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Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 #5
Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol 3 #5
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 5
Writer(s) Cullen Bunn
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Penciller(s) Alex Sanchez
Inker(s) {{{inker}}}
Colorist(s) Daniela Miwa
Letterer(s) Sal Cipriano
Editor(s) Matt Idelson
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Cover Artist(s) Alex Sanchez (Covers A & C)
Michael Adams (Cover B)
Adaptation of
Published December 14, 2016
Collected in Battlestar Galactica: Folly of the Gods
Reprinted as
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ISBN 725130250643
Population 0 Survivors
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The combined forces of the Colonial Warriors and the Cylon Raiders fend off Count Iblis' fiendish armada. But Iblis is determined to have his vengeance against the enigmatic Seraphs, even if he has to sacrifice every living soul on the fleet to do it! As the battle reaches its epic conclusion, the Galactica embarks in a surprising new direction![1]


The Seraphs Intercede

  • The Meclon Raiders converge on the newly arrived Ship of Lights, allowing the combined forces of Vipers and Raiders to go on the offensive.
  • Meclon Raiders engage in suicide runs against the Ship of Lights, with debris heading into The Fleet and Galactica.
  • Aboard Galactica Salik and Cassiopeia tend to patients in life center; Boxey and Muffit shelter in place; and the Quorum of Twelve shelter in place in their council chambers.
  • On core command, Apollo realizes that Adama is possessed by Iblis. Being the only one to realize it, Apollo reacts by drawing his laser pistol on Adama, and Tigh intercedes the attempt. While Baltar shares his thoughts on "ridiculous drama" to Lucifer, Tigh disarms Apollo and orders the Warrior's confinement to his quarters.
  • Apollo mentally reaches out to Adama, and Adama is able to use the mental link to fight off Iblis' possession; Adama is mentally whole again.
  • In space, the Ship of Lights succumbs to the attack, reaching out to both Viper and Raider pilots with a high-pitched sound that precedes the destruction of the Seraphs' vessel. The ship implodes on itself, destroying the Meclon attackers in the process, and tears a hole that leads them back into the known universe.
  • The Seraphs materialize on Galactica, revealing that they knew of Iblis' trap and they waited to show themselves once Iblis had been purged from Adama's being. With Iblis "gone for now," the Seraphs note that the destruction of their ship will show the way back. Adama orders the space superiority craft to escort each individual civilian ship through the tear.
  • Baltar objects, saying that he cannot leave his congregation behind on Iblis' planet. The Seraphs confirm that they are being attended to "this very moment," and have been brought back to the escaping Fleet.
  • Following their exodus from Iblis' entrapment, the Seraphs preside over a peace between the Cylons and the humans, who now work together and search for "a shining planet known as Earth."


  • Cast out yet again to the planet of his creation, Iblis uses his powers to summon those who first followed him for they "have been damned for too long," shedding his false human face and proudly showing donning his true face.
  • Resurrecting his followers' spirits in Meclon form, he forms his own fleet to pursue those who have wronged him and to bring them to "ruination."


  • Breaking from previous issues, neither this issue nor its succeeding ones feature the Battlestar Galactica logo and alternate title placement on the first story page, e.g. "In the Beginning" or "Snake in the Garden."





  • Iblis' plan relies on the Seraphs to have only one ship, and that they be aboard it during its destruction at Meclon hands. It seems dubious that the Seraphs would put the entirety of their race at risk out of mere compassion, and it seems equally dubious that he was unaware of their ability to transport themselves — and anyone they seem to choose — anywhere.
  • Baltar's witticism regarding "ridiculous drama" aboard Galactica is an act of meta deadpan snark, reflecting on criticism leveled at both the Original Series and the Re-imagined Series.
  • Iblis' powers of universe creation leave swaths of opportunity. For instance, why not drain the Colonial ships of their power by defining a unique set of scientific rules? Why bother to "possess" Adama at all?


  • What other powers does Iblis have at his disposal?
  • Do the Seraphs have other boltholes? Other ships?
  • How was their Ship of Lights dispatched so easily?
  • Will the Imperious Leader agree to a lasting peace with the humans?
  • If Iblis did create the separate universe, why build a universe where it was possible for the Colonials to thwart him?
  • Do others of Iblis' kind also possess Iblis' abilities?

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Baltar comments on Apollo's reaction to Iblis' possession of Adama:
    Baltar: Ah! With all the ridiculous drama that takes place on this vessel, it's a wonder we didn't destroy them long ago!
  • The Seraphs appear on Galactica's core command:
    Seraphs: We are here. We are among you.
    Apollo: Why? Why did you come? You had to know Iblis was trying to trap you.
    Seraphs: Yes. But knowing we would be in danger changed nothing. We were waiting. Before coming to your ship. We waited for Iblis to be purged.
    Apollo: So Iblis is gone then?
    Seraphs: Not far. Gone for now.
    Adama: But your ship... the Meclon's destroyed it.
    Seraphs: Our ship... will show you the way.
  • Iblis returns to the planet and resurrects his long dead followers:
    Come to me... come forth and serve me... serve our day of reckoning! Now is your time... time to seek revenge against those who exiled you. I shall lead you on this quest! The Seraphs have shown their weakness. Taking up with the humans. Hiding amongst them. But I will hide my true face no more!
    Let your spirits ignite the hearts of the dead ships orbiting this world... let a fleet of our own take shape! Plot a pursuit course. Chase Galactica down. We will bring them to ruination!

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