Timeline - Season 1 (RDM)

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Timelines of the Battlestar Galactica series

Pegasus Aftermath

  • Day 2: Pegasus sends Raptor scouts to confirm the destruction of the Colonies. The Raptors return with images
  • Pegasus detects and attacks a Cylon communications relay, which turns out to be a staging grounds for Cylon Raiders. Admiral Helena Cain executes her X.O. Colonel Jurgen Belzen for refusing to order the Vipers to launch. Gina Inviere is exposed as a Cylon agent when another Six is spotted commanding a boarding party of Centurions. Inviere is imprisoned
  • Pegasus encounters Scylla and 14 other civilian ships. The ships are stripped of useful parts, including FTL drives, and people. Civilians deemed non-essential are abandoned on the now-stranded ships. Several civilians aboard the Scylla are executed, discouraging further protest (TRS: "Razor")

"33" through "Hand of God"

"Colonial Day" through "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II"

  • Day 46 - 49 (TRS: "Colonial Day"):
    • Delegates selected for the Quorum of Twelve, including Tom Zarek
    • Gaius Baltar selected to represent Caprica
    • A victory party leads Baltar and Thrace to have a one-night stand [1]
    • Helo and Caprica-Valerii infiltrate the spaceport. Helo discovers Valerii is a Cylon and flees
  • Day 50 (TRS: "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I"):
    • Boomer and Crashdown stumble upon Kobol
    • Roslin unsuccessfully petitions Commander Adama to send the Cylon Raider after the Arrow of Apollo on Caprica.
    • Scout party ambushed by a basestar at Kobol
  • Day 51 (TRS: "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II"):
    • Survivors of Raptor 1 escape the wreck
    • Starbuck diverts the captured Cylon raider and jumps to Caprica, retrieves the Arrow of Apollo and meets up with Helo
    • Adama terminates Roslin's presidency and arrests her after learning that Starbuck took the Cylon Raider back to Caprica at her request
    • Boomer successfully destroys the basestar over Kobol
    • On her return to Galactica, Boomer's Cylon programming activates; she shoots Commander Adama at point-blank range

Season 2

Continued at Timeline - Season 2 (RDM)


  1. Roslin states that the chair will remain open for nominations for 72 hours on the morning of Day 47, but the next episode clearly takes place the day after the victory party, and is stated to take place on Day 50.