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Introduced Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 2
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Osiris is the Aeries Quorum of Twelve Council Member, who primarily deals with agro trade.

Agent of the Cylons

In 7322, Osiris aids the Cylons[1] by using his personal access codes to disable the defense net around Umbra, an agro township where Osiris had holdings. Expressly ordering his workers to stand down and not make any deliveries the night the Cylons attacked, a worker of his named McKintosh made a recording not only detailing the attack, but also the use of the aforementioned access codes (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 3).

In the yahrens that follow, he continues being an agent for the Cylons and their various manipulations to undermine the Colonial war effort during the Thousand Yahren War.[2]

During this time, he also enlists the assistance of his daughter, Diana, to help the Cylons execute their plans. Having not only an audience with the Imperious Leader, but also the IL-series cogitator Lucifer. They aid the Cylons in procuring tylium by making use of seemingly abandoned and spent tylium mines, such as the ice moon Thrace (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 4).

Ironically, following Osiris's death, a rival named Lord Baltar would be the one to bring the Cylons victory in the Thousand Yahren War in two yahrens time (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 4).

McKintosh's Threat

While McKintosh made it clear that he had data that could prove Osiris's involvement in the attack at Umbra, and held that information over Osiris's head, it was later lost. Neither Osiris nor Diana knew to whom or how it had lost, and they never made a move to neutralize the possible threat.

It isn't until 7346 that McKintosh's data on the Umbra attack became a threat, as Boomer utilizes the Aeries datanet to decode the chip Starbuck won from McKintosh in 7335. Upon being informed of it, Osiris orders Diana to deal with it—and much to his eventual chagrin—she commits an act of terrorism by blowing up the server room aboard Galactica and attempts to kill two warriors (Ensign Starbuck and Lieutenant Apollo) when they return to investigate the bombing. These failures segues into another attempt on wiping out both Warriors via a Cylon ambush, with information Diana provides the Cylons relating to their forthcoming patrol route.

That ambush a failure, Osiris instructs Diana to bring Starbuck to him at the Aerian Administration Hub for a chat. With the chat ending poorly, Diana utilizes the DNA left on Starbuck's glass and the half-smoked fumerello to stage her next plan: framing Starbuck for the murder of Kandi Trieste. Osiris also plants falsehoods against Starbuck, claiming that an inebriated Starbuck had threatened him during the meeting and, after that, killed his ex-girlfriend Trieste in a fit of rage (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 2, 3).

Diana plants both Trieste's body and the evidence aboard Erin Dream, succeeding in Osiris's designs to discredit Starbuck, having him arrested and brought to the Hub. Following this, Osiris rebukes Adama's defense of Starbuck, as well as Adama's offer to take Starbuck back to Galactica for holding pending the trial. Osiris's rival, the tylium dealer Lord Baltar, takes advantage of an opportunity and positions himself to be of assistance: he confirms Starbuck's suspicions to Apollo with the claim that Osiris's "friends a little more... robotic than we'd like." Baltar also believes that, with Adama having shown his hand, Osiris will move Starbuck away from the Hub and "off the map."

Thanks to Baltar, Apollo and Starbuck thwart Osiris's future captivity plans, but not before using this break to his advantage by removing Adama from the Council of Twelve. Knowing that Adama would certainly be surveilled, Osiris orders Diana to trail Athena as Adama would work through her.

She succeeds in stopping Athena from uncovering the last remaining footage that would prove Starbuck's innocence, and (with the help of a Centurion) extricate her to Thrace in order to prevent the evidence acquired by Apollo and Starbuck from McKintosh's ship—that had been intercepted and all crew, including McKintosh, killed by Cylons at Osiris's order—from making the light of day (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 3).

Upon Adama's reemergence and rebounding defense of Starbuck with this new evidence, Osiris plays his new hand and uses Athena as leverage.[3]

Athena stops short of killing Diana by Apollo's intervention, they leave her behind. She vainly attempts to stop the overload, and her attempt to have Lucifer and the Cylons save her also fails.

Tying Up Loose Ends

As Diana fails to stop the reactor overload that she herself had started (in order to save her life after Apollo and Starbuck's rescue of Athena, she sends one final teary-eyed message to Osiris: "Father... I love you...." To his horror, "Ground Zero" becomes very much that as the tylium mine at Thrace is destroyed.

Osiris returns to the Council of Twelve chambers, where Starbuck presents McKintosh's holographic confession and evidence. Having been revealed, Osiris takes President Adar hostage with a laser pistol and demands a shuttle—but is quickly slain by Starbuck who takes his revenge for Umbra (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 4).


  1. The motivations for this treachery are never made clear in any of the Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck comic book installments.
  2. It is entirely possible that Osiris is also responsible for facilitating the Cylon sneak attack in 7346 at another agro town on Scorpia, where Starbuck's foster parents also reside (Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck 2).
  3. Despite Osiris's promise to release Athena following the destruction of the Umbra evidence, Diana plans to kill Athena and destroy the tylium mining outpost on Thrace by means of overloading the reactor, thus covering up Osiris's misdeeds. It is likely that Osiris knew of this, given his earlier decrees of "zero tolerance, zero compassion."