Cratus (Deadlock)

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The Cratus is a brand new ship design introduced into the first downloadable content (DLC) of the second season titled: "Resurrection".

Cratus (Deadlock)
Cratus (Deadlock)
Race: Cylon
Type: Command Ship
FTL: Yes
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Command Ship, Force Projection Vessel, Strike Carrier
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Aviation facilities: {{{facilities}}}
Fate: {{{status}}}
Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Length: 2,219 Meters
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Game Information
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Hull Size:
Hull: 320
FTL Cooldown: 3 turns
Speed: 80 m/s
Turn Rate: 48°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: 420
Armor Left: 60 (Hanger)
Armor Right: 60 (Hanger)
Armor Front: 60 (Navigation)
Armor Rear: 60 (Fire Control)
Armor Top: 120 (Tech Bay)
Armor Bottom: 120 (Engineering)
DRADIS Range: 4500 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots: 3
Munition Cooldown Period: 1 turns
Squadron Slots: {{{squadrons}}}
Squadron Size: 2
Special Abilities:
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A heavily armed and armoured command basestar. The Cratus represents a significant expenditure by Cylon Command for a singular ship that eschews the typical Cylon doctrine of tactical diversity. On the battlefield, this powerful basestar acts more similar to the battlestars of Colonial fleet, deploying squadrons, missile salvos, and heavy artillery to batter its opponents into submission.


The Cratus was introduced to the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock through the first DLC (Downloadable content) of season two titled "Resurrection" This expansion adds three new ships and the revamped Jupiter class which is featured heavily in the 2004 "reimagined" television series. As such, the Cratus is accessible through campagin, skirmish, multiplayer and Operation Anabasis.


  • According to the Spacedock promotional video, the following quote is attributed to Major Sandy Mason of Colonial Ministry of Defence:
    We don't know what it is. We don't know where it came from. If it shows up, you have two options: start praying, or start loading the flak ammunition
  • Josiah Ward created the low, UV's and texture for the cratus model in 2019. The high poly was created by Anthony Carriero.

Related Media[edit]

Spacedock breakdown video for this ship. Authorized by Slitherine Ltd. and Black Lab Games.

Game Abilities & Statistics[edit]


  • FTL Cooldown: 3 turns.
  • Speed: 80 m/s (System Process 31% - 145%)
  • Turn Rate: 48 degrees per turn
  • Pitch rate: (System Process 20% - 140%)
  • Ship hull size: 5


  • Hull: 320
    • Left: 60 (Hangar)
    • Right: 60 (Hangar)
    • Front: 60 (Navigation)
    • Rear: 60 (Fire Control)
    • Top: 120 (Tech Bay)
    • Bottom: 120 (Engineering)
  • 22% Damage reduction (System Process 0% - 36%)
  • 90% Subsystem Repair (System Process 0% - 150%)

Fire Control Systems[edit]

3x Munition slots, 1 turn cooldown

Munition salvo size: 105% (System Process 20% - 162%)

10x Heavy Turret mounted on top.

  • Range: 4200 (System Process 1500 - 6000)
  • Rate of fire: Low
  • Accuracy: Very Low (System Process Very Low - Medium)
  • Damage: 2

10x Heavy Turret mounted on bottom.

  • Range: 4200 (System Process 1500 - 6000)
  • Rate of fire: Low
  • Accuracy: Very Low (System Process Very Low - Medium)
  • Damage: 2


  • Processing Power: 108
  • DRADIS Range: 4500m (System Process 0m - 7500m)
  • Firewall Regen: 4.4/s (System Process 0.6/s - 6.9/s)
  • Centurion Armour: 9 (System Process 0 - 60)
  • Centurion Strength: 190 (System Process 100 - 250)
  • Jump Range: 1456m (System Process 160m - 2320m)


2x Squadron slots

  • +9 Evade (System Process 0 - 15)
  • 6 Second launch delay (System Process 9s - 3s)
  • 76% Squadron repair (System Process 40% - 100%)

Special Abilities[edit]

  • Tactical Jump - The Cratus can make a tactical jump during combat allowing it to quickly FTL jump to any location within a small range, where it will take a standard move from that position. Tactical Jump takes a quarter of the turn to engage, and has a 4 turn cooldown.
  • Rapid Munitions - Another ability that is not an explicitly documented feature, but is worth noting. The Cratus has a 1 turn reload time; this means it can fire it's munitions every turn, allowing for overwhelming quantities of munitions to deployed against it's opponent in very short order. Whilst this is a powerful ability it should be used with discretion, the Cratus does not have limitless munitions and can find itself running dry in a mere 4-5 turns should it attempt to keep up constant munition deployment.


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