Galactica (Deadlock)

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Race: Colonial
Type: Jupiter-class battlestar
FTL: Yes
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Additional Information

Galactica is the first of the Jupiter-class battlestars, created as part of Project Jupiter.

Galactica is considered the crown jewel of Caprica, and is recorded as missing-in-action two weeks after its deployment under its first commander, Admiral Jubal Sarkis. Unbeknownst to Colonial Fleet, Galactica and its crew had been captured by the Cylon.

Following a parlay with the Cylon IL-series calling itself Clothos, Galactica and a majority of her crew (sans Sarkis) were returned at Caprica Terminal. Galactica is restaffed and deployed during an attack there with Sarkis' ally, Silas Nash, assuming command (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock).

After her recovery at Caprica Terminal, Galactica would lead the assault on the Cylon battlestation Avalon where Samantha Agathon recovered the badly injured Admiral Jubal Sarkis. In the immediate aftermath of the destruction of Avalon, Galactica jumped to Picon where Sarkis was transferred to a hospital for recovery from his injuries. After Daidalos Mobile Shipyard arrived at Picon, both its fleet and Galactica fought off Cylon forces in the area before Galactica returned to the fight.

Galactica's greatest trial comes as she is involved in the evacuation of Caprica alongside Daidalos Mobile Shipyard. During the intense battle, Galactica's FTL is disabled and she is unable to jump with Daidalos Mobile Shipyard once Admiral Cain gives the order to evacuate from the planet. Fighting alone against the Cylon bombardment fleet, Galactica suffered extensive damage and is forced to crash land in the Phoebian Ocean on Caprica itself. While Admiral Sarkis, Commander Silas Nash, and Praetor Samantha Agathon survived the crash, Galactica lost a large portion of her crew.

A year later, Galactica is recovered from the Phoebian Ocean and was completely rebuilt into the first Jupiter Mark II with the assistance of the disgraced Sinon Quade. Returning to active service at the head of BSG-75 under Silas Nash's command, Galactica amasses a legendary war record as its participates in engagements all the way through the war's end when she participated in Operation Raptor Talon alongside it's sister ship Columbia and another Jupiter class battlestar.