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This article covers the various depictions of Starbuck from the tie-in novelizations, comic books, and other media.

Various Continuities

Berkley Novelizations

  • In the novelization of Saga of a Star World, in the casino when Cassiopeia storms away from Starbuck, Athena angrily hands him the room key and leaves as well. Later, Athena regrets not having stayed with Starbuck. She believes she could have made him forget about Cassiopeia. During the mass exodus from the surface of Caprica, Starbuck and Cassiopeia pilot a shuttle filled with highly volatile Tylium. They barely evade the attacking Cylons and return to Galactica.
  • In The Tombs of Kobol novelization, when Starbuck is captured and taken aboard the Cylon basestar, he teaches Lucifer how to play Pyramid and beats him at the card game. Lucifer takes a liking to Starbuck.
  • In The Long Patrol novelization, the Robber that Starbuck meets is a woman. She later joins Galactica and changes her name to Roberta. In the book's final scene, Starbuck takes Roberta out to Rising Star and meets the same waiter again. Athena and Cassiopea are in a booth next to where their reserved table is, so Starbuck has the waiter take them to another area.
  • In the 12th novel The Nightmare Machine, the Cylons sneak a device aboard Galactica that causes everyone to feel enormous guilt. Starbuck is affected the worst and feels terrible about how he's treated women. Eventually, he is nearly driven insane and tries to kill Greenbean.
  • In the 13th novel Die, Chameleon!, after Chameleon is captured by alien smugglers, Cassiopeia tells Starbuck that Chameleon is his father. Starbuck goes after him and is captured by the same aliens. Later, he manages to break free, but Chameleon is taken hostage by one of the aliens who takes him away in a spacecraft. Chameleon eventually gets loose and steals a spaceship, but he has no idea what heading will take him back to Galactica. He plots his course based on the roll of a dice.

Dynamite Comics

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In addition to various comics in the Original Series timeline, Dynamite Entertainment gave this character his own 4-issue series depicting the character's origin, development as a warrior, and finding out how he was orphaned.

Marvel Comics

  • In issue #12, Starbuck, Boomer, and Athena, on recon patrol, stumble across Scavenge World, a planet composed entirely of spare parts and inhabited by alien scavengers. They are captured and brought before the throne of Eurayle, the leader of the scavenger "family." Meanwhile, Galactica is buffeted by an unexpected Cylon attack. The Cylons are momentarily averted, and the Fleet arrives at Scavenge World. Learning of Galactica's situation, Eurayle makes a proposal - she will use her powers of the mind to free Commander Adama from the Memory Machine, if she can receive Lieutenant Starbuck in return. Starbuck eventually agrees to her offer. After the Cylons are defeated, Starbuck stays behind with her while the Colonial fleet moves on.
  • Starbuck escapes from Scavenge World and returns to the fleet in issue #19. Eurayle pursues the fleet in issue #20, and Starbuck and Apollo meet with her. Starbuck agrees to fight her in a duel to the death. Eurayle wins, but after she leaves it is revealed that Starbuck faked his own death.
  • The Scavenge World ship that Starbuck used to escape winds up giving the Colonials the coordinates to Earth, and the series ends with the fleet making a hyperjump to their final destination.

Maximum Press comics

  • Taking place 20 yahrens after the events of the original series, it is revealed that Starbuck feels guilt because Cassiopeia died yahrens earlier on a mission that he was in charge of.
  • In The Enemy Within, a Cylon humanoid named Ares infiltrated the fleet in order to sabotage it. Once the truth about Ares becomes known, Starbuck fights him and both wind up trapped inside a shuttle that launches and crashes on a desolate planet. Starbuck survives the crash, but no resolution to the story line was ever given because the series was canceled.

Realm Press Comics

  • Starbuck's mental health is the focus of Fear of Flying, notably his hedonistic and playful approach to life and the pursuits thereof. After yet another counselling session with Doctor Ishtara, he manages to convince her to live a little.

Clean Slate Press

  • In Alternate Conspiracy, Starbuck and Apollo are transported to an alternate universe where they discover the Colonies about to sign an armistice with the Cylons. Starbuck is embarrassed to find himself occupying the body of a beautiful woman.
  • In the fan fiction series of novels known as the Pegasus Chronicles, Starbuck and Athena are inadvertently thrown together due to a strange alien that infiltrates Galactica in Second Coming. Also, Starbuck not only learns that Chameleon is his father but that he has a brother and sister as well. In the next novel, Joint Maneuvers, Starbuck and Athena's relationship moves to another level, but Athena has serious doubts that they are meant to be together.
  • In The Race For Earth, which occurs five yahrens after the events of the original series, Starbuck finally proposes to Cassiopeia.
  • In the V crossover novel Survive the Alliance, Starbuck journeys to Earth and meets both Knight Rider and Face/Templeton Peck of the A-Team.

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