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Sela during Baltar's youth and prior to the Cylon invasion.


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Introduced Battlestar Galactica Annual 2014
Death Executed by Cylons
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Children Baltar (son)
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Role Tylium Prospector snd Operator Cygnus Operation
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Sela is a Cylon
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Sela prior to his execution.

Sela is the sole proprietor on Cygnus who oversees the tylium mine there.

Following the death of his wife, he and Baltar reside on Cygnus, introducing Baltar to his first taste of wealth.

After Baltar succumbs to his own lesser instincts by secreting a tylium nugget found in the mine tunnel, Sela's sensors detect this attempt at thievery and becomes severely displeased that his own blood would steal from him. Exacting punishment, Sela whips Baltar's back permanently scarring the young child both emotionally and physically. He further tells Baltar that he and Merab killed a worker who tried stealing from them, and justifies his punishment of Baltar thusly, "You're man enough to steal. Be man enough to pay for it."

Sela and Baltar remain on Cygnus, even after the Cylons invade it for the tylium deposits. Both he and his son, along with various tylium miners formerly under his employ, are kept alive as part of the human workforce.

Unbeknownst to Sela, Baltar overhears Sela and his fellow compatriot's plan to destroy the tylium mine through the use of radiation charges, and the youth exacts his revenge by reporting the sabotage attempt to the Centurion Commandant. With this information confirmed by the Commandant's Centurions, Sela and his compatriots are executed while Baltar is freed (Battlestar Galactica Annual 2014).