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For relating to a person with the same first name from "The Captain's Hand", see: Abel Thornton.


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Introduced Battlestar Galactica Annual 2014
Death Killed by Baltar on Carillon
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Role Tylium Prospector and Co-Operator of Baltar's Cygnus Operation
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Abel is a Cylon
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Abel is a third generation tylium miner whom Baltar grooms as his assistant following the reclamation of Cygnus from the Cylons.

Abel met Baltar while both studied at the University of Picon, and both strike up a friendship.

Following the reclamation of Cygnus from the Cylons, Abel is tasked with finding new sources of tylium to sell during the Thousand-Yahren War in order to build up Baltar's tylium operations over the Cyrannus galaxy. Over the next ten yahren, Abel does so while Baltar amasses his political power to mirror his financial acumen.

A half-yahren after Baltar secures a survey contract from Sire Damaris, Abel later discovers the planet Carillon, summoning Baltar to arrive at Carillon in secret. It is this mistake that leads to Abel's death by Baltar's hands, as Abel proves that Carillon has the largest deposits in the known galaxy. Despite Baltar's proselytizing and his revelation of selling tylium to the Cylons, Abel's ethics prevent him from going along with hiding the discovery from the Quorum of Twelve, and Baltar pushes him over a cliff to his death (Battlestar Galactica Annual 2014).