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Battlestar (Deadlock)

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BSG WIKI Storyarc.png This article has a separate continuity.
This article is in the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock separate continuity, which is related to the Re-imagined Series. Be sure that your contributions to this article reflect the characters and events specific to this continuity only.

The battlestar is a primary capital ship in use by the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War.

The following classes of battlestar are deployed during the conflict:

  • Artemis-class, the light battlestar from which all other battlestar classes are based. This model was used earlier in the war, but was quickly outmoded.
  • Jupiter-class, commissioned during the Articles of Colonization, wherein each colony had its own battlestar. e.g. Galactica is Caprica's battlestar.
  • Minerva-class, a heavy battlestar.