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Lucifer is the Cylon IL-series attached to Baltar, who is assigned to seek out Galactica's Fleet and destroy them. He initially presumes that he will learn much from the Human who betrayed his own race (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

Baltar and Lucifer demonstrate from the beginning of their relationship a drastically different way of thinking. Lucifer appears to have a very good grasp of strategy and tactics, yet he is unable to anticipate Baltar's orders. Lucifer at first views this unpredictability as an asset, and is eager to observe Baltar. Lucifer is curious to see how Baltar reacts when Galactica ends up behaving in a way that neither of them seem to have anticipated, and is delighted to study under so devious a specimen (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I").

Lucifer grows impatient with Baltar's games very quickly, and seizes command of the basestar when Baltar goes to Kobol to try to lure the Colonials with promises of peace. He orders an attack on the Colonial forces, inadvertently freeing Adama, Apollo, and Serina as well as trapping Baltar beneath a fallen stone inside the Tomb of the Ninth Lord of Kobol (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II").

Lucifer has clear and present distrust of Specter, and attempts to convince Baltar of the problems Specter has (TOS: "The Young Lords").

His final appearance is in "War of the Gods, Part I," when Baltar decides to seek out Galactica upon discovery of the then-unknown glowing orbs. Lucifer questions that the humans would accept Baltar's offer of alliance, yet he doesn't prevent Baltar from going on his foolish expedition for reasons unknown, but possibly due to the influence of Count Iblis.


  • Lucifer is named after the fallen angel depicted in texts of Roman Catholicism and other origins, also another name for the devil. It was this angel who rebelled against God, to get control.
  • Though speculative, all IL-series Cylons may be named after some form of demon in homage to Count Iblis, who originally had control over the Cylons. Other speculation is that IL stands for Imperious Leader series.
  • In the Berkely novelizations, Lucifer has various traits that are different from this on-screen persona. Among them, Lucifer is an ambulatory cybernetic sentience and not a Cylon who claims to have created his own soul, in addition to creating other machines for various purposes. Further, he was responsible for saving Baltar's life and then coming up with the plan to find the humans using Baltar's skill sets. He actually takes a liking to Starbuck after he is taken prisoner. He tries playing the card came Pyramid with Starbuck and is baffled when the lieutenant beats him. He finds himself unable to grasp the concept of luck as Starbuck describes it. (TOS: "The Tombs of Kobol").