Jordan Duram

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Jordan Duram
Jordan Duram


Colony Caprica
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Introduced Caprica pilot
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Role Global Defense Department agent
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Portrayed by Brian Markinson
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Jordan Duram is an agent for the Caprica City bureau of the Global Defense Department (GDD), Caprica's law enforcement and intelligence service.

Personal Life

Duram has been married multiple times, and has a young son. He is also a devout polytheist, which may be one of the reasons for his passionate pursuit of the STO (CAP: "Retribution" and "Blowback").

Maglev 23 Bombing

Following the Maglev 23 bombing, he is tasked with its investigation, connecting the bombing to the terrorist group Soldiers of the One (STO), linking Ben Stark to the bombing in particular. He also has a link with Zoe Graystone to the bombing beyond that of a victim, uncovering an incriminating e-mail sent to her mother Amanda Graystone seconds before the explosion that had the tone of a goodbye note. It was a goodbye note, but only to inform her parents of her running away, as she was oblivious of Stark's true intentions―just as Amanda was oblivious to Zoe's relationship with Stark, when Duram questions her on it. However, from Duram's perspective and the context of the bombing, in addition to Amanda's declaration at Apollo Park, such act implicates Zoe's involvement with the STO (CAP: "Pilot", "Rebirth" and "Reins of a Waterfall").

Pursuing that theory, Duram later uses the ensuing media attention and a sympathetic judge to secure a warrant from Inter-Colonial Court that allows him to search both the Graystone Estate and the Athena Academy for further evidence of Zoe's guilt. However, he gave credit to fellow agent Youngblood in an effort to get her back into Director Gara Singh's good graces after an earlier clerical error which indirectly allowed the bombing to occur (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall").

Duram later asks for permission to include the media in the search, receiving permission from Singh, but with the caveat that the search must be "tasteful" (CAP: "Gravedancing").


  • In "Rebirth," the character's name was spelled Durham on-screen. However, screenplays, credits and behind the scenes evidence suggest that this was just an error by the art department.
  • Brian Markinson's upgrade from guest star to series star as of "Rebirth" suggests that the writers had planned to include more of the character in the show. He appears less often than any of the other main cast, having been featured in only half of the show's eighteen episodes.