Safiya Sanne

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Safiya Sanne, Leonis representative
Safiya Sanne, Picon representative

Safiya Sanne is a delegate on the Quorum of Twelve. The colony he represents is unclear—he is shown twice over two different placards, for Picon and Leonis.

Both placards clearly identify him as the representative of the appropriate colony, and in both scenes he is seated on the left of Robin Wenutu, Canceron delegate. In both instances, the flag over which he is seated matches that of Leonis. Also, while a page from the Quorum agenda[1] identifies him as Leonis's delegate, Billy Keikeya appears to verbally identify him as the Picon delegate. In that capacity, during deliberations for the election of a Vice President, Sanne flips Picon's vote from Wallace Gray to Tom Zarek (TRS: "Colonial Day").

Sanne is not present when the Quorum convenes on Galactica after President Laura Roslin's incarceration (TRS: "Fragged"), nor is he on the new Quorum assembled after the Second Exodus (TRS: "The Ties That Bind").


  1. This information comes from this page from the Quorum agenda in "Colonial Day".