Know Thy Enemy

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Know Thy Enemy
"Know Thy Enemy"
An episode of the Caprica Series
Episode No. Season 1, Episode 6
Writer(s) John Zinman
Patrick Massett
Story by John Zinman
Patrick Massett
Matthew B. Roberts
Director Michael Nankin
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 106
Nielsen Rating 0.5[1]
US airdate USA March 5, 2010
CAN airdate CAN
UK airdate UK
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There is Another Sky Know Thy Enemy The Imperfections of Memory
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Tomas Vergis comes to Caprica to seek vengeance on Daniel Graystone for two workers who were killed during the theft of his meta-cognitive processor. Sister Clarice tries to steal Zoe Graystone's avatar, a move that will reveal her plan and gain attention from STO soldiers who now follow the reckless Barnabas Greeley.



  • At the headquarters of the Vergis Corporation in Tauron City, Tomas Vergis walks to his lab--and notices that a keypad lock has been ripped out of the wall. He pushes the door open and enters the corporation's MCP Research Laboratory. A piece of equipment is missing. When he looks up, he sees blood smears on a wall, and on the floor beneath, two dead bodies.
  • One month later, at a museum on Caprica, Daniel and Amanda Graystone are enjoying a black tie function attended by many Graystone Industries shareholders; Daniel is receiving congratulations from the shareholders, the C-Bucs have won today's game, and some time has passed since anyone has called Amanda "Terror Mom." As they dance, Daniel freezes upon seeing Vergis standing next to a sculpture. Vergis defends himself against Daniel's accusation of crashing the party, and abruptly tells him about the theft and murders. "We should get together while I'm on-world," Vergis says. "Discuss the situation."
  • Upon returning to the Graystone Estate, Amanda asks about the exchange. Daniel claims that Vergis' only interest was a claim of intellectual property infringement related to the U-87. In the middle of their discussion, Serge interrupts to announce that Cyrus Xander has arrived. As Daniel walks downstairs, Amanda calls out to him, "You'll tell me the rest when you're ready, yeah?"
  • Xander asks Daniel for more details about Vergis' claims, while holding on to the hope that since there have been no legal charges related to the theft or the murders, Graystone and their company are still safe. Gradually, Daniel reveals that the Ha'la'tha was involved. Xander is flabbergasted and furious--and eavesdropping from inside the U-87, Zoe-A is troubled by the revelation. Xander calms down and offers advice for his meeting with Vergis. Daniel leaves to talk to someone about the matter, which Xander guesses is his "mob friend."

Act 1

  • Joseph Adama comes home with an Emptor Electronics bag, from which he takes out a holoband package. He activates the holoband, puts it on, and is transported to the interior of the virtual Graystone Industries building. Before he can get his bearings, a very bright-eyed, cheerful, and loud copy of Daniel welcomes him. Joseph tries repeatedly to get help finding his wife and daughter and accessing the "hacked worlds," but the avatar insists on showing him menus for licensed areas, while reminding him of the penalties for illegal operation. From somewhere, Joseph hears footsteps.
  • Without warning, Daniel is standing over him in the apartment, backed up by his bodyguard, and removing Joseph's holoband. He accuses Joseph of intentionally allowing Vergis to know about his involvement in the MCP theft. Joseph counters by telling him that Vergis is a friend of the Guatrau, and that if Vergis had known, Joseph would already be dead. He changes tracks, telling Daniel about Tamara-A, which Daniel refuses to believe. They start to yell until Willie wakes up. The two men quietly finish, warning one another.
  • Daniel cuts vegetables in his kitchen, thinking all the time about Vergis' claims and imagining the murders.
  • Clarice listens to a wireless report about another bombing of a holo cafe. Olaf and Nestor Willow think it is Barnabas Greeley, a move that Clarice believes is badly timed. Nestor interrupts, telling her about a swipe drive which can be used to capture the Zoe avatar and to create more avatars. Clarice acknowledge it, but reminds him that Zoe-A is not just an avatar, but a continuation of the eternal soul. Nestor tells her that she has to get close to Daniel's computer with the swipe drive, and use it to take Zoe.
  • Amanda takes a call. Clarice tells Amanda that she was "wonderful" on Sarno, and asks if she could come to the house to say goodbye to Zoe. Amanda walks into an empty room and tells Clarice that the Global Defense Department took all of Zoe's things. Clarice offers to bring some of Zoe's books to Amanda.
  • Joseph asks Sam Adama if there is anything the Guatrau could trace back to the two of them. Sam denies it, but Joseph pushes. Impatiently and vaguely, Sam tells his brother he did his job.
  • In the Graystone Industries boardroom, Vergis eats an imperfect Tauron steak in front of Daniel, who is confused by Vergis' change of mood. Daniel tells him flatly that he had no part in the crimes--but Vergis interrupts, informing him that now he is interested in buying the Caprica Buccaneers for 300 million cubits. He offers several explanations why, but ends by reminding Daniel that Graystone Industries needs cash in order to buy enough time to solve its problems with the MCP.

Act 2

  • Philomon takes a break in the Graystone Industries U-87 lab to smoke and to check his V-Match account; to his dismay, no one seems to be interested in him. He has a mock conversation with the U-87 about dating--until Daniel walks in.
  • In a warehouse on the Caprica City docks guarded by men with machine guns, Keon Gatwick informs Barnabas Greeley about Lacy's request. Keon vouches for her. Greeley walks out of his room, and shocks Keon with the sight of his right arm wrapped tightly and painfully with barbed wire; as Greeley puts it, "Pain keeps our brain from going down bad paths." He tells Keon that if God is guiding Lacy, then she will be accepted.
  • Clarice uses her holoband, and is sitting in a small confessional-like room with her disguised STO contact, Alvo. S/he tells Clarice that the "Conclave" supports Greeley over her quest for apotheosis. She argues that she needs more time in order to give the Conclave something tangible.
  • Walking through the halls of Graystone Industries, Xander tries to convince Daniel of the merit in Vergis' offer for the C-Bucs. Nothing they have done so far with the MCP has been successful, and the cash could give them the opportunity to find a solution. Daniel, however, remain suspicious.
  • Serge greets Clarice at the front door of the Graystone estate. Clarice is unsure how to respond to Serge, seemingly inexperienced with robots. Amanda intercedes and invites her in cheerfully, but grows quiet after accepting Zoe's books. They talk briefly about Agent Jordan Duram, and then Clarice notes a decanter of Scorpion Ambrosia. Both have a taste for it, even though most Capricans detest it. They start to drink, and Amanda invites Clarice into Daniel's lab to see Zoe's drawings.
  • At the Adama apartment, Joseph shows security camera photographs of Tad Thorean to Evelyn, and asks her to personally locate him.
  • Clarice's attention is drawn from Zoe's pictures to the U-87. She manages to place the swipe drive onto Daniel's computer and starts to download. She and Amanda talk about Zoe's hatred of Daniel's work and how she would react to having a "killer robot" in the house. Just as the download is completed, Amanda excuses herself for being drunk. They say farewell and embrace, with Clarice still clutching the drive.

Act 3

  • Keon and Lacy arrive at the dock and meet with Greeley. Lacy hesitates to tell him the nature of what she wants transported offworld, admitting only that Zoe died trying to do so. Greeley rejects the request and dismisses her. He erupts at Keon for bringing her, but calms himself and encourages Keon to find out the nature of the cargo before making a final decision.
  • Alone in the estate lab, Zoe-A accesses a computer and hastily types a response to Philomon's V-Match profile.
  • In the Caprica mediasphere, Vergis' offer for the C-Bucs is announced, the Global Defense Department raises the security threat level to "Serious," and the latest episode of Backtalk with Baxter Sarno begins.
  • Baxter Sarno introduces his next guest, an inventor, philanthropist, and an "excellent kisser"--Vergis. He presents Sarno with Tauron cigars, jokes about his rivalry with Daniel, and expresses sympathy for the Graystones and for others who were close to the victims of the Maglev bombing. He then pleasantly surprises the audience by announcing his intention to become a Caprican citizen.

Act 4

  • Philomon is working late when he receives an alert about a V-Match response from "Rachel." He slips on a holoband and enters the V-Club to meet her. Although Zoe-A is wearing glasses, Philomon instantly recognizes the face of Zoe Graystone. "Rachel" explains it as a failed attempt to protect herself from unwanted attention. Philomon confesses that despite the bombing, he admires Zoe Graystone's sense of principles.
  • Olaf and Nestor find Clarice at the Dive Bar, close to unconsciousness from alcohol and other drugs. However, they quickly find the swipe drive and note that she has completed her mission.
  • Daniel wakes up in the middle of the night, consumed with thoughts about the murders in Vergis' laboratory.

Act 5

  • Evelyn enters the Adama apartment with copies of Tad Thorean's Caprica City driver's license and high school ID. She asks to look underneath a bandage at the tattoo on his chest. They both become awkwardly aware of their proximity to one another.
  • Talking over drinks in his living room, Daniel confidently rejects Vergis' offer for the C-Bucs and calls him out on his pretense of Caprican identity and allegiance, all a part of a scheme to win over Daniel's military contract. Vergis does not lie about his desire for the contract, but he continues that his real goal is "to tear up your dream." The two men killed during the break-in were close to him, "like brothers," so close that he served as no-ness to their children. He rolls up his sleeve and shows Daniel a long row of Tauron tattoos covering his forearm, with two marks near the top indicating these children, who are now orphans. Vergis pledges to take away the precious things in Daniel's life: the C-Bucs, Graystone Industries, and more.


  • In a reference to the Original Series, a man on Talk Wireless mentions the Book of the Word at the beginning of Act Three.
  • According to The Caprican, the art Daniel Graystone and Tomas Vergis appreciate while speaking to one another is from Kobol. It is also real-life art by Bill Reid, Raven and the First Men, on exhibit in Vancouver and displayed on the back of the "Canadian Journey" series twenty dollar bill.
  • The first on-screen depiction of Tauron City is borrowed from Libran as shown in "The Plan." A small number of buildings were added to the shot, along with a wider view of the nighttime sky.
  • Philomon's V-Match profile identifies him as a fan of Gemenese monster movies and Backtalk with Baxter Sarno. Gemenese monster movies were previously referenced by Amanda Graystone in "Rebirth," stating that the U-87 reminded her of a monster that was depicted trampling Oranu.


  • In this episode, Sister Clarice confirms that her faction of the STO intended to use Zoe's avatar as a means for achieving immortality, which she terms "apotheosis." This is a curious parallel to both Daniel Graystone and Joseph Adama's own intents with the technology, as well as to the resurrection capabilities of the humanoid Cylons. It is likely that this latter parallel is intentional and possibly connected, although it is also known from "No Exit" that the Final Five are responsible for (re)creating resurrection technology. Additionally, "Guess What's Coming to Dinner?" makes it clear that the Significant Seven do not know how the technology works. The difference is that the process of Cylon resurrection does not create a digital clone of a person's personality, but rather downloads the same personality back into a humanoid Cylon body. The duplication part of "apotheosis" parallels the existence of multiple copies of the Cylon models.
  • Just prior to the attacks on the Twelve Colonies as shown in "The Plan," the Hybrid reporting on the progress of the attack utters the line "Apotheosis was the beginning before the beginning," possibly confirming a link between Clarice's aims and the evolution of the Cylon race.
  • Although Lacy Rand's meeting with Barnabas appeared to be fruitless, it was not necessarily so. Barnabas revealed in the following conversation with Keon that he is willing to work with Lacy, so long as he knows what she's up to.
  • It is possible, given the STO's interest in Zoe Graystone's avatar program that they will attempt to create digital avatars of themselves, as well as dead people they know.
  • Evelyn's intimate moment with Joseph Adama, while brief, indicates that Evelyn may indeed become Willie's stepmother, which would validate his parentage as established in "Hero".
  • The STO are headed by a body called the Conclave, for which Barnabas acts as an enforcer.


  • Did Clarice really obtain Zoe's avatar program? If so, will she and the STO make more avatars with it? (Answer)
  • Will the program ever be used to make more than one avatar of the same person?
  • Given the similarities between "apotheosis" (as described by Clarice's faction) and resurrection is there any connection between the two? If so are Zoe-A and Tamara-A related to the Significant Eight's original selves (before they assumed humanoid form)?
  • How does Tomas Vergis plan to ruin Daniel?
    • Will he succeed?
  • Will Vergis discover Joseph Adama's connection to the robbery? If so, how will the Guatrau react?
  • Does Zoe-A have an ulterior motive in befriending Philomon within the V-world? Or is she simply lonely? (Answer)
  • Will Philomon discover Zoe-A's true identity? If so, how will he react? (Answer)
  • Will Evelyn's relations with Joseph Adama advance beyond the professional? (Answer)
  • Is Barnabas Greeley mentally unstable?
  • What makes Greeley such a fervent monotheist?
  • Will the disagreement between the factions of the STO represented by Greeley and Willow come to a head? (Answer)
  • What is a no-ness?

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Noteworthy Dialogue

Clarice: Ooh, that's a scary thing.
Amanda: Oh yeah, that. That is the very, very important defense project that Daniel's been working on. Frakkin' ugly monster.

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