Thirteenth Tribe (TOS)

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This article is about the Thirteenth Tribe in the Original Series. For its Re-imagined Series counterpart, see Thirteenth Tribe (RDM).

The Thirteenth Tribe is the Thirteenth Colony, separated from their brethren who form what would be known as the Twelve Colonies of Man. According to Iblis, the Thirteenth Tribe "journeyed to Earth several millennia ago."[1]

The tribe leaves Kobol after environmental disasters occur on the planet[2], settling on Earth.

During their escape from the Cylons, Captain Apollo discovers transmissions from Earth that appear to be an early spaceflight program[3] (TOS: "The Hand of God").

The Tribe as seen in Galactica 1980

In the spin-off series, Galactica 1980, the battlestar and her fleet find Earth and the descendants of the Thirteenth Tribe.

However, the Earthlings are unaware of the Cylon threat, have lost their knowledge of their spaceborne heritage and have rudimentary spaceflight ability.


  1. Episode dialogue, "War of the Gods, Part I".
  2. This exodus does differ from the Re-imagined Series continuity, where the Thirteenth Tribe leaves some 2,000 years before the remaining twelve tribes that later form the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. The Original Series does not clearly define if the Thirteenth Tribe leaves Kobol at the same time as its fellow tribes.
  3. The images they see consists of film footage of the Apollo 11 United States moon landing mission.