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He That Believeth in Me

The episode continues directly from "Crossroads, Part II". More than two months have passed since Kara Thrace's believed death in "Maelstrom".
  • The Cylons inflict large damage on the civilian Fleet, but retreat after noticing that the Final Five have been activated.
  • Kara Thrace returns, but is met with disbelief and distrust. Determined to lead the Colonials to Earth, she confronts Roslin with a weapon.
  • A cult has arisen around Gaius Baltar.

Six of One

The episode continues directly from the previous one.
  • Tory Foster sleeps with Baltar in order to gain access to his knowledge about the Cylons and the Final Five.
  • One faction of the Cylons lobotomizes the Raiders for refusing to fight against the Final Five. In retaliation, another factions, one of them led by Natalie, removes the Centurions' inhibitors who in turn kill the first faction.
  • Kara Thrace is given command of the Demetrius to search for Earth.

The Ties That Bind

The first scene shows Number One resurrecting from his death in the previous episode. The bulk of the episode, however, takes place 21-22 days after "Six of One".
  • Cally Tyrol finds out that her husband is a Cylon and is killed by Tory Foster. Her death is ruled a suicide.
  • Lee Adama is making an impact in the political arena.
  • The Demetrius is three weeks into its scouting mission.
  • Natalie's faction is tricked by the Ones and lured into an ambush.

Escape Velocity

No definite markers exist, but the episode likely takes place soon after "The Ties That Bind," given that it opens with a memorial service for Cally Tyrol.
  • Violent clashes between Baltar's cult and other religious denominations cause a debate among the Quorum about the group's religious freedoms. They are eventually tolerated.
  • Galen Tyrol's grief over his wife impacts his job performance, causing a severe accident with a Raptor. After an argument with Admiral Adama, he is demoted.
  • Saul Tigh tries to cope with being a Cylon by talking to Caprica-Six and begins to see his dead wife in her place.

The Road Less Travelled

The episode takes place 58 days into the Demetrius's mission, or 36 days after "The Ties That Bind"
  • When the Demetrius is scheduled to return to Galactica, it encounters a Heavy Raider with Leoben Conoy aboard, who proposes an alliance between the humans and his faction. Thrace decides to jump to his baseship, but her crew refuses and relieves her of command.
  • On Galactica, Tyrol despairs over the loss of his wife, confronts Baltar, but eventually makes up with him.


The episode continues directly from the previous one and the events take place over a timespan of 15 hours. In regards to the overall timeline, over three years have passed since the Cylon attack.
  • The standoff on the Demetrius is defused and Thrace, Anders, Athena and Barolay take Conoy to his basestar. There they meet with Natalie, who takes them to the Hybrid. They eventually repair the ship's FTL drive and return to the Demetrius.
  • On Galactica, Laura Roslin undergoes treatments against her cancer and socializes with Emily Kowalski‎, another cancer patient.

Guess What's Coming to Dinner?

The episode takes place shortly after the previous one.
  • After the Demetrius returns with the Cylon rebels and their basestar, Natalie requests the Colonials' help in unboxing the Threes and offers them the chance to destroy the Cylon Resurrection Hub in return.
  • Gaeta's leg has to be amputated and he deals with the loss and pain.
  • Both parties plan to double cross each other. The Colonials are not going to hand over the Final Five, once uncovered, and the Cylons plan to take hostages to force them to. However, Natalie has a change of heart after speaking to the Quorum and wants to call off their preparations.
  • Sharon "Athena" Agathon, after having another vision of the Opera House fears that Natalie will take Hera from her, and shoots Natalie after she runs into the child.
  • Laura Roslin visits the Hybrid on the baseship, but when it is reactivated, it jumps the ship away.

Sine Qua Non

The episode continues nearly directly from the previous one, takes place concurrently with the next episode, and ends shortly before the end of the next episode. During an interview, Tom Zarek states that it has been 5 years since the holocaust. However, this appears to be a considerable overestimate, since - judging from several other comments by characters and the time that passed between episodes - only about three and a half years have passed since the Miniseries.
  • With Roslin gone and Adama not wanting to acknowledge Tom Zarek as president, a leadership crisis erupts within the Fleet. Lee Adama and Romo Lampkin search for a suitable candidate to become interim president. The choice eventually falls on Lee Adama himself.
  • Admiral Adama admits that he can't live without Roslin, and decides to risk waiting alone in a Raptor at a rendezvous point, while the Fleet jumps away. He temporarily puts Saul Tigh in command of Galactica and the Fleet.

The Hub

The episode continues directly from "Guess What's Coming To Dinner?," takes place concurrently with "Sine Qua Non," spans two days, and ends shortly after the end of "Sine Qua Non".
  • The alliance of Cylons and humans successfully destroys the Resurrection Hub. D'Anna Biers is unboxed and demands to be returned to the Fleet before revealing anything that she knows.
  • Roslin has visions of Elosha and hears Baltar's confession about his role in the downfall of humanity.
  • c. Day 1218 - Boomer and Cavil inform Ellen of the Hub's destruction and demand her help in rebuilding it. Ellen tells them that she is unable to do it without Saul, Tory, Galen, and Sam. Cavil replies that he will mine her brain for the information if need be (No Exit, this scene is "four months ago," fourteen months after Ellen's resurrection)
  • After the mission, and after the main events of "Sine Qua Non," the basestar returns to the rendezvous point where Admiral Adama is waiting.


The episode continues nearly directly from the previous one. When the Fleet arrives at Earth, Admiral Adama states that it had been three years (~1,095 days) since he promised to lead the them to a new home. He likely means "over three years".
  • D'Anna Biers forces Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol and Samuel Anders to reveal themselves as Cylons. The three are arrested, while Tory Foster secretly joins the Cylons.
  • Kara Thrace investigates her Viper and discovers a signal that gives them a bearing to Earth.
  • President Adama gives the Final Four a full amnesty and shares all information about Earth with the Cylons. Together they jump to the planet, but discover it be a nuclear wasteland.

Sometimes a Great Notion

The episode continues directly from the previous one.

The Face of the Enemy

A Disquiet Follows My Soul

The Oath

This episode begins soon after the previous one.

Blood on the Scales

This episode begins immediately after the previous one.
  • Gaeta's mutiny and coup escalates.
  • The Quorom is executed on Zarek's orders for not supporting him.
  • Adama and Tigh are recaptured and Adama is sentenced to death in a court martial by Gaeta and Zarek.
  • Starbuck and Apollo rescue Helo, Caprica-Six, Tigh, Athena, Anders and Hera from the brig, but Anders is seriously wounded and Starbuck stays behind to take him to Doc Cottle which she succeds in doing with the help of Romo Lampkin.
  • The Rebel Cylons try to leave, but Roslin convinces them to stay and takes command of the baseship. Roslin sends out a message about the coup and mutiny with the help of a Number Two and orders the fleet to stand down. Ten ships comply.
  • Roslin contacts Galactica and tries to use her control of the rebel baseship to force the mutineers to surrender and restore Adama to command, but Zarek claims that Adama was executed and Tigh killed in an escape attempt which causes a distraught Roslin to turn the baseship's weapons on Galactica.
  • A firing squad led by Narcho tries to execute Adama, but he is rescued by Tigh, Apollo, Athena and Captian Kelly who defected from the mutineers out of guilt. Adama decides to retake Galactica and the firing squad joins him, although Narcho refuses and is tied up.
  • Gaeta, not wanting a fight, decides to jump away, unaware Adama is making his way to CIC with an ever growing number of supporters to retake the ship.
  • Seconds before Galactica jumps, Tyrol, who remains free the entire mutiny, disables the ship's FTL drive, stranding it. Gaeta orders a weapons hold, realizing he's lost. Seconds later Adama and his loyal crew storm CIC and the mutineers give up without a fight. Having retaken his ship, Adama contacts a relieved Roslin and tells her and the Cylons to stand down which they do.
  • Gaeta later meets with Baltar and reveals that he's alright with the fact that he lost the mutiny and discusses his dreams with him. Gaeta reveals he only hopes that someday people will understand who he is, which is something Baltar understands.
  • At some later point, Gaeta and Zarek are executed by firing squad for their actions. Before he dies, the pain in Gaeta's amputated leg finally disapears. The rest of the mutineers are jailed on the Astral Queen for their crimes.

No Exit

The main timeframe of this episode begins soon after the previous one, while the scenes with Ellen Tigh span a timeframe which begins soon after Ellen's death in Exodus, Part II.
c. Day 1336 (these scenes are "two days ago")
  • Cavil and Boomer inform Ellen that the Simons are getting ready to operate on her brain to extract her knowledge of resurrection technology.
  • Ellen accuses Cavil of sadism, and tells Boomer of how he murdered the seventh model, the Daniels, because he thought Ellen was playing favorites.
  • Boomer helps Ellen to escape from the basestar in the captured Raptor 702.

c. Day 1338 (Ellen's resurrection was "eighteen months ago")
  • Dr. Cottle opens Sam Anders' skull to prepare him for brain surgery. Dr. Gerard will operate to remove the bullet from Anders' head.
  • Anders wakes with his memories from the time before he was boxed by Cavil intact.
  • Anders attempts to relay as much about the backstory of the Final Five to Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, and Tory Foster as possible before undergoing full surgery.
  • Lee Adama and Laura Roslin decide that the new Quorum should be composed of ships' captains, because the people of the fleet are no longer truly divided on the basis of colony.
  • Surgery to remove the bullet from Anders' brain is successful, but he is left comatose for unknown reasons.


This episode takes place soon after No Exit, and roughly four months after Sine Qua Non.

Someone to Watch Over Me

Several weeks have passed since the end of No Exit, based on Doc Cottle's comment that Anders' EKG readings "haven't changed in weeks."

Islanded in a Stream of Stars

This episode takes place shortly after the end of Someone to Watch Over Me.

Daybreak, Parts I & II

  • Hera Agathon is rescued from the Cylon Colony.
  • The Cylon Colony is destroyed. Cavil and Boomer are permantly killed in the battle and Cavil's faction is destroyed. Tory Foster is killed by Galen Tyrol in revenge for Cally's death when he learns the truth from her memories.
  • Kara Thrace jumps Galactica to a habitable planet already populated by primitive humans who naturally evolved there.
  • The Colonial humans and their humanoid Cylon allies settle on the newly discovered planet to pursue a hunter/gatherer lifestyle and mix with the native pre-verbal tribal humans. The fleet, including Galactica, is sent into the Sun by Anders, killing him also. The rebel Basestar is given to the Centurions, who jump away to pursue their own destiny. Kara Thrace disappears, her task complete.
  • The newly discovered world is named Earth, after the original planet settled by the Thirteenth Tribe of Kobol. Laura Roslin finally succumbs to her cancer while taking an aerial tour of the planet with William Adama in a Raptor.
  • The fleet population is distributed into independent colonies in various continents and regions.
  • Hera has at least two daughters, but dies while still a young woman in what will become Tanzania.

150,000 Years Later
March 13, 2009 CE
  • Earth is home to an advanced society that greatly resembles that of the Colonials, though without interplanetary spaceflight, and is beginning to develop robots. Hera Agathon's remains have been discovered and identified as Mitochondrial Eve, most recent common ancestor strictly through female descent of all living humans on the new Earth.[1]


  1. Contrary to what is read from the fictional National Geographic Article, mitochondrial Eve is not the "most recent common ancestor" of humanity. That person perhaps lived 90,000 years later, and virtually all breeding persons living more than 60,000 years before the present (of whom mitochondrial Eve is merely one) were common ancestors of all humanity.