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Timelines of the Battlestar Galactica series

The timeline below chronicles the events depicted in the Original Series, as well as the events that occurred in the various separate continuity sources.

The timeline for the Berkley novelizations does include elements from the spin-off series Galactica 1980, because of the Galactica Discovers Earth novelization.

The timeline is given in yahrens, the Colonial term for "years." The date around which the timeline revolves is 7322, the only date given in the series, and one from the Colonial calendar. This was the yahren when the Cylons attacked Umbra on Caprica, as mentioned in "The Man with Nine Lives."

Dynamite Entertainment comics

The Dynamite Entertainment comics, particularly the Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck series, make specific mention of key cornerstone yahrens that are the basis of this particular timeline:

Ancient history

Thousand-Yahren War

Maximum Press comics

In War of Eden 2, Rob Liefeld noted that Maximum Press follows the established canon of the Original Series, eschewing Galactica 1980. Therefore, the timeline of the Original Series' episodes is included here, interspersed with data from the comics. It is later noted in the timeline printed in Starbuck 1 admits to using the Encyclopedia Galactica reference.

The acronym "CY" is for the term "Colonial Yahren," which appears in the Maximum Press comics.

Ancient history

History of the Colonial and Cylon conflict

The Seventh Millennium of Time (7342—62 CY)

  • 7357: Wilker paralyzed in a Cylon attack, pursues research into transferring a human consciousness into positronic brains, which succeeds (The Enemy Within 3).
  • 7362 (T-minus ~3 sectons): "A few sectons" before the jump to Earth, Starbuck modifies his reverse boosters, that allow him to evade two pursuing Cylons (War of Eden 1).

Discovery of Earth (7362—? CY)

  • 7362:
    • Zero Hour: 0—36 centons: Commander Apollo and all 162 vessels in the Fleet make the final jump to Earth, finding the planet devoid of human life. Apollo orders all Viper squadrons to scan the planet for signs of the Thirteenth Tribe (War of Eden 1).
    • 6 centaurs, 36 centons: Lieutenant Box, Captain Starbuck and Colonel Boomer detect a low intensity energy probe from Central Africa that locks on their ships.
    • 6 centaurs, 56 centons—to 7 centaurs:
      • After obtaining permission to land, Box, Boomer and Starbuck discover the Earth is inhabited by dinosaurs, with the exception of an odd pyramid possibly from Kobol. Box is nearly killed by the dinosaur, which itself is killed (War of Eden 12).
      • Count Iblis appears to Baltar, offering him the way to Earth in order to fight a great battle there; this battle he calls the "War of Eden" (War of Eden 12).
    • Sometime later: Adama extracted from status (War of Eden 2), only to die at Baltar's hands later (War of Eden 4).
    • 6 sectons:
      • Discovery of a Kobolian craft on course for Earth.
    • 6 sectons, 34 centons: Cain reports this to Apollo, who sends out a boarding party that recovers Ares, a Cylon android apparently in suspended animation. Later, after awakening, he claims to be a member of the Thirteenth Tribe (The Enemy Within 1).


  1. Despite Starbuck claiming "it's been fifteen yahrens," this is an exaggeration; it has been 13 yahrens.
  2. This information is based on the ages of Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict at the time of filming, which was 33.
  3. This information is based on Noah Hathaway's age at the time of filming, which was seven.