Adama (TOS alternate)

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This article covers the various depictions of Adama from the tie-in novelizations, comic books, and other media.

Various Continuities

Dynamite Entertainment comics

There are at least four variations of this character within the Dynamite Entertainment comics sagas, including:

Marvel Comics

Commander Adama is informed that Apollo and Zac's Vipers were under attack by then-unknown forces (Annihilation!).

Adama is Galactica's commander during the Battle of Cimtar, and the Caprican representative to the Quorum of Twelve. Upon his return from the last meeting of President Adar's Quorum, he learns of an engagement of his sons' craft by a then-unknown force and fails to successfully advocate for a defensive posture to Adar. Adama, buoyed by Athena's suggestion, engages Galactica in battlestations drills that allow the battlestar the dubious honor of being the only surviving battlestar from the Cylons' sneak attack.

Upon realizing that no basestar support exists at Cimtar, Adama orders a return to Caprica to defend the Colonies from attack, but is too late. His surviving son, Apollo, ferries Adama to their family home on Caprica: it is a burnt-out carcass, and Adama believes his wife, Ila, to be deceased.

From the foothills of Caprica, the sorrowful Adama advocates for the survivors to set sail in every assorted craft that can carry them, and gives them a destination for their exodus from the Twelve Colonies of Man: the thirteenth colony, Earth (Annihilation!).