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Introduced Reins of a Waterfall
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Alvo is the alias of a Soldiers of the One contact between Sister Clarice Willow on Caprica and the leadership of the STO on Gemenon. Alvo prefers a heavy veil of secrecy: in addition to ordering Willow to limit communications, their meetings are conducted exclusively in V-World in a small and unadorned room, and Alvo remains a silhouette behind thick translucent glass, with his voice heavily distorted.

After the maglev bombing, Alvo informs Willow that her attempts to obtain the Zoe-A avatar have caused her to lose control of the STO on Caprica, exposing the organization to unwanted scrutiny (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall"). Later, as conflict builds between Willow and Barnabas Greeley over command of operations on Caprica, Alvo reports that the STO leadership is moving to support Greeley over her, due to her lack of tangible results (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy").

Alvo's true identity is Gara Singh, director of the Caprica City division of the Global Defense Department. This grants him an unparalleled ability to use GDD resources to help Clarice stay ahead of attempts to stop her activities (CAP: "Blowback," "Apotheosis").