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Battlestar Galactica Terminology

Like the show, the comics or novels based on the Original Series, and its spinoff, Galactica 1980, use different terminology in order to make the universe visceral to the reader. This array of terminology, used by both the Colonials and Cylons, consists of military jargon, colloquialisms, sayings, and technical terms.

This page does not serve to regurgitate or repeat terminologies used in both series, but terms that only appear in both the comics and novels. Each section is separated by publisher (Berkley, Marvel, Realm Press, et al.), in order to make the continuities clear.

Berkley novelizations

  • germicide: part of a Warrior's medkit. Given the use of the suffix "-cide", this substance kills germs.[1]
  • viruscide: part of a Warrior's medkit. Given the use of the suffix "-cide", this substance kills viruses.[1]

Dynamite Entertainment comics






Temporal Mechanics

Units of Measure


Maximum Press comics

Unproduced Scripts

  • barrier wave: a wave of turbulence, such a wave strikes Galactica and the Fleet during their proximity to the Beta Triangle (TOS: "The Beta Pirates").
  • Fix-it: robotic machines that serve to repair ships, and are part of the salvage tug sent to repair the Gemini freighter. During Boomer and Starbuck's review of the salvage tug's checklist, they check the readiness of the "Heavy-duty Fix-it" and the "Electronics Fix-it" (TOS: "The Beta Pirates").
  • forcewave: another term for barrier wave (TOS: "The Beta Pirates").
  • quarter-milliton: a time unit (TOS: "The Beta Pirates").
  • gyroball: a spherical toy larger than a marble (TOS: "I Have Seen Earth").
  • sentinel buoy: a spheroid spy satellite with lens-systems and sensors that is used by the Cylons. One such satellite detects Galactica as she and her Fleet skirt the outer boundary of the Beta Triangle (TOS: "The Beta Pirates").


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