Metropolitan Levitation Mass Transit

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The MLMT train arriving at a Caprica City station.

The Metropolitan Levitation Mass Transit (also known as the MLMT, Lev, or maglev) train is a public transportation system in use in Caprica. The MLMT utilizes magnetic levitation to propel train cars to various destinations with platforms in cities including Caprica City.

The MLMT has stops all over Caprica City including one just outside Atlas Arena (CAP: "Apotheosis").

Maglev 23

In 42YR (58 BCH), Athena Academy student and Soldiers of the One member Ben Stark carries out the suicide bombing of Maglev 23. Aboard the train are Stark's girlfriend Zoe Graystone as well as Shannon and Tamara Adama, all killed in the bombing (CAP: "Pilot").

Caprican Global Defense Department Agents Jordan Durham and Youngblood are assigned to investigate the bombing, pursuing evidence that lead them to mistakenly believe Zoe Graystone was a conspirator in the attack (CAP: "Pilot" and "Rebirth").

While the bombing wasn't condoned by the Soldiers of the One leadership or the Monotheist Church, Sister Clarice Willow refuses to condemn Ben Stark for his actions (CAP: "Pilot"). Nevertheless, Willow takes the act as an affront to her leadership from fellow cell leader Barnabus Greely who, along with Stark, Keon Gatwick and others, planned the bombing as a more aggressive tack in fighting Caprican decadence and moral corruption (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy" and "End of Line").



  • The name Metropolitan Levitation Mass Transit comes from scene descriptions within the script of the pilot episode of Caprica. It is referred to in dialog only as the MLMT train or Lev, shorthand for magnetic levitation. [1]
  • The MLMT train station appearing in the Caprica pilot was in reality the Granville Station, an underground SkyTrain station in Vancouver, British Columbia. [2] [3] For the production, Vancouver signage was changed to represent Caprica City and the SkyTrain itself was replaced with a digital model, though an advertisement for H&M managed to sneak into the scene. [4]
  • The Atlas Arena MLMT train station seen in "Apotheosis" was filmed at the Coal Harbour Community Centre, where other scenes for the episode were also shot. [5]