lair at the Caprica City ports, Rand is unable to explain precisely what she needs transported to Gemenon. Still, with persistence, Rand is allowed to join Barnabas' prayer groups. Quickly showing her mettle and earning Barnabas' trust, Rand continues to work toward freeing Zoe. Providing her with a container that would clear Gemenese customs, Barnabas asks Rand to return the favor — plant a "tracking" device on Sister Clarice. At first hesitant, Rand does as she was asked, planting the device on Clarice's keyring (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy" and "End of Line").

Barnabas, Lacy and the crate to Gemenon.

Back in Barnabas' lair, however, Rand learns the true purpose of the device: a detonator. With Keon working the controls, Rand feels betrayed. At first refusing to go along with murdering Clarice, Rand relents when Barnabas holds a gun to her head, then Keon's, threatening to kill him if she does not comply. Activating the remote detonator, Rand watches as the bomb in Clarice's trunk ignites. Though Clarice is able to escape unharmed, Rand is by then well in over her head (CAP: "End of Line").

With a means of finally securing Zoe passage to Gemenon, Rand's task is nearly complete. However, she is too late and Zoe — at risk of having her program deleted — is forced to flee Graystone Industries. Angry and betrayed, Zoe accuses Rand of failing her, just like she let down the original Zoe Graystone on the Maglev some months ago. Zoe escapes confinement, but her robot body is damaged in a collision with Caprican military vehicles and her avatar returns to the virtual world (CAP: "End of Line" and "Unvanquished").


Lacy training to become STO.

Without her mission to help Zoe, Rand becomes fully immersed in Barnabas' STO terror cell, training in the use of firearms and participating in blood-letting rituals (CAP: "Unvanquished").

Deleted scenes from "Unvanquished" depict Lacy as hesitant to continue working with Barnabas following the disappearance of Zoe-A and the attempted murder of Sister Clarice. She also expresses objections to Barnabas' indulgence in sex and drug use, contrary to his religious teachings. In an excised storyline, Lacy attempts to break free of Barnabas' hold by going to GDD Headquarters in an attempt to meet with Agent Durham. Barnabas, however, intercepts Lacy and threatens to kill her if she defects, forcing her to grudgingly return to his cell.

As part of her initiation into Barnbas' circle, Rand joins cell members Pann and Hippolyta in planting explosives at the Caprica Interplanetary Spaceport. Confronted by spaceport security, Rand is unable to plant her bomb, managing to elude capture but botching the entire attempt. With the cell's activities capturing the attention of the press and the Caprican Government, Sister Clarice takes the opportunity to seek revenge for the attempt on her life, killing Pann and Hyppolyta (CAP: "Retribution").

Finding Barnbas at a construction site in downtown Caprica City, Rand begs for forgiveness for the botched bombing. However, Barnabas no longer trusts her, accusing Rand of working for Clarice. As the situation deteriorates, Keon Gatwick attempts to quit the cell, prompting Barnabas to shoot him. Charging in on the scene, Sister Clarice handcuffs Barnabas to an explosive and kidnaps Rand, watching from the street as the bomb detonates (CAP: "Retribution").

Lacy held captive in Sister Clarice's attic.

Clarice's Hostage

Locked in the attic of Willow's family home, Rand is given water that keeps her in a perpetually drugged state. She is occasionally visited by Willow's husband, Nestor Willow, who sometimes berates her and other times comforts her. Finally, after a failed escape attempt and refusing to eat, Rand is visited by Clarice Willow, who presses her for information about Zoe's avatar program. With the robot destroyed and the real Zoe long dead, Rand gives into Willow's questioning, telling her that a backup copy might exist in a piece of costume jewelry once owned by the real Zoe Graystone (CAP: "Things We Lock Away").


Satisfied with the information she provided, Clarice Willow sends Rand with her other husband, Olaf Willow, who drives her to the Caprican Spaceport and gives her a one-way ticket to Gemenon. Despite Clarice's insistence that Rand be sent to train with the STO, Olaf Willow tells Rand that he knows she'll be back, and that he looks forward to it (CAP: "Things We Lock Away").

Attempted Hijacking

Lacy and Odin Sinclair aboard the hijacked ship.

At the spaceport on Gemenon, Lacy Rand encounters a fellow traveler, Odin Sinclair, before being collected by STO training camp leader Diego. Aboard a sub-orbital vessel headed for the Monotheist Church retreat, Rand and Sinclair are caught in the middle of a hijacking attempt by polytheist rebels. As their fellow passengers are given the choice of either denouncing the singular god or being shot and flushed out an airlock, Rand and Sinclair determine to take action. Displacing a metal bar from beneath the deck plates, Rand attacks the rebel leader, Kevin Reikle, beating him severely. Rather than risk Rand killing Reikle, Diego intervenes, revealing the hijacking to be a staged test as part of the new recruits' initiation into the STO (CAP: "Blowback").

During the welcoming reception at the Monotheist retreat, Rand and Sinclair see the shooting of recruits who were aboard the "hijacked" flight - those who had failed the test. Sinclair looks upon the shooting as a sign of the horrible things the STO is capable of and leaves, leaving Rand alone to see the shooter: a U-87 Cyber Combat Unit, smuggled to Gemenon by the Ha'la'tha (CAP: "Blowback").


Beginning her training in the mountains of Gemenon, Rand witnesses an argument between two STO members, the higher ranking of the two ordering a U-87 guard to kill the other. As the robot soldier draws its weapon and prepares to fire, Rand steps in, ordering the U-87 to stand down. Despite repeated orders from STO leaders, the robot will only comply with orders issued by Lacy.

Lacy Rand among the STO Cylons.

In his living quarters, Diego attempts to question Rand about the incident, telling her that the U-87s will only respond to authorized controllers. Unable to explain the incident, Rand secretly suspects that the U-87 is in fact the Zoe avatar. Sneaking out of the bunks at night, Rand brings Odin Sinclair to the disused temple where dozens of U-87s are stored. Commanding the robots to power up, Rand approaches the U-87 she had interacted with earlier, distinguished by red paint applied to its chest. Though the robot responds to her commands, it does not acknowledge itself as Zoe.

Highly confused what he has just seen, Sinclair presses Rand for information. Rather than divulge her secret, however, Rand kisses Sinclair, providing a distraction (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

Rise to Power

Lacy Rand, the Holy Mother of the Monad Church.

Following the revelation of Rand's ability to control the U-87s, STO leaders come to view her as a threat, and order Sinclair to kill her. Sinclair subsequently brings Rand back to the disused temple, where he puts a pistol to her head and forces her to the ground, but hesitates to kill her. Diego and Kevin Reikle then emerge, telling Sinclair to go through with killing Rand, and telling Rand that it is because of the robots. Sinclair then pretends to prepare to shoot Rand, but instead attempts to shoot Diego and Reikle, only to find that the gun is empty. Diego begins to mock Sinclair for his failure, but before he can execute Rand himself, he and Reikle are ambushed by the other new recruits and killed in the ensuing firefight. Sinclair then proposes that he and the other recruits flee in a transport, but Rand refuses to run and instead brings the others to the chamber where the robots are stored, commanding them to power up and saying, "We have work to do" (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").

Rand successfully stages a coup over the leadership of the monotheist church and eventually takes on the position of Mother, with Sinclair serving as her lieutenant. During her time as the Blessed Mother, she receives Clarice Willow, who has traveled to Gemenon to ask for divine recognition of the "differently sentient" - the Cylon race. Rand greets her with a smile, but commands her to kneel (CAP: "Apotheosis").

Producer Kevin Murphy revealed basic plot information from the aborted second season of Caprica in a 2011 interview. In it he said, "Lacy and Odin [would] take advantage of Lacy’s odd affinity with the U-87s to drive Mother from power and enforce peace on Gemenon. The trouble is that Cylons scare the crap out of the population at large, and Lacy is perceived by Capricans as the head of a crazy cult of toaster-lovers. Circumstances would have forced Lacy into an awkward marriage of convenience with Clarice." Murphy also stated that while Lacy and Clarice would have joined forces, Daniel Graystone would have teamed up with Mother to stop them from stirring up a "robot insurrection". [1]

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