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Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #4
Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #4
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Tony Lee
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Inker(s) Eman Casallos
Colorist(s) Davi Correia (pages); Adriano Lucas (cover)
Letterer(s) Joshua Cozine
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Cover Artist(s) Sean Chen
Adaptation of
Published Feburary 2014
Collected in Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck
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ISBN 725130209306
Population 0 Survivors
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FINAL ISSUE!!! The origin of Lt. Starbuck concludes, told by #1 New York Times best-selling author Tony Lee! On an ice world in the middle of Cylon space, Starbuck and Apollo race to free Athena before Osiris can use her in his vendetta against Adama - but are they too late to save the colonies from Cylon invasion?[1]


As with the previous two installments, this issue is set entirely two yahrens before the attack at Cimtar.
  • On the ice moon Thrace, Athena is imprisoned in the "abandoned" mining center's holding cell. Diana informs her that Athena will die anyway, regardless of whether or not Adama resigns and destroys McKintosh's Umbra data.
  • Diana has begun a melt-down of the fusion reactor, which will not only kill Athena but wipe out Osiris's and Diana's proof of a connection with the Cylon.
  • Diana further taunts Athena, reminiscing of her memories of Athena's time in the Academy, and how Athena should have focused her efforts on learning Vipers and battle tactics instead of computers and com-systems.
  • When Diana leaves, Athena uses her scorned electronics knowledge to identify the Grayson model door pad use a thread of bare chronium from her uniform's braiding to short out the control pad.
  • Apollo and Starbuck land on Thrace, observing Cylon Centurion loading tylium into their Raider.
  • Starbuck apologies to Apollo for his pursuit of the information on McKintosh's pendant. Apollo points out that Osiris would still be on the Quorum of Twelve and the Cylons would be one step closer to wiping them out, to which Starbuck notes that Osiris is still on the Quorum and it is the Warriors who are on the run.
  • Apollo notes that this will soon change, and with the Cylons prepping to depart, this distraction affords them the opportunity to enter the "abandoned" mine. Instead of planning a careful way in, Apollo decides to go in laser blazing, taking a leaf from Starbuck's book.
  • Meanwhile, an intruder alarm blazes as Athena makes good her escape. Nearby, Athena overhears Diana screaming to a Centurion saying that the intruders are of no concern as the reactor will explode within microns.
  • When the Centurion departs, Diana calls out Athena from hiding. Tired of Diana's taunting, Athena attacks Diana.
  • Apollo and Starbuck enter the security room. Starbuck discovers that the reactor is rigged to blow, and also finds Athena in a fight with Diana on the monitors.
  • Apollo intercedes before Athena bludgeons Diana to death. Starbuck arrives and is about to finish Diana off as revenge for Kandi Trieste's death, but Diana escapes during a rumbling of the overloading reactor.
  • They flee the abandoned mine, but a group of Centurions are between them and their Vipers. However, a group of Vipers clears this obstruction, facilitating their escape.
  • Meanwhile, Diana attempts to abort the meltdown, which is too far along at that point.
  • Lucifer opens visual communication with Diana, commenting on her predicament. She tells Lucifer that the Cylons need to stop the Viper pilots before they return to Galactica before they reveal Osiris, but Lucifer replies that they already have secured an alternate traitor for their cause.
  • Lucifer also tells her that any rescue attempt would not arrive in time, suggesting that she make peace with her "Human Gods".
  • On Caprica, Osiris is pulled from a Quorum meeting due to an urgent message from his daughter. Angrily, he leaves and enters a nearby communication room, only to receive one final, tear-filled message from Diana: "Father... I love you..."
  • The Thrace mining facility explodes, with the Vipers narrowly escaping the blast. A phalanx of Cylon Raiders arrives to intercept them, with Zac engaging and destroying one cockily. However, Zac is pursued by another Raider and requests assistance, this Raider is dispatched by his father—who jokingly notes that Zac used to whine about spiders[2] in much the same way.
  • Zac notes the arrival of a Cylon basestar on his scanner. After some joking at Starbuck's expense, Apollo insists to Adama that they should leave. Adama replies that they have one last card to play for a full pyramid.
  • Tigh communicates to Adama in the newly arrived Galactica, which also boasts additional Viper wings. Adama instructs Tigh to "teach these toasters[2] a lesson."
  • A Centurion reports Galactica's arrival to Lucifer. Lucifer orders retreat, allowing the Warriors to "return home to do our bidding."
  • Zac gleefully notes the retreat, but Adama morosely notes that the Cylons had them out-gunned and their retreat was something they wanted.
  • Starbuck has now re-set his sights on Osiris, and they return to Galactica so that they may present their evidence to the Quorum in force.
  • Councilor Romo informs President Adar that Adama has arrived. As Osiris attempts to leave, Starbuck blocks the door way with Baltar in tow. Adar is incensed that Starbuck has his laser pistol drawn in the chamber. Osiris calls for guards, but Starbuck plays back McKintosh's testimony.
  • Osiris pulls out his own laser pistol, and shoots at Starbuck while taking Adar hostage. Osiris demands a shuttle, but is thwarted when Starbuck shoots Osiris dead.
  • Adar reflects on seeming to have a "terrible judge of character," and asks for Adama to resume his post on the Quorum. Adama accepts this offer.
  • Starbuck notes the vacancy in the Quorum to Baltar, to which Baltar agrees gratefully.
  • On Galactica, President Adar presides from a podium, officially recognizing the efforts of Baltar, Adama, Starbuck, and Apollo in uncovering Osiris's treachery and removal from the Quorum. Adama is officially reinstated, while Baltar is given Osiris's seat on the Quorum. Additionally, Adar announces the promotion of Apollo and Starbuck to Captain and Lieutenant respectfully.
  • After the ceremony, Adama commends Starbuck for his actions, claiming that not only Wyler would be proud, but also Starbuck's family. Starbuck replies that his family is on Galactica.
  • Athena follows up and "thanks" Starbuck with a kiss, which confuses Starbuck as Apollo chides him for being "struck down by his one weakness—women!"
  • Later, at the Memorial to the Colonial Warrior, Starbuck reflects to Apollo that their names were almost added to it. As they discuss their next steps, Jolly, Zac and Boomer arrive and Starbuck asks if they had ever sampled the "joys of the Rising Star."
  • Meanwhile, Baltar is in communication with the Imperious Leader, noting that he is now in the perfect position to bring the Cylons the victory they seek, for he is seen as a hero. He tells the Imperious Leader that he will need two yahrens to con the Colonials into believing that the Cylons want nothing more than peace.
  • Imperious Leader reminds Baltar that Osiris was sacrificed to make way for Baltar's new position of power, noting that while Baltar can manipulate and acquire power as he will, Baltar ultimately serves the Cylons.





  • The treasonous motives of both Osiris and Diana are not in any way fleshed out, in keeping with the tradition of established story telling in the series proper. There is a vague insinuation of power acquisition, and perhaps it could be argued that the Cylons also agreed to spare Osiris' colony of Aeries (assuming that the Cylons gave them the same deal as the one they gave Baltar), but this is paper-thin as motivation.
  • The ending scene of the comic implies that Baltar was recruited by the Cylons before Starbuck resurrected the threat of McKintosh's Umbra recording.


  • Why would anyone betray their homeworlds to the Cylons?
  • When was Baltar recruited by the Cylons?
  • What is Baltar's plan to bring about the downfall of the Colonies in two yahrens? (Answer)

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Apollo engages the Cylons outside of the tylium mine:
    Starbuck: What the frack are you doing?
    Apollo: Taking a leaf out of your book! Leaping in with both feet!
    Starbuck: That's with girls! Apollo—That's with girls! Not Cylons!


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