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"Scattered" through "The Farm"[edit]

  • Day 53:
  • Day 54:
    • Commander Adama awakens
    • Roslin escapes from Galactica (TRS: "Resistance")
  • Day 61:
    • Laura Roslin takes refuge on the Kimba Huta
    • William Adama resumes command of Galactica
    • Kara Thrace is captured by the Cylons and taken to a farm
    • Cally Henderson is sentenced to confinement in the brig for thirty days (TRS: "The Farm")
  • Day 62:
    • Kara Thrace is rescued by the Caprica Resistance
    • Thrace, Helo, and Caprica-Valerii leave Caprica for Kobol

Home, Part I[edit]

  • Day 64:
    • Roslin's expedition begins search on Kobol for the Tomb of Athena
    • Elosha dies
    • Adama decides to reunite the Fleet and begins preparations for searching Kobol for Roslin's party

Home, Part II[edit]

  • Day 65:
    • Commander Adama's party finds and joins with Roslin's party
    • The Tomb of Athena is found and data gathered
    • Roslin is reestablished as lawful President

Final Cut[edit]

  • Day 75: D'anna Biers produces a documentary aboard Galactica on the crew

Flight of the Phoenix[edit]

The events of this episode likely occur over several weeks with the construction of the Blackbird, and it was designed to have a vague timeline per the episode podcast. However, In "The Farm," Commander Adama gives Cally Henderson a 30 day sentence on Day 61, the same day he resumes command of the Fleet. It is likely that Henderson's release marks day 91. Precise date stamping is problematic regarding most other events outlined in the episode.

Between Days 91 and 175[edit]

  • Laura Roslin is given a few weeks, a month at the most to live.
  • Traces of the Cylon virus (TRS: "Valley of Darkness") reemerge as a logic bomb and begin to disable Galactica's systems
  • Tyrol begins construction of the Blackbird
  • Galactica routs hundreds of Cylon fighters
  • Cylon logic bomb purged from Galactica
  • The Laura, the completed Blackbird, is successfully tested


The events in this episode create a timeline problem in season 2 events. As such, most events here are not timestamped as there is no information to discern a date.

  • Galactica encounters the battlestar Pegasus
  • Admiral Helena Cain assumes fleet command
  • Day ~175:
    • Tyrol accidentally kills Pegasus Lieutenant Thorne and is arrested together with Helo
    • A standoff between the two battlestars begins over the treatment of the arrested Galactica crew

Resurrection Ship, Part I[edit]

  • Day ~175:[1]
    • The standoff between the two battlestars ends
    • Starbuck returns from an unauthorized surveillance mission to the Cylon fleet with data on the Resurrection Ship

Resurrection Ship, Part II[edit]

  • Day ~177:


Black Market[edit]

No timeline markers are available for this episode.


No timeline markers are available for this episode.
  • Mining operations continue for over 28 days in an asteroid field
  • Starbuck and Louanne "Kat" Katraine destroy an ace Cylon Raider, nicknamed Scar


No timeline markers are available for this episode.

The Captain's Hand[edit]

No timeline markers are available for this episode.
  • Lee Adama has been promoted to Major and temporarily assigned to Pegasus
  • Rya Kibby arrives on Galactica seeking a clandestine abortion from Dr. Cottle and requests asylum
  • Pegasus Commander Barry Garner dies during the Battle of the Binary Star System
  • Major Adama is promoted to Commander and given command of Pegasus
  • Vice President Gaius Baltar announces his candidacy for president in the upcoming election


  • Lee Adama promotes Kendra Shaw to his executive officer [2]
  • On a search and rescue mission for a missing Raptor, Pegasus encounters a group of old Centurions known as Guardians.
  • Admiral Adama orders an attack on the Cylons. The Raptor crew is rescued and the Guardian basestar destroyed. Shaw is killed in action. [3]


The originally aired episode contained an error in the form of a second time stamp title card which said "ten weeks ago" referring to Boomer's death and resurrection, which placed the events of the previous episode, "Resistance," ten weeks prior. This was corrected to "ten weeks later" for the DVD release and subsequent airings, dating Boomer's death ten weeks after "Zero Hour," the attack on the Colonies. However, even this date may be incorrect, as Boomer is killed on approximately day 53, which is just over 7.5 weeks from Zero Hour, not ten. While these inconsistencies within the episode makes the time of events problematic, given what is established before with the downloading process and even taking into account the flawed dates, Caprica-Six and Boomer are resurrected well before the birth of Hera Agathon.

  • Day 1 (flashback):
  • Day 53 (flashback): Cally Henderson kills Sharon "Boomer" Valerii (TRS: "Resistance")
  • Precise dates unknown: [4] [5]
    • Boomer is resurrected
    • A Number Three "D'anna Biers" unit tasks Caprica-Six to help Boomer adjust to her Cylon nature.
    • Caprica-Six and Boomer resolve to persuade the Cylons to adopt a new approach in dealing with the Colonials.
  • Day 270:
    • Hera Agathon born, approximately one month premature [6]
    • President Roslin, in secret from Admiral Adama, has Hera's death faked and the child hidden as an adoption by Maya.

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I[edit]

Tom Zarek states that the Fleet has been "cooped up in metal boxes for nine months" the morning after the in this episode. This date is roughly taken as Day 270, with an implied give-or-take of a couple weeks. The surrounding events noted above can, however, be placed relative to this point with a good degree of certainty based on episode dialogue.

  • c. Day 256: - Galen Tyrol begins a series of recurring suicidal nightmares
  • c. Day 269: - Presidential debates begin. Kara Thrace, Felix Gaeta and Lee Adama brief pilots on Caprica SAR mission on Pegasus. Tyrol attacks Cally Henderson after being woken from a nightmare
  • c. Day 270:
  • c. Day 280: Final presidential debate
  • c. Day 283: Polls open (projected)

Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II[edit]

  • Day 281:
    • Thrace's SAR team and Anders' resistance are pinned down by a Cylon sneak attack and are under siege for 18 hours
    • The next morning, the party discovers the Cylons have completely abandoned Caprica
  • Day 282:
    • The SAR mission returns to Galactica and Cavil is revealed to be a Cylon when a copy belonging to the resistance is spotted by Tyrol
    • Both Cavils are detained, interrogated, and then executed
  • Day 283:
    • The polls close and votes are tabulated; Baltar wins
    • Tory Foster conspires to rig the vote results to keep Roslin in power
    • The plan is revealed to Admiral Adama, who convinces Roslin to step down to let Baltar become president
  • Day 284:
    • Baltar is inaugurated President
    • Gina Inviere detonates the nuclear warhead given to her by Baltar and destroys Cloud 9 and several other nearby ships
  • c. Day 285:
  • Adama visits President Baltar aboard Colonial One and questions him about the Cloud 9 disaster. Baltar rebukes all his questions and accusations.
  • Between c. Day 285 and c. Day 315:
    • Many of Galactica’s and Pegasus’s crew muster out of the Colonial Fleet to settle on New Caprica
    • Galen Tyrol and Cally Henderson marry. Cally Tyrol soon becomes pregnant
    • Felix Gaeta retires from military duty and becomes President Baltar's Chief of Staff
    • The Fleet begins the process of settling on New Caprica

Flashback events from "Unfinished Business"[edit]

  • c. Day 420: Four months or 120 days after settlement begins, assuming settlement began on Day 300:
The flashback sequences from "Unfinished Business" occur 17 months prior to the present-day events of the episode, or 8 months prior to New Caprica's occupation by the Cylons.
    • Dualla's transfer to Pegasus is approved
    • Galen and Cally Tyrol retire from military service and settle on New Caprica
    • Gaius Baltar and his administration celebrate the groundbreaking of the first permanent buildings on New Caprica. An all-night dance and celebration is held
  • c. Day 421:
    • Admiral Adama and Laura Roslin find time together on New Caprica to smoke, drink and relax briefly
    • Kara Thrace and Lee Adama have sex
    • Kara Thrace marries Samuel Anders, as a consequence Lee Adama and Kara Thrace avoid speaking to each other
    • Commander Adama proposes to Dualla
  • Between c. Day 421 and c. Day 660:
    • Lee Adama and Anastasia Dualla marry and remain on Pegasus
    • Sharon "Athena" Agathon and Karl Agathon marry and remain on Galactica
    • After settling on New Caprica, Tyrol becomes a union leader
    • James Lyman and Tucker Clellan retire and settle on New Caprica
    • Former President Laura Roslin becomes a school teacher on New Caprica, with Maya as her teacher's assistant

Lay Down Your Burdens (continued)

  • c. Day 660, 380th day since settlement; assuming settlement began on day 300:
    • Admiral Adama discharges Saul Tigh from his duties aboard Galactica. He and Ellen Tigh settle on New Caprica
    • Galen and Cally Tyrol organize a general labor strike in protest of Baltar's poor leadership as President
    • Cylon forces arrive in orbit and occupy New Caprica
    • Galactica and Pegasus escape with the remains of the Fleet to parts unknown

Season 3[edit]

Continued at Timeline - Season 3 (RDM)


  1. The episodes "Resurrection Ship, Part I" and "Epiphanies" state that events in the episode "Pegasus" and the episodes immediately following it take place six months after the Cylon Attack. Ron D. Moore states in his podcast that it took Tyrol "weeks" to construct the Blackbird and a large amount of time passes in this episode as a result. While this figure was assumed to be 2 to 4 weeks, the only plausible way that "Pegasus" and "Resurrection Ship, Part I" can take place six months after the attack is if "Flight of the Phoenix" actually lasted three months from beginning to end. Roslin was told in this episode that her cancer had accelerated, and she had only one month to live. As Cally Henderson's "welcome back" party happened earlier in the episode, when she was released from the brig around Day 86, a considerable period of time (several weeks at least) pass between these two scenes
  2. This probably takes place shortly after him taking command of the battlestar, and possibly some time before the main events of "Razor".
  3. See Razor#Analysis for the dating of this episode.
  4. 4.0 4.1 As alluded to by Caprica-Sharon in "Scattered" after Kara Thrace kills a Number Six in the fight in the Delphi Museum of the Colonies on Caprica. She relates that the dead Six is downloading right now and probably reporting their position: "Her consciousness is being downloaded into another body right now. And when she wakes up, she'll tell them exactly where we are." From this it can be inferred that the process from death to resurrection is very short, usually measured in minutes if the transmission can be picked up immediately; and hours at most if there are mass deaths, such as the parking garage explosion in "Downloaded" after Caprica-Six kills the Number Three: "Boomer: How long till she downloads and tells them what happened? - Caprica-Six: We had a lot of people in the cafe. At least 36 hours till they get to her. Long enough." These facts considered, it is a virtual certainty that Caprica-Six resurrects on the same day of the attack.
    • Number Three's comment regarding Starbuck that "She was o­n Caprica a couple of weeks ago. She escaped with the help of another Sharon." could be one placement of the events in the parking garage a couple of weeks after Starbuck's escape from Caprica on day 62, placing the parking garage scenes, if it could be assumed that a "couple of weeks" to be two weeks, to be roughly at day 75 and contemporary with "Final Cut".
    • Another comment by Number Three also provides a time frame. As they sit in the café on Caprica, just before the explosion, Caprica-Six states (falsely) that Boomer asked her to help her move out of her apartment. Three responds: "You know what? Which is what we've been asking her for weeks." "Weeks" could be from two to four weeks. However, at four weeks or more than that, it would be most likely be couched in the term of a month. Boomer likely went home to her apartment after being resurrected to be somewhere familiar. This time frame fits with Three's comment of Starbuck escaping a couple of weeks prior. Assuming that Boomer is also resurrected very soon after her death, approximately three weeks earlier, this also makes the scenes roughly contemporary with "Final Cut".
    • Alternatively, one could consider Number Three's comments writing errors, but that would require a delay of about 2.5 weeks between Boomer's death and her resurrection. One possibility for that would be the time it takes a pursuing Resurrection Ship to pick up her consciousness.
  5. The date of Valerii and Agathon's child is speculated from the events in Season 1 and during the events of "Resurrection Ship, Part I," assuming that the humanoid Cylons share the same gestation period that humans do, and that the birth of their hybrid daughter is not premature. It is later confirmed that Hera's birth occurs on Day 270.
  6. While the time needed to get to Caprica may be considerable, the amount of fuel, rations and supplies would make it unlikely that the trip takes more than one-half day.