Guardian Basestar (Deadlock)

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Guardian Basestar (Deadlock)
Guardian Basestar (Deadlock)
Race: Cylon
Type: Command Ship
FTL: Yes
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Role: Command Ship, Force Projection Vessel, Strike Carrier
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Game Information
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Hull Size: 4
Hull: 200
FTL Cooldown: turns
Speed: 80 m/s
Turn Rate: 48°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: 330
Armor Left: 60 (Armoury)
Armor Right: 60 (Tech Bay)
Armor Front: 45 (Hangar)
Armor Rear: 45 (Engineering)
Armor Top: 60 (Navigation)
Armor Bottom: 60 (Fire Control)
DRADIS Range: 3875 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots: 2
Munition Cooldown Period: 2 turns
Squadron Slots: {{{squadrons}}}
Squadron Size: 3
Special Abilities: Predictive Augury
Additional Information


Although the development of this basestar is shrouded in secrecy, it is understood that it escaped Operation Raptor Talon with the prophetic Hybrid prototype, and a cadre of Centurions.

The existence of the Guardian basestar was witnessed and recorded by multiple members of the crew of the Battlestar Galactica, and would be again more than forty years later following the Fall.


The Guardian Basestar was introduced to the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock through the final DLC (Downloadable content) titled "Modern Ship Pack." This expansion adds six ships to the game that are featured heavily in the 2004 "reimagined" television series. As such, the Guardian Basestar is only accessible through skirmish, multiplayer and Operation Anabasis. The Guardian Basestar is not accessible in the campaign mode.


Game Abilities & Statistics[edit]


FTL Cooldown: N/A

  • Speed: 80 m/s (System Process 31% - 145%)
  • Turn rate: 48 degrees per turn
  • Pitch/Yaw rate: (System Process 20% - 140%)
  • Ship hull size: 4


  • Hull: 200
    • Left: 60 (Armoury)
    • Right: 60 (Tech Bay)
    • Front: 45 (Hangar)
    • Rear: 45 (Engineering)
    • Top: 60 (Navigation)
    • Bottom: 60 (Fire Control)
  • 17% Damage reduction (System Process 0% - 33%)
  • 75% Subsystem Repair (System Process 0% - 150%)

Fire Control Systems[edit]

2x Munition slot, 2 turn cooldown. Munition salvo size: 80% (System Process 20% - 140%) 12x Heavy Turret mounted on bottom.

  • Range: 3750 (System Process 1500 - 6000)
  • Rate of fire: Low
  • Accuracy: Very Low (System Process Very Low - Medium)
  • Damage: 2


  • Processing Power: 90
  • DRADIS Range: 3875m (System Process 500m - 7250m)
  • Firewall Regen: 4.7/s (System Process 0.6/s - 8.7/s)
  • Centurion Armour: 30 (System Process 0 - 60)
  • Centurion Strength: 175 (System Process 100 - 250)


2x Squadron slots, 1x Support slot (Heavy Raider, Wardriver, Scorpion, Vespid only)

  • +8 Evade (System Process 0 - 15)
  • 4 Second launch delay (System Process 7s - 1s)
  • 75% Squadron repair (System Process 0% - 150%)

Special abilities[edit]

  • Predictive Augury - The Guardian class Basestar is the first of it's kind to house a Hybrid. Once per match, the Guardian can use Predictive Augury to immediately identify and DRADIS lock a hostile ship at any range.

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