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Race: Colonies
Type: Light Battlestar
FTL: Yes
Crew: 3,400 personnel Colonial Marines[1]
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Role: Anti-Capital, Command Ship[1]
Weapons: 10 Battlestar Artillery
4 Heavy Turrets
4 Medium Turrets
22 Point Defense Turrets
Armaments: See Abilities section.[1]
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Aircraft: Viper Mark I, Viper Mark II, Raptor, Sweeper[1]
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
Other Images: Gallery
Length: 1,318 meters[1]
Width: 564 meters[1]
Height: 247 meters[1]
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Game Information
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Hull Size: 4
Hull: 135
FTL Cooldown: 4 turns
Speed: 115 m/s
Turn Rate: 60°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: 330
Armor Left: 60 (Hangar)
Armor Right: 60 (Hangar)
Armor Front: 60 (Armory)
Armor Rear: 45 (Navigation)
Armor Top: 45 (Engineering)
Armor Bottom: 60 (Fire Control)
DRADIS Range: 4000 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots: 2 Slots
Munition Cooldown Period: 3 turns
Squadron Slots: 2 Slots
Squadron Size: {{{squadron size}}}
Special Abilities: Flak
Additional Information

The Minerva-class light battlestar is a Colonial Fleet battleship in operation during the First Cylon War.

A Minerva-class primary mission profile is as a capital ship destroyer due to its "glass cannon" nature, with a large emphasis on weapons at the cost of armor and size (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: The Broken Alliance).

Minerva is the predecessor of the Mercury-class battlestar in operation before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. [2]


As a capital ship killer, Minerva is fitted with missile tubes and high-grade artillery cannons across both bow and dorsal frames. These missile tubes can be retrofitted to also unleash mine, PCM, and EMP ordnance. Heavy and medium guns line the ventral hull and flight pods.[2]

For fighter and support ship defense, rapid-targeting point defense cannons line port and starboard sides. Due to the minimal armor plating, many weapons are easily mounted on numerous hardpoints across Minerva's structure.[2]

Two wings of Vipers are assigned as standard to Minervas, while Raptor and other support craft are supplied as mission parameters dictate.


Following the design aesthetic of the Artemis-class, Minerva is a more compact iteration that reduces bulk and endurance in favor of large offensive potential. As a result of its compact size, Minerva spearheads the light battlestar sub-class, leading to later iterations such as Valkyrie- and Orion-class battlestar.[2]


Minervas were built for one purpose: surgical, speedy elimination of capital warships.[2]

This ability is firmly established after the battlestar Minerva, rushed into deployment, finds itself fighting—and successfully dispatching—three Arachnes that had destroyed one of Scorpia's secondary shipyards.[3]

Notable Ships[edit]

  • Minerva, the first (and namesake) of its class.[3]


  • According to the Spacedock promotional video, the following quote is attributed to Sandy Mason, a senior strategist at Colonial Fleet Academy:
    She's a weapon of finesse. Not a blunt instrument.
  • In the Roman pantheon, Minerva is the goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy.

Related Media[edit]

Spacedock breakdown video for this ship. Authorized by Slitherine Ltd. and Black Lab Games.

Game Abilities & Statistics[edit]


  • FTL Cooldown: 4 turns.
  • Speed: 115 m/s (161 m/s Boost Thruster, 94.3 m/s +/- 4 Posture)
  • Turn Rate: 60 degrees per turn. (36 Boost Thruster, 48 +/-4 Posture)
  • Pitch/Yaw Rate: 100% (40% Boost Thruster, 80% +/- 4 Posture)
  • Ship Hull Size: 4


  • Hull: 135
  • Left: 60 (Hangar)
  • Right: 60 (Hangar)
  • Front: 60 (Armoury)
  • Rear: 45 (Navigation)
  • Top: 45 (Engineering)
  • Bottom: 60 (Fire Control)
  • 22% damage reduction (18% +4 Posture, 27% -4 Posture)
  • 100% subsystem repair (80% +4 Posture, 121% -4 Posture)

Fire Control Systems[edit]

  • 2x munition slots, 3 turn cooldown.
  • Munition Salvo Size: 100% (116% +4 Posture, 84% - 4 Posture)

11x Point Defense mounted left.

  • Range: 5250 (4400-6100)
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Accuracy: High (High-Very High)
  • Damage: 0.2

11x Point Defense mounted right.

  • Range: 5250 (4400-6100)
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Accuracy: High (High-Very High)
  • Damage: 0.2

2x Battlestar Artillery mounted forward.

  • Range: 5250 (4400-6100)
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Accuracy: Very Low (Very Low-Low)
  • Damage: 6

8x Battlestar Artillery mounted on top.

  • Range: 5250 (4400-6100)
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Accuracy: Very Low (Very Low-Low)
  • Damage: 6

5x Heavy Turret mounted on bottom.

  • Range: 5250 (4400-6100)
  • Rate of Fire: Very Low
  • Accuracy: Low (Very Low-Medium)
  • Damage: 3

4x Medium Turret mounted rear.

  • Range: 5250 (4400-6100)
  • Rate of Fire: Low
  • Accuracy: Low (Low-Medium)
  • Damage: 1


  • DRADIS Range: 4000m (3280m - 4760m)
  • Firewall Regen: 100/s (82/s +4 Posture, 118/s -4 Posture)
  • Marine Armor: 40 (32 - 48)
  • Marine Strength: 100% (82% +4 Posture, 119% -4 Posture)
  • Flak Damage: 90% (76% +4 Posture, 104% -4 Posture)


  • 2x squadron slots
  • +15 Evade
  • 3 Second launch delay
  • 100% squadron repair (80% +4 Posture, 121% -4 Posture)

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Flak: Flak walls can be deployed both left or right of the hangar pods to destroy any support craft and ordnance in its area of effect. Flak damage versus fighters is influenced by the armory stat that can be increased through defensive posture and decreased through offensive posture.

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