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Role Daniel Graystone's bodyguard
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Portrayed by Feguins Toussaint
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Sean is Daniel Graystone's personal bodyguard in 42YR (58 BCH).

During a memorial event for the families and friends of Maglev 23 bombing victims, Sean accompanies Daniel and Amanda Graystone to Apollo Park. While there, Daniel encounters Joseph Adama who he has avoided since the issue with Tamara Adama's avatar, and Sean attempts to intervene before being warded off by Daniel.

Later, after Amanda's ill-advised on-stage declaration that Zoe Graystone "was a terrorist," Sean summons Dell to pick up the Graystones as they flee the mob at the park. En route to the vehicle, Sean pulls out his sidearm and points it into the aggressive crowd, but does not discharge the firearm (CAP: "Rebirth").